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Friday, 10 May 2013

Sneak preview of tonight's double Corrie - Friday 10 May

Coronation Street, Friday 10th May 2013 at 7.30pm

DAVID’S SEIZURE LEADS TO POTENTIAL TRAGEDY. Concerned that David’s doing too much, Audrey insists he takes the day off. David takes Max and Joseph to the park, but as they feed the ducks David suddenly starts to convulse and has an epileptic fit. As David lies unconscious will Max be able to help?
STELLA IS FORCED INTO A BIG DECISION. Stella tries to apologise to Owen, explaining how Gloria paid for the drinks. But Owen refuses to listen and tells her she’ll be hearing from his solicitor. Under pressure Stella makes a shock decision.
IZZY DISCOVERS THE TRUTH ABOUT TINA’S RING. Izzy’s perturbed when she discovers £200 missing from their bank account. Gary lies, claiming he paid for some building materials. But when Izzy quizzes Owen it’s clear he has no idea what she’s talking about. Will Gary confess to spending the money on Tina’s Dad’s wedding ring?
Elsewhere As Faye gets herself ready for school she’s upset that Tim’s forgotten to wash her PE kit. Calling in at the cafĂ© she confides in Anna who invites her to No.6 for tea. Hayley retrieves the letter from St. John from the bin and encourages Roy to read it. Will he have a change of heart?

8.30pm, Friday 10th May 2013

NICK COMES TO DAVID’S RESCUE. Max fails to wake David but finds his mobile and phones Nick. He races to the park, arriving just as David regains consciousness. Back on the street David worries about the future but after a visit to the doctor Nick and Kylie promise to help him every step of the way. As David thanks them for being the best brother and wife anyone could wish for will he sense their unease?
GARY STRUGGLES TO REASSURE IZZY. Izzy and Gary continue to row as Gary insists the only reason he spent £200 on Tina was to show his gratitude. Will a jealous Izzy be convinced or is there more to it?
STELLA TAKES HER BLEAK FUTURE INTO HER OWN HANDS. Desperate to earn some money, Stella tells Nick she’d like to apply for the position of cleaner at the bistro.
Elsewhere Hayley tells Roy that St. John’s not well and it would be a shame if Roy failed to get in touch and St. John died. Roy has mixed emotions. Anna gives Faye her tea and does her washing. Owen’s unimpressed and angrily points out Tim’s shortcomings, telling him he’s not fit to be a full-time dad.

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FJH said...

Really can't stand where the surrogacy plot is heading if that Daily Star report is true. I already think it's a weird agenda they've been pushing that Gary is increasingly attracted to the woman actually carrying his child; if they tied it together by claiming that the women who carry children are the ones truly connected with them, that would be unfair to women who have no other choice than surrogacy. Tina hasn't felt any attachment to the child whatsoever, even looking away from the scans and insisting that this is her paycheck. To make her a crazy baby-snatcher upon her exit would not only be unfair to smart viewers but also unfair to the character, who up to this point has been known to be a practical (if hard-headed) young woman. There's a good question for Blackburn: why are you drastically flipping some personalities as if we've gone south to that other show? Corrie fans are known to be loyal, perceptive, and to enjoy a little triumph once in a while.

Frosty the Snowman said...

Yet more of St Ella of the Constipated Look tonight then and how come Owen who alway seemed to be rolling in it and must have a few contingency bank accounts is suddenly brought to his knees by the insurance company not paying on this job? Surely non payment is par for the course with builders and they wouldnt suddenly go broke with one non payer??

Anonymous said...

I soooo agree Frosty. And how come St Ella of the beige had a very expensive - albeit beige- jacket on the other night? Where's she got the money for her clothes ? I find myself counting how many scenes she's in per episode now .

Humpty Dumpty said...

The whole story about the insurance company not paying out is ridiculous. Owen is a hard-nosed, experienced businessman who must have dealt with insurance jobs many times before. He would know how awkward insurances companies can be and while he might get on with a few minor jobs around the pub, he wouldn't spend a huge amount of time and money based on a promise.

Anonymous said...

I thought David and Nick had never got on. And now Nick is the best brother ever? It's clear where this is leading. Obviously the new regime holds the viewers in as much contempt as the last.

Bezza said...

I keep wondering why Gary would pay for a stolen ring, all he had to do was infom the police who would have got it back. He would have still been able to tell Tina he was the one who tracked it down

abbyk said...

The ring... Stella, insurance, no solicitor,..., Faye & Tim & Anna,... Blechhhh!!!

David's epilepsy, dormant for years, was only ever a mild form where he blanked out. After a couple of shifts at a 2nd job, a 20 something suddenly develops a more recognizable and serious form of the disease? I'm not medical and this may be possible, but it sure comes across as convenient. Blechhhh!

Thank heaven for the Croppers. Saving the day. As always.

Anonymous said...

Don't contractors who do work and don't get paid usually place a lien on the property?

Anonymous said...

There's a ton of "usual" things in this storyline that should've happened, but didn't. :-(

~JB in Canada

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