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Friday, 4 July 2014

Coronation Street summer spoilers and previews

Coronation Street Producer Stuart Blackburn has lifted the lid on some of the exciting storylines coming up in the soap this summer and autumn.

In an exclusive interview on the official website Stuart reveals that there are some dramatic times ahead for the residents of the country’s most famous street.

In the coming months viewers will see:

Peter Barlow arrested and charged with Tina’s murder and meeting up with Jim McDonald in prison.
Kylie hitting rock bottom after son Max is diagnosed with ADHD - and resorting to taking his medication herself.
The return of Ken Barlow.
Disaster for Tyrone and Fiz at the hands of Jason’s dad Tony.

Stuart says: “ Rob will do everything he can to point the finger of guilt at Peter. It looks like it might work, we are going to see Peter arrested, see him in remand, we have built a massive prison set and it will also see the return of an old friend Jim McDonald who as we know is in prison himself.”

Talking about Kylie hitting the self destruct button Stuart hints of the devastation to come: “Over the weeks we see a real change in Max’s behaviour and what we are going to learn is that he is suffering from ADHD.

“We have done an awful lot of research on this and it is going to take us to a point where Max is going to be put on medication. Kylie hits a really low point physically and emotionally she is completely drained and in that moment of madness she takes some of Max’s medication. She is utterly ashamed and David is disgusted when he finds out. This is, out of all the bad decisions Kylie has made, the worst one ever. It is going to have a devastating effect on her, her health and those around her and it is going to bring real trouble to the door of the Platts household.”

On Ken’s return Stuart reveals :”Ken is coming back to quite a few surprises. What we will learn is that Deirdre hasn’t told him the extent of Peter’s problems and actually what we will see with Ken is that loyalty to his family. He will be the one person who Peter can turn to.”

And he reveals that Tony Stewart is shaping up to be a true Corrie baddie : “Just when we think Fiz and Tyrone have finally got some happiness and they are looking to the future disaster is going to strike and this is going to put Fiz and Tyrone up against the Grimshaws - right at the heart of that is Tony and we are really going to see his true side or one of his sides.”

Stuart concludes “Obviously these are just a few of the storylines we have got some much more coming up as we head towards Christmas - we have some great comedy with Beth, Kirk, Sinead and Chesney, watch out for the Windasses they are going to be back in action soon. We have just got that mix of great great drama, romance with Gail and Michael, new characters and always at the heart great comedy.”

To see Stuart’s interview in full go to from 8pm Friday July 4th.

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Anonymous said...

Looking forward to peter in jail and the return of Jim "so it is" McDonald,kylie and max adhd story-line looks interesting. but "watch out for the Windasses they are going to be back in action soon" fills me with dread.

Tvor said...

I'm looking forward to seeing Jim as well.

Anonymous said...

The most dreadful and insulting story is that of Ken Barlow. His son is on skid row, yadayada, and he has no idea..... GARBAGE .. it's as bad as Tina's mom not knowing anything about Tina's life. Now she does and we're supposed to believe that GARBAGE. Seriously, communication these days is way ahead of the cobbles and they should at least try and catch up. It's unacceptable and sad that we'ere supposed to swallow that garbage. And, also, the WindASSES, enough already.
Wasted characters galore and overuse of the same old. Time for a new producer or storyline editor.

abbyk said...

It's early days, but so far I'm liking Gail & Michael. Starting off slowly, with a twist and a spark, good. Soooo much better than 'you're pretty we're a couple'. Would that this were part of the story of the crushing of the unrepentant Nick. What would happen if Michael reported the threats and harassment? David already has a record, hmmm.

Peter has needed Ken so badly, I'll be happy to have him home. Not surprised Deirdre softened the truth -- Ken's not a young man, and it might have been too much. I hope his return doesn't mean the end of the newly dazzling Deirdre. And that Rob, he is so good at pointing the finger, does anyone even think it might be him at this point?

Max with the disease of the week, oh well. It will be forgotten as soon as Kylie is off screen. More Windass dramatics, ugh, right up there with the return of Maddie. And more of the ever so dull Nazirs - why did they make the new family Muslim just to have a daughter who drinks and a dad who disses Ramadan? And Tony as the big bad baddie. Clearly with only Nick and Rob, we don't have enough bad guys on the street. But he's still the new character, so by all means, put him front and center.

