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Friday, 11 July 2014

Preview of tonight's double Coronation Street - Fri 11 July

FRIDAY 11TH JULY 2014 at 7.30pm
TRACY’S BLING STRIKES FEAR INTO ROB. Over lunch in the bistro, Rob clocks Tracy’s
new charm bracelet. Tracy admits she found it in the ginnel but has claimed it as her
own. Rob realises with horror it’s the one he stole from Tina and Steph’s flat. Will Steph
see it and recognise it?
TODD TURNS THE TABLES ON MARCUS. Marcus is suspended from work for taking too much time off so tells Todd they can’t have any more nights out. Todd appears to be sympathetic and says Marcus should spend more time with Liam - but what is Todd really up to?
IZZY STRUGGLES TO FACE LIFE ON HER OWN. Alya apologises for dropping Gary in it with Izzy. Meanwhile Izzy and Gary agree not to tell Owen and Anna abut him and Alya as they have enough on their plate - but Izzy is clearly struggling with it all.
Elsewhere Luke invites Tyrone to the stock car racing at Belle Vue.

FRIDAY 11th JULY 2014 at 8.30pm
ROB FEELS THE WALLS CLOSING IN. With No.1 declared a crime scene, and being
quizzed by the police about Tina’s bracelet, Rob is feeling the heat. Can he keep the
police and the rest of his family off his back as the net finally closes in on Tina’s killer?
Or will suspicion fall on someone else?
HUMILIATED MARCUS MAKES A BIG DECISION. The scales have finally fallen from Marcus’ eyes and he now sees Todd for what he really is. He confides in a sympathetic Maria that maybe the time has come to leave Weatherfield.
WITH KYLIE AND DAVID AWAY GAIL AND MICHAEL GET CLOSER. Gail and Michael enjoy a drink and agree to put recent events behind them. Eileen makes snide digs at Gail about her track record with men. Gail’s furious but Michael is unfazed, pointing out they’ve both got a past.

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David Parsnips said...

Marcus works for the public sector and he would not be just suspended for too much time off. It would have been addressed first to see if there was a problem. But all this is engineered to Charlie Condu leaving. Toad becomes more comical the more "horrid" he tries to be in my mind.

Humpty Dumpty said...

Further to David Parsnips, Marcus would get a verbal warning and nothing else to start with. Don't think that's happened yet. Suspension is used where there has been misconduct. Still, this story is in the same fantasy land where businesses and homes are transferred on a handshake, and sick people soldier on with only the love of their family. It annoys me because it would be so easy to make Marcus's exit authentic. He eventually asks for a transfer to another post in the Health Authority far away from the Street.

Rosie said...

So sorry to see Marcus go, utter waste of a good character/actor. I wish Charlie C all the best and look forward to seeing him in new roles.

Anonymous said...

The whole Eileen Gail feud has become just Eileen bullying and being spiteful towards Gail and Gail showing as a pathetic victim as usual

Bubsy said...

I completely agree Rosie. Marcus was a very believable character and down to earth too. Shame they messed up one of the more likeable ones and decided it was time for him to go. I would have preferred Marcus to stay and Todd to go.


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