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Sunday, 6 July 2014

Corrie weekly awards for June 30 - July 4

Bessie Street Liliput Land: Don't believe that there wouldn't be one or two adult sized chairs outside the head's office.

Brother of the year award: Kirk. If I had a brother, I'd want it to be Kirk.

All Talk No Action award: Steve's inner hero ran away crying.

Wrong'un Radar award: I beg to differ. Gail continually shows her experience with men gives her no insight whatsoever to wrong'uns.

Master manipulator award: Usually Todd but Nick is in the winner's circle this week as well.

Ironic award: Michael got burgled.

Excercise Slacker: Dev was just strolling along on the treadmill.

Musical ambiance award: Lloyd worrying that Andrea's going to dump him to "What I Like About You"

Planet Rodwell award: Yep, Gail could be very close to being smitten given half a chance.

Clingy award: I think Neil is picking up vibes from Andrea and is trying to make things better between them. I think it's too little too late.

Hippie award: Steve bought a VW camper van instead of a limo. I can't see a wedding couple hiring that.

Lines of the week:
Kirk "Maria's coming back today" Todd "Little Miss Fruit Loops? How's she doing?"
Michelle "You were going to search for the hero inside, apparently" (another put down, I see) Steve "I searched. I couldn't find him. I think he ran away crying"
Kylie "Michael Rodwell legged it out of our house in shame, there's no way he'd show his face round here again" (um....)
Gail "My experiences with men mean I can spot a wrong'un a mile off. If the gave out certificates, I'd have a PHD. Gail McIntyre, Dr. Love!" (Um....)
Sean "A modern man, eh? Dad's at home looking after the kid and Mum's in the pub. That's progress"
David to Nick "Everyone knows you're her favourite ickle boy"
Michael "Feel free to go 'na na na na na'"
Kal to Nick "Unlike you, I don't take me anger out on women" (1 Point to Kal)
Michelle "We need to make some sacrifices" Steve about Tracy "I'll sacrifice her. On the altar"
Gail "Actions have consequences" (she could tell Nick that as well)
Carla to Peter "When I clap eyes on you, all i see is pain and death"

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Frosty the Snowman said...

No chemistry award: Kal and Leanne just do not gel as a couple. If the Nazirs are strict enough to observe Ramadan, then they would never accept Leanne with or without her murky past or she would have to convert to Islam. Muslims as well as a no alcohol rule have a no sex outside marriage rule. It’s all total rubbish and Jimmi Mystery is very disappointing as Kal.

Personality transplant fairy award: Marcus was a good decent bloke that has been turned into a moron. Why when a character is leaving do the PTB make us hate them so we can’t wait for them to go?

Dumb and Dumber award: David and Nick were absolutely ridiculous bullying an elderly man. Why does Nick keep acting like Basil Fawlty? Its frankly cringe worthy.

Brat award: where did Maxay’s bad behaviour come from? One minute he is a quiet seemingly content little boy, the next a badly behaved brat. Instead of interfering in Gail’s life, David and Kylie should concentrate on their own family.

Bit of fun award: I quite like Carla with Luke – yeah so she is older than him but they aint gonna get wed – let her have a bit of fun and light relief after the trauma she has been through. Just so long as she doesn’t move him into the faktray like she usually does with her men.

Tvor said...

I agree. Max's ADHD seems to have come out of nowhere. Any and all of the children I know that have had that diagnosis showed definite signs of it from a very young age, not a sudden development at the age of 8 or so like Max who was very quiet and well behaved prior.

Humpty Dumpty said...

So many storylines are popping up out of nowhere: Max's ADHD, Gary and Izzy drifting apart, Peter and Tina having an affair; Marcus falling for Todd. A line or two here and there, if that, and that's supposed to be enough build-up.

I wouldn't mind betting the ADHD storyline has only been dreamt up since Paula Lane announced her pregnancy. Presuming Kylie vanishes because she can't cope.

abbyk said...

Humpty Dumpty, it's fast food burgers versus a slow cooked stew. One is fills your belly right away but is unremarkable, the other teases you for hours with scintillating aromas then finally makes you sit down to take in a complex web of flavor and texture. All those instant stories, plus the sudden Leanne/Kal coupling, fast food. Haley's cancer, Krazy Kirstie, Tricky Dicky, even, god help us, the Windass tragedy cycle, stew, although I would have changed the recipe on the last one.

Tvor said...

Ah yes, Paula Lane's pregnancy. I guess we have to give that a bit of leeway, then. And it is good that they haven't reformed Kylie from the loose cannon to the perfect mother and wife overnight, too. Bound to have slip ups and backsliding now and then.

I can actually see how Gary and Izzy would come apart after all the stress that happened over the Phelan disaster though maybe if Gary hadn't had that night with Alya, even without anything happening, they might have worked through it but it's going to ping Izzy's self esteem something wicked and her ability to trust him as well.

Smiley said...

Actually, last summer, a wedding - we had the couple arriving in the same van.

maggie muggins said...

Hippie award: Steve bought a VW camper van instead of a limo. I can't see a wedding couple hiring that.

A good reason to bring spider back!

Anonymous said...

For the 'Lilliput' award - I don't know how many meetings I've been to at my child's school where there were no adult chairs! lol

ChiaGwen said...

I guess we are supposed to believe that Max's ADHD symptoms were present earlier but written off as 'boys will be boys'. However, once they start school ADHD is soon he is Grade 1 or higher? My bet is that Kylie takes off for Barbados (because of the actresses' pregnancy)as she can't cope with the diagnosis and maybe before then turns to Nick for comfort??

Discokidd said...

"hipper than a hypnotised hippy with a hip replacement doing the hip hop at the hippodrome"


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