Liking Eva at the Rovers and Stef (still a new character) anywhere she shows up. Hopefully more screen time -- please please please let them become the new fun girls, Gail and Suzie for the 20teens.

Anonymous said...

abbyk...I think that at the bar Alya drank a non alcoholic beverage...didn't she?

abbyk said...

Anon 00:34, I don't think so, but have no issue being wrong.

I wrote that comment before seeing the Friday episode. After seeing it, my opinion of the Nazirs has dramatically improved with the addition of Yasmine. I love how she stood up to Sharif, stuck up for Leanne and called out Nick. And she is a professional, a librarian -- she'll be Ken's new best friend. Even the NO WATER cheer worked. Never been so happy to have a 1st impression dashed. :)

Frosty the Snowman said...

Frosty's heart also sank at the sentence "The Windasses will be back in action soon" This family are never off our screens to the disadvantage of other characters and most viewers are heartily sick of them.

I hope Gail has moved in with Michael Rodwell and leaves Kylie adn David to deal with Max's behaviour the way they have treated Gail has been frankly disgusting when she has done nothing but support them. Kylie needs a sharp lesson.

And poor old Tyrone - always having something bad done to him - Kevin, Kirsty now Tony - he is sadly becoming a bit of a victim.

Anonymous said...

I too am liking the budding romance between Gail and Michael.

Am also looking forward to watching the drama unfold in the prison and the return of Jim McDonald.

Tony Stewart is a welcome addition to the cast for me so, I'm happy that this character will be getting some more screen time.

Also, I think the Nazirs are fitting in well - I think they're good.

Only downside for me is the return of boring Ken and the resurrection of the "has been" Ken and Drear double act.

Humpty Dumpty said...

I'm curious about Michael and Gail and wonder where that's going. Gail has said that she's brought up a couple of bullies. Now, I wonder where they got that from? It's OK to interfere in her children's lives but not OK when they interfere with hers ... I hope this is the start of Gail having a life of her own.

The Nazirs would be more believable if Kal and Leanne weren't a couple. Zero chemistry and Jimi is very wooden in this role.

I'm really looking forward to seeing Jim again. He may be the one who convinces Steve (and Michelle) that Peter is innocent.

Anonymous said...

Windasses - BOO BOO BOO BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. And we all know this is going to be the "Faye is knocked up" story-line, at that.

With the way Max has suddenly turned into an out of control, hyperactive terror recently I suspected that there'd be something coming up concerning him, but why does it have to be "Kylie makes a horrible mistake" yet again? I swear that these kinds of shows keep checklists of revolving story-lines that they use over and over.

And the main plot this summer is, of course, going to be Rob's eventual downfall which will take place either after he's married to Tracy or will come out right at the wedding as is commonplace in soaps. Personally, I hope both he and Peter end up killing each other once it comes out.

Anonymous said...

Humpty Dumpty,Although I agree that Nickhas become a bully not only with his mother but with Leeanne,as far as David is concerned,I think after barely surviving Richard Hillman[while Nick was in Canada] and struggling with his mother being falsely accused of Joe Mcintyre's[who also had a drug addiction]murder while Nick seemed to couldn't care less and was sympathetic to Tina,no wonder he's wary of Michael!
I wonder if Ken will also be informed of Hayley's death as well as Tina's?

Anonymous said...

Yeah right, as if Diedre wouldn't tell Ken about Haley dying. C'mon!?
Help us all. So Ken goes to help his son because he 'broke his leg' all the way to Canada where there are no telephones or any cell phone reception or post offices to mail a letter. All they have in Canada is the Mountie on a Moose delivering mail by sled once every six months eh. And I guess Diedre missed that post date.

Tvor said...

I would imagine Ken does know about Hayley's death but he doesn't know about what's happening in his own family. Adam apparently was having blackouts or fainting spells, so it could very well be a neurological thing. Unfortunately Ken's absence stretched credibility but it was a circumstance beyond the producers' control.

Anonymous said...

I seem to recall Deirdre once saying she had to get back to Skype Ken. Or did I imagine it?

Anonymous said...

I too recall that Skype comment. Therefore, to the viewer, it really doesn't matter what's out of the producer's control It's the writing that's at issue here. So Ken Barlow had to leave the show for a while. Don't have us believe that in that time, his contact with his family was that lame. That's just not Ken Barlow. I'm sure he'll come back and suddenly be all 'Daddy' again now that he's back. Nope, not the producer my dear, but the writing.
Expect more.


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