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Sunday, 20 July 2014

Corrie weekly awards for July 14 - 18

Hypocrite award: Michelle was going to keep Andrea's affair from Steve. After she went mad when Steve was keeping Peter's affair secret. 

Neighbourhood Nosey award: Norris of course, Nothing to do with being a neighbourhood watch coordinator. He just wants all the goss.

Jackass award: The cross eyed donkey in the snowglobe looks surprised. Steve reckons it's surprised because it's never seen snow before. (HA!)

Police Fail award: They're using Peter's fingerprints on the bracelet as evidence but Deirdre told them she washed it after she found it. His fingerprints on it are irrelevant. And does nobody do polygraph tests these days? Not court-admissable but it still helps.

Musical ambiance: Hit the Road, Jack while Lloyd is gushing about Andrea moving in. Premonition, anyone?

It's Not About Me award: Tracy actually showed concern for her family and didn't make it about her. That's a first.

Pants on Fire award: Andrea lied that there was nobody else when Neil asked.

Fashion Fail: Sinead was wearing the halves of two different dresses. What's up with that?

Lines of the week:
Tracy "My neck's as stiff as a board" Carla "Well it would be, being solid brass"
Tony to Todd "You didn't just kiss the Blarney Stone, you swallowed it whole" (you got that right, at least)

Deirdre to Tracy "I always hoped you'd be musical" Tracy "I played the recorder at school" Deirdre "Not so's anyone wanted to listen" Tracy "You had tears in your eyes when I played 'Hot Cross Buns' in assembly" Deirdre "Yeah. Me and everyone else" (hahahaha)
Lloyd " I was relaxing in the Infinity pool" Steve "Infinity pool? Fancy doing a lap in one of them!"
Rita about Dennis "He's being supportive" Norris "A noose is supportive, Doesn't mean to say it's good for you!"
Tracy "I've lived among murderers. I think I'd know one if I saw one"
Lloyd "Things are different this time around. I know where I stand with Andrea" (AAANNND there it is, the Phrase of Doom you've all been waiting for)
Steve "I don't want to spend the night in the pub with a load of people brainier than me" Lloyd "Mate, you do that every night!"
Michelle "Peter is a wino, not a psycho"
Rita "I don't want my honour defended, what there is left of it"
Julie "Dennis. It's a stupid plan" Dennis "Yeah, I know it is. But it just might work"
Steve "I've got a PHD in secrecy"
Andrea "I got so used to OK that I forgot what it was like to be happy"

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Frosty the snowman said...

Frosty is off out in the sunshine today so only has time for one award:

Embarrasing award: LLoyd was waaaay over the top with his crying and falling to pieces over Andrea. He is now a 50 year old man with an adult daughter, all these failed relationships with much younger women giving him the cue to leave for a few months only to return and the merry go round to happen again is now old and is making him look a bit seedy writers.

Talia said...

Enjoy the sunshine Frosty; don't 'melt' I enjoy your comments, and agree with most of them.
I too think of Lloyd the character as a nice guy, but why must he always love so hard and fall so often?
Of course it is a cue for Charles Craig to be off on his other ventures, which is getting pretty predictable.

Haven't seen Maddie turn into a 'nanny' type yet, don't want to, switch off when those two are on screen, which they haven't been here yet as far as I care to know anyway...

Anonymous said...

This is Lloyd's reaction whenever he has a relationship that ends up in the crapper. OTT acting and hamming it up as if he was a 15 year old who's first girlfriend dumped him. Frankly, I'm tired of Lloyd's histrionics when it comes to the women in his life. He did the same with Cheryl - went to pieces and left the street for a few months. Mandy was just 'oh well..bye then'.

ChiaGwen said...

Agree with Lloyd's over the top crying and there's Andrea, not a tear drop to be seen! A simmering, below the surface anger and hurt from Lloyd would have played out more realistically. Top From Hell Award: Where did Michelle get that horrid top she had on? Should have given it to Emily for her church jumble sale.

Anonymous said...

It's such a shame that the current batch of writers are so lazy. Fridays episodes showed what an impressive actor Craig Charles is, his performance was outstanding, but it also showed just how underused he is. Why can't the writers just settle him down with a decent woman and give the actor something different and interesting to do?

Tvor said...

I think it's a nice change to see a man getting emotional about a breakup instead of just getting rip roaring drunk and getting into trouble.

Anonymous said...

It would be a nice change, Tvor, except that it's Lloyd's go to response when his poor choice in women once again falls apart, and Craig Charles takes one of his contractual breaks to go film his other gig (which is a great fun series to watch, btw.) Then it's just contrived and obvious!

Tvor said...

I think it's his "go to" response because that's the kind of person he is. The contrived part is how Lloyd keeps falling for women that badly hurt him.

Humpty Dumpty said...

After the initial shock, I expected Lloyd to be furious rather than distraught. He's been lied to, and that would be an affront to his integrity. Agree with ChiaGwen that simmering anger would have been more effective.

Anonymous said...

I have to say its hilarious to see how threatened and unnerved some people here are by the idea of a man who actually shows emotion. I know a lot of Corrie viewers are 'of a certain age' but come on people, it's the 21st century. Fun science fact of the day: Men can cry too. It's not overreacting, it's a natural response to feeling sad and betrayed. Get over your stiff upper lips!

Anonymous said...

May he could finally hook up with Eileen now?

Is Andrea going to disappear finally? I can't stand her. At least in these serious scenes she was bearable, as opposed to her silly little girl act.

Dave Parsnips said...

There is showing emotion and acting like a pathetic over the top drama queen over a woman that you have only known barely few months. Dignity and self control seem outdated qualities these days as its deemed acceptable to blub like a 12 year old girl over minor upsets!


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