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Monday, 28 July 2014

Monday musings

I've just spent two and a half hours catching up with all the Corrie I've missed while I've been away. I don't often watch big blocks of it in one go and I must admit my eyes were going together by the end. Anyway, here are my musings on what I saw:

More Emily! I loved seeing more of Emily Bishop. Eileen Derbyshire is shamefully underused and as we saw last week, she is still more than capable of putting in terrific performances. It was a great reminder that there is a lot more to the character than meets the eye. One of the longest-serving and most loyal Corrie actors deserves many more moments like these.

Less Nick! As much as I admire Corrie for tackling the brain injury issue, I do think we've reached that point where things need to move on. "Angry Nick" isn't working for me, it's more than a little irritating and it became tired months ago. Nick seems to be fulfilling the nasty stunt quota previously carried by his brother David. Let's move on shall we?

A more spirited Gail. Although I'm yet to decide what I make of Michael, it has been refreshing to see Gail in a more positive storyline with an influence away from her family. I have enjoyed the scenes that show Gail realising there is a life away from meddling in the lives of her sons. I'd like to see this develop further - David and Nick really do need to bog off and let her live her life.

Annoying Andrea. I just can't take to this character. I feel so sorry for Lloyd, he has even less luck with the ladies than Steve. Andrea just hasn't gelled for me. Too much time is being spent on her when I would prefer to see Lloyd develop a relationship with his daughter Jenna (although the clock is now ticking on this one, sadly). Anyway, I'd ditch Andrea as soon as possible, she's trouble.

There's something about Mary. I like the calmer, less crazy Mary. She can be a very sweet, intuitive, sympathetic character when she wants to be. She just needs more of a grounding in Weatherfield. She still floats about, presumably living in that massive motorhome with no fixed employment. The writers need to invest in the character and create more interesting material for her.

Tracy Luv. How many times will Tracy sink lower than a really low thing and get away with it? Selling Uncle Albert's war medal was unforgivable. I know Deirdre let her have it, but as usual they will be empty promises. For a very moral programme like Corrie surely Tracy has had all her chances by now? She is morally bankrupt with no redeemable qualities and needs to get what's coming to her...and then leave.

And talking of bankruptcy...the Windass dramas continue. I think it is admirable for Corrie to take this storyline in this direction. It is about time food banks got a mention and Debbie Rush is wonderful whatever the script writers throw at her. I just feel enough is enough. The Windass family have dominated our screens all year now and we're nearly in August. I know there is a Faye storyline on the way now too so obviously there is not going to be any let up. Time to give someone else a chance?

What would Elsie say? Philip Lowrie leaving Corrie is just dreadful. A lovely link to the past and one of Corrie's most iconic characters, Elsie, very rarely even gets a mention. I still cannot fathom why you would go to the trouble to bring back a character like Dennis without a concrete plan of what to do with him. Marrying him off to Rita did neither characters any favours. I struggle to believe that the Corrie writing team couldn't come up with some interesting stories for a mature married couple finding love later in life. Such a waste. 

Ending on a positive note, I still love Kal's mum Yasmeen. She is spirited and tough and speaks her mind. Hopefully plenty to come from her. I also love Eva behind the Rovers bar. A very good character who could potentially be brilliant given the right material. I know this might be controversial, but I'm also really looking forward to seeing Jim McDonald back on our screens. I love this character so hopefully he'll be around for a good long time. 

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Anonymous said...

Couldn't disagree more about Yasmeen. The shoehorning of the character into the library closing story is desperate and is just another rehashing of the Emily eco warrior storyline and the Roy protecting bats storyline. The hardships facing the working classes in these austere times storyline is too little too late and involves Owen - the most unlikeable character on British TV! Who cares he's been made bankrupt? No one.
As for Leanne, she has always been a hideous character - brilliantly portrayed - but even she has run into a brick wall as far as development is concerned. Maintenance for Simon from Nick?! What?! I personally prefer Nick being nasty, at least it's SOME kind of trait! The other Nick was just insipid and bland.
All my family have now stopped watching - they are all traditional Corrie viewers but they have had enough.

John McE said...

I Agree - getting rid of Philip Lowrie is a crying shame. I do hope they reconsider and bring him back soon.

Nick - I am afraid the actor just isn't convincing. In the hands of a good actor, he could have appeared really threatening, but not with this one. Mind you, can you imagine what it'd have been like with Adam Rickett!!!

I'm afraid I cannot stand Yasmeen... an unlikeable, interfering old biddy. Can't say I like her son either, but I wish he'd grow a pair, and tell her to butt out of his life.

Emily - yes, always a joy to see her. I would imagine the actress is only prepared to appear in limited scenes, more the pity.

David Parsnips said...

Agree with everything you say! Either address Nicks brain injury properly with treatment and therapy or shut up about it! His consistent arguing with Leanne is doing my head in as well. Kal has gone from promising new character to boring dullard yes man. The Windasses are far too much in our faces all the time and due to poor scripting nobody has any sympathy with them at all and they just grate. Rita has gone from a big hearted big character into a nagging, sarcastic santamonious old baggage. Thank the Lord for Eva thats what I say! Lets have a friendship with Emily, Roy and Yasmin.

Anonymous said...

I am also gutted about Dennis leaving! What a horrible waste of wonderful talent.
Perhaps he should have 'come out' as they well as Norris. Then, perhaps, the two of them could have some how become residents of number 11. Norris could have even carved his initials at the window to join Dennis'!

