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Monday, 28 July 2014

Coronation Street Double Episode Review 28 July 2014

Can it possibly get any worse for Nick? He is not just a man on the edge he is a man on his way over the edge. Predictably, at mediation, things don't go well and as they have been doing in the street, yelling and sparring, so they do in mediation. In addition Nick is having his card loaded on to a tow truck as he emerges from the unsuccessful session of mediation.

Despite the fact that Nick has been very badly behaved in his last few episodes, he does have cause to  feel hurt, supplanted and humiliated as he is, though this is not to take away from some of the unforgivable things he has said to Yasmeen concerning Leanne's past.  In full view of friends and family, Leanne has left him and taken up with the man who was initially helping Nick recover.

Nick also has his mother to contend with and his genuine fears about her being involved with a thief. That said, might it be the case that he is a little jealous of his mother's relationship and also fears it will distract from him and his needs?

The wonderful Steph, who seems to be the backbone of Just Nick's, is threatened with the sack if she doesn't work on her day off - madness! Steph is a real asset to Nick and rather than threatening to fire her should be cherishing the skill and competency of this very attractive and kind young woman who has had her own upset in her flatmate Tina's death.

She does work, showing great loyalty and recognising the need for her to stay, but she could have walked out. 'You're entitled to do as I tell you,' says Nick who seems to be hanging on to his sanity by his fingernails.

Later he spots his mum and Michael sharing a kiss in the garden which sends him into a mad rage. He  breaks the wing mirror and he throws plants and a stone to break the ice cream van window. The look on Gail's face suggests she knows only too well who did it.

Now to Faye, who has had a deal to put up with recently. Because of all the turmoil, it might not have been obvious what Faye has been getting up to. She is a little withdrawn and not her usual self.  She seems a little lost and asks if she can spend her time with Anna at the cafe.  Gary comes in and asks if he can sit with her. 'Free country,' she says. Gary's next line is terrific. 'Don't get all gushy with me.' he says.

Craig hears a spiteful rumour about Faye and sits with her in the cafe. Anna hears Faye jump down Craig's throat and seems to think that Craig - how very dare she? - is somehow responsible. Anna gets hold of Faye's  mobile and discovers that there are tweets saying that Faye has apparently been sleeping around and that nasty comments are being made about her.

Beth defends her son, quite rightly and Anna apologises to her. Tim is impressive in his wisdom too, saying that he has learnt from his 'many many mistakes' and Beth also, and they feel that to make a stand might make things worse. Who knows what is right in this sort of a situation?

Earlier Craig had been in The Kabin buying magazines for his mum. The magazines include stories about people unable to control their light bulb eating habit and others who claim that Diana's ghost lives in their fridge. 'Funny lad, but nice,' says Rita.

Great scene with Norris and Rita - Rita attacking Norris for giving out the silent treatment. She adds 'I'm tired of your constant recriminations, tired of you acting  like a spoilt child about who I spend my time with. All I see is a spiteful, jealous, misguided man.' Brilliant stuff writers - this is where Coronation Street really shines and tops the other soaps.

But, it looks as though Norris has a point, because in the pub Julie lets it slip that Dennis had asked her to kick him out, when Norris accused her of having kicked Dennis out and thus causing problems.

Just as Rita gives Dennis another try, it looks like Dennis might have blown it  - again! Rita discovers from Norris that Julie revealed that Dennis made himself deliberately homeless in order to play on Rita's sympathy.  Will this be it - finally for Rita and Dennis? Dennis brings flowers and Rita plays it cool. 'Have you taken leave of your senses? asks Norris. 'I know what I'm doing,' replies Rita.  As Elton Jon sings, 'Sorry, so sorry,' even Elton cannot help Dennis now.

Mary has been helping Roy in the cafe and hears that Yasmeen is keen to continue to fight for the library. 'The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing,' states Mary. Roy rather disappoints her by saying it's only a library and not about evil, but then later finds his fervour. 'It's liberating to have a cause,' he says. Maybe he feels that Hayley is urging him on.

Roy finds a reminder of Hayley in a book and becomes very thoughtful.  Grief is like that. You seem to be coping and then one little reminder can fell you -and so it seems to be with Roy.

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Anonymous said...

Great review! Re the Nick/Leanne/Kal storyline, does anyone remember the last time CS did this? Jim McDonald was in rehabilation for his fall from the scaffolding (pushed by Steve), and Liz (now Leanne) fell for Jim's physical therapist (now Kal), and even left the Street with him. Is this not a good time for Liz to offer Leanne advice or sympathy - and shouldn't Steve be having a bit of deja vu?


Frosty the Snowman said...

Just full of negativity yesterday - Nick kicking the wing mirror was disgraceful, the man has mental health issues and this needs to be addressed, he is like a spoilt brattish bully. And more granite faced Leanne, does the woman EVER crack a smile? I found the toadish Norris so desperate to break up Dennis and Rita totally dispicable, this bloke is rapidly becoming nothing but a thoroughly unpleasant creep. And what a total total waste of time bringing Dennis back for him to go through all this again, Rita and Norris deserve each other, But the Nazirs scrubbed up well and looked fine in their robes. Ayla is a stunning girl - please dont make us believe that a woman like her would have a relationship with skanky jobbing builder Gary Windass, it beggars belief.

Frosty the Snowman said...

Frosty forgot to put that Why on earth should Nick pay maintenance for Simon???? Nick is NOT his father and Leanne is NOT his mother. Ridiculous.

Dilly Daydream said...

I can't say it often enough ....I absolutely hate Norris Cole, what a despicable excuse for a human being he is. I truly wish they would write him out, he has no redeeming features whatsoever.

John McE said...

Meant to post this last week, and forgot.

Do they have hair product in men's jails these days? In Peter's first scenes in his cell, his hair was slicked back. Odd... unless he'd been watching a certain Cameron Diaz movie ;-)

Anonymous said...

I hate this story with Nick and Leanne.. has he forgotten that it was him that wanted to split up, not her? I don't buy the attraction between her and Kal.. couldn't they just have let her be single for a while?
Rebecca in TO

Anonymous said...

Faye gets preggers and it's Craig's kid.

Anonymous said...

After reading some of the negative comments about Norris,I felt compelled to come to his defense,Granted hecan be a busbody at times but in this case he's trying to be a friend to Rita.I think if anyone doesn't have any redeeming features it's Dennis,schening his way back into Rita's life by pretending to be 'homeless' and yet Norris is the bad guy for telling Rita this?Tina would've been so proud of Dennis.In fact I think he was channeling her spirit!

Tvor said...

Norris has always been a "thoroughly unpleasant creep" in my books. Dennis really was trying to get back in Rita's good books and Dennis being Dennis, used a scheme to do it. But I believe he was genuine, not as Norris sees it, desperate for a meal ticket. Unfortunately Rita hadn't built back up her trust in Dennis so he's got the short end of the stick on this one

Anonymous said...

Tvor,For what it's worth, I think Dennis deserves to get the short end of the stick as it's not fair for him to play the 'victim'when he's the one who hurt Rita deeply.I'm on Norris' side this time as I think Dennis does see Rita as a meal ticket and perhaps wants to get one up on Norris rather than of any genuine feelings for Rita.


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