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Sunday, 6 July 2014

Eva Almighty

A few months ago, when it was announced that first Sue Johnstone, then Michelle Collins were leaving the Street, an odd thought occurred to me.  It came spontaneously into my head, completely out of the blue.  It was, "I hope that doesn't mean Eva's leaving as well."

How did that happen?  How did Eva, of all people, end up as my favourite Price?  She came into the show as such a cliche - blonde, recently wronged by an unseen fiance, spoilt.  Now she's a wonderful character and an asset to the show.

Part of it came from knocking the edges off her.  For her first year or so Eva's selfishness manifested itself through manipulation - leading Nick, or Rob, or Leanne around, conniving behind their back.  She's nicer now.  That's what happens when you hook up with Jason Grimshaw - his inherent pleasantness rubs off on you.

She now reminds me of another classic barmaid, Raquel.  Both were bombshells whose sexy exterior gave way to a sweet funny interior.  I didn't like the way she left Underworld - far too sudden - but putting her behind the bar of the Rovers means she finally fits.  Eva was always wasted stitching knickers, and her departure from clipboard clutching duties at the factory means that we get more of Sally Webster being a domineering shrew, which is always joyous.

Eva's also overcome her issues with Leanne - with no Stella to fight over, they've bonded as proper sisters.  It was lovely to see her in this week's episodes having a glass of wine with Leanne, giving her birthday gifts, gently ribbing her about her age.  I especially liked the scene in the cafe, where another great new character, Steph, was chatting with the sisters; I like the idea of the three of them getting plastered on tequila slammers next time they have a disastrous relationship meltdown.  It'd be good to see her friendship with Kylie reignited, too.

The Street always needs a sweet sexpot, and I hope that Eva will continue to totter down the cobbles with her expensive handbags for many years.  Perhaps she can be the girl to finally make an honest man of Jason?

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Upintheattic said...

Eva has been one of my faves for awhile now. I wish they would give her a good juicy storyline. She is another underused character, but it has been nice that they at least gave her a few lines with Leanne. I wish they could see she deserves much better than that.

Frosty the Snowman said...

Eva has come on in leaps and bounds and its nice to see her getting on Leanne instead of the sniping there was when St Ella of the Beige was there. She is a stunning girl as well!

Humpty Dumpty said...

I'm an Eva fan. Catherine T gives her great comedic tones. The best characters always have a good dollop of humour. Jason and Eva should stay together and it would be fun to watch Eva sparring with Eileen.

Anonymous said...

Eva is a great character now and is also played by a stunning actress.

However, I can't stand Steph, the dreadful girl with the talking hands, proving that looks are not everything when it comes to acting!

Anonymous said...

As usual, Scott Willison, a superb post and breath of fresh air. Thank you.

Your observations about Eva - 'always wasted stitching knickers' - got me thinking about the delicacy of moving characters from one plotline/setting to another.

For example, viewers groused about Tim when he was Faye's father, but love him as Sally's partner.

There's a rubik's cube logic to these moves. They can't happen all at once. Stella had to be removed for Eva to bond with Leanne. Tina had to die for Eva to move into a role at the Rover's.

Who knows how much ahead of time these shifts are plotted and with what potential gains?

Please post more! Always a pleasure:)

Tvor said...

I love Eva too, they've brought her along nicely! She's got a little bit of ditz but not as dumb as a brick like Rosie Webster. She's got a heart of gold, too. Yes as someone said, she's a bit like Raquel, and up to now, always being disappointed by men. I'd like this to work out with Jason, too.

Anonymous said...

Was Eva let go or did she quit underworld? I must have missed that...

maggie muggins said...

Great blog-post, Scott! Eva has become a real keeper now, hasn't she? She has a gorgeous singing voice too, as I recall from Betty Driver's funeral service. That was the one for the actor, not the character.

Stephen said...

…"we get more of Sally Webster being a domineering shrew, which is always joyous."

I just laughed my head off. Brilliant!

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love Eva's laugh! So cute!



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