Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Annie and Betty's Coronation Street Memories - now on itvplayer

With thanks to Corriepedia for letting us know about this, and with thanks to ITV for making it available on itvplayer.  I wonder if there are more old ones to come on itvplayer?  Anyone have any idea why this old Corrie special has made its way to itvplayer?

Annie and Betty's Coronation Street Memories is now available to watch on itvplayer. Annie Walker and Betty Turpin reminisce about Christmases past on the street in this special episode. The Street is putting on the panto Cinderella for the second time and they look back to the first time and remember the frantic preparations.

Read the full description on Corriepedia and watch it on itvplayer here.

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Llifon said...

Very odd it's being shown now in the middle of July. :/ But wonderful anyhow!

Llifon said...

There are loads of old Corrie programmes available on ITV Player, for 79p a month.

John said...

They're usually more recent "talking heads" documentaries though. This is really rare stuff. Even the BFI doesn't hold a copy and it's never been repeated since 1975.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps tptb ARE actually keeping a lookout on blogs such as this. We are constantly lamenting the lack of older characters in current stories, along with speaking loudly our nostalgia for earlier Corrie stories and writing. Wonder if this is a response to us!

Anonymous said...

Just left a comment about perhaps tptb are listening to us. However, going to the link and seeing it has to be rented to view, I figure they are actually trying to make more money instead. Not begrudging ITV, but I have luckily seen this, I'm not willing to pay to see it again.

DavidS said...

Belated postscript: I fancied watching this the other day, because I didn't when it first went up, but it's not available any more.

E-mailed ITV and apparently it's down to the "licensing agreement" they have regarding its screening.

Bit daft putting it up in July, then it's not available when the festive season actually comes round... :-(

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