Tvor said...

I like Yasmeen too, and I think the library story will be very good, bringing Roy and EMily into the mix is wonderful!

It's criminal how they've misused Philip Lowrie and I shall miss Dennis a lot. The actor just leaps off the screen with all that crackling chemistry.

Yep, Nick's getting on my nerves too. Mind you, a nasty Nick is more interesting to watch than boring old doormat Nick but i've had enough.

Like Gail's new storyline. Agree, should have been more Lloyd and Jenna because Andrea really ended up being a non-starter. Mary is much better being non-crazy and just being her quirky self. There are empty flats on the Street, why doesn't she have one of them? She must have some sort of private income because a few hours at the Kabin or the cafe couldn't support her all the way. Surely Dev could let her use his shop flat since she looks after his kids some times.

Agree about Tracy. Can't even say she adds to the show in any way as a villain. She's not interesting, she's unredeemable, and tiresome. Though I have to say, Kate Ford has come a long way in her portrayal.

Humpty Dumpty said...

I'm on the fence about Yasmeen. There must be a further story somewhere if the library is about to be burnt down. Maybe Roy allows a temporary library to be installed in/outside the café.

I fear Andrea will return when Craig Charles comes back from Red Dwarf. I think she's in the pending tray awaiting a producer's decision.

Nick/Leanne/Kal (and his mother): totally unbelievable and, worse still, boring. Kal's family will end up leaving, like the Mortons etc, so please make it soon. While we're on the subject, can they stop Simon greeting Nick by throwing his arms around his waist. That's what a kid of 6 or 7 would do not an 11 year old lad.

I would never say the Windarms deserve their misfortune even if, in the past, they have been arrogant, greedy bullies but ... Sorry, I don't care about any of them even Anna who seems to do exactly the wrong thing and makes matters worse. She'll be blaming herself for not keeping a close eye on Faye and she'll be right. The family are in the pub or the Bistro when they should be taking Faye out to a well-known high street burger chain. Characters are allowed to go on expeditions further than the Street and we could see them returning from a meal even if we don't see them on location. We must assume, therefore, that Faye lives on the stairs at no. 6 because that's where we mostly see her. Stupid family, no sympathy for them, please go.

Aaaaa said...

Wish Dennis wasn't leaving.

Glad Emily is appearing more though - what a legend. :)

Defrost Indoors said...

I think it's bloody criminal how they've neglected Dennis Tanner and a real failure of imagination if they can't figure out something else for him other than "domestic troubles/explosive exit". Also, far too many plots hinge on someone letting something slip which they shouldn't (Alya telling Izzy about her and Gary, Julie inadvertently revealing Dennis' plan, and so on).

I too am tired of shouty Nick with the squinty eyes and quick temper. It's hard to say how much of this is due to the never-ending head injury and how much of that is justifiable emotional swings at the prospect of his estranged wife moving on. I still think he's being a jerk though. Kal has become insipid and it's hard to see where they're going to go with the Kaleanne pairing.

We all know the Armasses need a rest -- let's see a little more of some other family!

Does Mary still do competitions, I wonder? She needs a quirky little storyline of her own (which reminds me, we haven't seen Dev in a while either and I presume his children are in the cupboard still). Perhaps Mary can help Yasmeen and Roy? She's one of the few people on the street who would use the library. Speaking of that, is Ken EVER coming back? It seems like it's been an almighty long time since the court business was concluded in real life.

Anonymous said...

With regards to the comments about 'less Nick'I would like to see less of the Platts as well.It is really necessary to have three storylines going at the same time for this family[Nick\Leeanne,Gail]Michael and Max's bad behaviour]?I wonder what is the point of having a large cast of characters when all we see feautured are either the Platts or the Windasses?

Anonymous said...

Very nice summary. Can you say more about what you mean when you call Corrie "a very moral programme"? Do you mean church morality? Social morality? I always thought Corrie was ahead of its time, demonstrating how stifling morality can be in a community, especially when characters get on their high horse and misjudge fellow human beings in difficult situations.


NZ Coro Junkie said...

My current musing:

I envisage a scene. Gail and Michael join Rita in the Rovers. The talk turns to funny little sayings that their friends use.

Rita: My dear friend Mavis, you remember Mavis of course, Gail. My dear friend Mavis was not the most assertive person you'll ever meet, Whenever we used to ask her for her opinion on anything she had a habit of saying "oh I don't really know" [Rita mimics Mavis]

Michael: now that's classic, how was it? "I don't really know" [Michael mimics Rita mimicking Mavis]

Carry On Blogging! said...

Anonymous (ELK) - When I say Corrie is a moral programme I mean that normally the baddie gets his/her own comeuppance at the end of their storyline, Richard Hillman being the best example. When someone does something unforgivable they always pay the price for it. This never really seems to happen with Tracy.

Anonymous said...

@ Graeme - Thanks for answering!

That's interesting. But maybe it's also a sign that morality changes (for both the characters and the viewers) over time. In the old days, characters would be condemned for commiting acts like robbery, but now we're all cheering for Jim MacDonald to be released from prison – even though, apparently, he continues to run a scammy operation from the inside. Now that society (mercifully) no longer pillaries people for having premarital or non-heterosexual sex, it's as if the only absolute badness that remains, the only one that's easy to judge, is murder. Maybe that's why we get so much of it on the Street these days, because viewers still want to enjoy the certainty of passing judgment on the baddies:)



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