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Monday, 6 May 2013

Sneak preview of tonight's double Corrie - Monday 6 May

Coronation Street Monday 6th May 2013 at 7.30pm

OWEN REACTS BADLY TO STELLA’S BITTER BLOW. Stella tells Leanne she can keep her money; she refuses to be blackmailed. When Stella tells Karl how she chose him over Leanne’s money, he’s touched. Realising she’s no option, Stella breaks the news to Owen about how she can’t pay him. In a fury Owen starts dismantling the pub fittings. Horrified Karl tries to stop him but how will a raging Owen react?
DAVID FUSSES ROUND KYLIE. When Kylie feels a twinge, David panics but Kylie explains it’s the baby kicking. David puts out his hand and feels the baby kick too, insisting Nick does the same. Mortified will Nick be forced to go along with it?
GARY AND TINA ARE SHAKEN BY OWEN’S MONEY TROUBLES. Gary whinges to Anna about how short of money he is. Anna’s unsympathetic, pointing out he spent £200 on Tina. Meanwhile when Owen tells Tina the bad news about the Rovers job he promises he’ll sort her surrogacy fee somehow. As Gary worries, how will Tina react?
Elsewhere Sylvia visits a friend in a care home. Dottie hands Sylvia a letter which came for her, apologising for the fact she’s had it so long. Sylvia’s face hardens when she recognises the hand-writing.

8.30pm, Monday 6th May 2013

STELLA MAKES OWEN A DESPERATE OFFER. Stella and Karl call at No.6. offering Owen a half share of the Rovers if in return he finishes the job without payment. Stunned how will Owen react? Meanwhile as Karl sets about clearing up the mess, Stella points out that they may have lost their home and their business but they’ve still got each other. Karl asks Stella again if she’ll marry him, will Stella agree?
GARY MAKES IZZY FEEL SECOND CHOICE TO TINA. Gary calls at Tina’s flat and promises he’ll make sure she gets her surrogacy payment. When Izzy finds out what’s happened at the Rovers she’s worried about Gary and calls his mobile. How will she react to the news that he was with Tina trying to reassure her about their financial situation?
DAVID WORKS HIMSELF INTO THE GROUND FOR KYLIE. David arrives home dog-tired after his shift at the bistro. Gail advises him to stop working so hard and stop stressing over Kylie and the baby.
Elsewhere Sylvia reads the letter from St. John and telling Hayley it’s more for Roy than her, refuses to discuss it further. Carla, Peter, Rob and Tracy have dinner at the bistro where Peter and Rob continue to bicker over the bookies.

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Anonymous said...

There is not one story in this preview that makes me want to tune in. So over all these characters, especially Karl and Stella

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, baby kicking at four months? The deed was done on Christmas night if it's Nick. Now, I've not had a baby, so I looked it up. The usual reports between 16-22 weeks with the average 21 weeks when a mother begins to feel the baby "kicking" (moving about). So, I figure, if they can feel the baby moving now, it must be David's and conception happened at least a month before the tryst with Nick.

Frosty the Snowman said...

Why didnt the half witted St Ella just come clean with Owen and explain what had happened instead of waffling and blagging and letting the dodgy Karl blatantly lie to him??? I just wish this would be the end of her but we have to suffer that strained pained look like she has constipation for months to come!!

Anonymous said...

I felt my baby move before 4 months the midwives didn't believe me the feelings stopped my baby died at 17 weeks.

Anonymous said...

Don't get a lawyer there Stella..nope..just accept that the insurance won't pay.

Anonymous said...

I worked over 30 years in the commercial property insurance industry - and although they do like to deny claims - THAT is not a reason! Gawd, the writers should check their facts - it's so simple.

~JB in Canada


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