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Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Pics: Ken Barlow's return to Coronation Street

Bill Roache is back on Coronation Street next week when Ken Barlow returns from Canada. 

From Digital Spy

Bill says: "Ken is really happy to be back, he has had a great time in Canada, he's used the time to do things he loves doing, he has started writing poetry and become a vegetarian, things which he immediately gets stick about on his return from Deirdre and Tracy. But he wouldn't want it any other way."

Does he have any idea that something is wrong?
"Not at all, Deirdre is a bit evasive but there is no way he would have any idea what she has been hiding from him. He knows that Peter and Carla have split up but that's as much as he knows at first."

When does he first discover that Peter is in prison?
"He has been trying to go out but Deirdre has so far foiled him every step of the way as she builds up the courage to tell him about Peter's arrest. But when Deirdre goes out of the back of the house to get Eccles he decides to head to the shop where he bumps into Carla and she tells him the truth because he starts asking her if there is any hope for their marriage!"

What are his emotions about Peter? Does he blame him?
"As soon as he asks Peter outright and Peter tells him he didn't kill Tina Ken believes him. He looks him in the eye and totally believes what he says. It isn't just the blind faith of a father's love, he genuinely knows Peter is not the murderer."

How does Deirdre's decision not to tell him affect their marriage?
"Ken is furious but they have been round the block a few times and once they have had it out he forgives her. What he finds harder to deal with is that he is the only one who seems to believe Peter. He soon realises that everyone else, Deirdre included, think that there is a chance that Peter did it, even if they don't want to believe it."

What happens when Ken visits Peter in prison?
"What shocks Ken is that even Peter seems prepared to throw in the towel - for a time Ken is the only person who seems to want to put up a fight. He realises that Peter does blame himself, even though he didn't actually kill Tina he can see that he feels responsible which is one of the reasons that Ken genuinely does believe he didn't kill her."

Is he shocked by Peter's condition?
"He is shocked that Peter has admitted defeat so quickly and just seems prepared for the worst."

How does Ken plan to help him?
"Ken has always been a man who loves a cause, a mission, now that it is his own son he will stop at nothing to try and prove his innocence."

Does Ken even suspect that Rob might have something to do with this?
"Nobody suspects Rob, and Ken has no reason to think he was the killer, that is why Rob is able to get away with it for so long. What motive would he have? He has also played a very clever game sticking to his guns about Peter being the killer."

How does he feel about Rob being under his roof and being engaged to Tracy?
"There is something about Rob that Ken doesn't like, he has had time to win Deirdre round, but Ken isn't sure about him, that doesn't mean to say he thinks he has anything to do with the murder. The fact that Rob is so certain Peter has done it is enough to wind Ken up."

What happens when Ken tries to get Simon to visit Peter?
"The last thing Rob wants is Peter getting visit from Simon and getting any ideas about fighting the charges, Rob wants Peter to continue accepting his fate so he 'accidentally' arranges for a day out with Simon, Amy and Tracy, so Simon is not available to go to the prison. Ken has no idea that it is deliberate."

What is Rob's reaction when Ken hires a new solicitor and vows to find the real killer?
"Ken is fast becoming the thorn in Rob's side, if Ken hadn't returned and started this crusade to prove Peter's innocence Rob would have had no worries about the truth ever being found out. Now he is constantly panicking that Ken is going to unearth something that incriminates him."

How do you feel about being part of this storyline?
"Yes I am thrilled to be at the heart of a story which has been so huge for the show. Ken is linked in some way to all the main players, which is what the street does so well, it is the ripple effect and Ken is at the heart of it. He has always loved a challenge and it is great to show that side of Ken. But I am equally pleased with the great comedy story running alongside it where Ken and Deirdre go on a caravan trip to North Wales, it was great fun to film. This is what the show does best, great drama alongside laugh out loud comedy."

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Mr. Johnson said...

Looking forward to his return, hard to believe it has been a year and a half since his last on-screen appearance!

Llifon said...

Welcome back Ken and William! You've been missed!

John said...

Too true! So pleased that he's back on our screens and straight back into a huge storyline that absolutely fits into his character.

Humpty Dumpty said...

It doesn't really make sense that Deirdre wouldn't tell Ken that his son was in prison. She might not tell him on the phone but she would surely write. Peter's character has been the only one to suffer from Ken's absence. They were a great sparring team and displayed Peter's many layers.

Deirdre has actually been very supportive of Peter, saying that he was her priority. I really hope Deirdre doesn't slink back into the cupboard now King Ken is back.

Rosie said...

Can we please get Ken to give Nick a good talking to and advise him to get some therapy. It's about time someone did.

Ping Pong Pow said...

I disagree. Ken was all but forgotton until he was suddenly mentioned again last week. Its out of signt out of mind with any character I am afraid.

Tvor said...

I realize that they couldn't have Ken find out all the problems Peter's having before the actor and writers were ready to proceed so their hands were kind of tied on this one but I am finding it hard to swallow that nobody but nobody would have told Ken about Peter's drinking, the affair, the murder and/or the arrest, not Amy, not Tracy??? Especially not Tracy even if Deirdre was not willing to tell. Had Ken absolutely no contact with anyone else? What about keeping up with the local newspapers, Surely Ken would have done that online. But alas, the Powers That Be didn't have a lot of choice I guess.

Anonymous said...

I've been watching old episodes (1964-66) and it's been somewhat revelatory to see the young Ken Barlow in action. No offence to the actor, but the character was as capable of being self-absorbed and obnoxious then as in his current incarnation. I always imagined his marriage to Valerie as the happy one, but that isn't true. He alienated Val with his narcissism and insulted her intelligence in the same way he has later done with Dierdre. (Is this a case of recycling plots or keeping the character consistent?) No wonder Peter has such ambivalent feelings toward his dear old dad.

Anonymous said...

Why is this old goat coming back? Just because he's always been there doesn't mean he should. Time for him to go and take Rita with him. Maybe they can run off together.

Llifon said...

One has to remember that it was impossible for Ken to return under the circumstances off-screen, although I don't know why they have waited so long before re-introducing him.

I'm sure for dramatic effect they wanted Ken to come back during the eleventh hour.


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