Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Sneak preview of tonight's Corrie - Wednesday 1 May

Coronation Street, Wednesday May 1st 2013

LEANNE SEES KARL’S DARK SIDE. Karl puts pressure on Stella to marry him as soon as possible. Stella’s unnerved by his manner and refuses to commit. In front of Karl, Leanne warns Stella that marrying him would be a terrible mistake. Furious, Karl later threatens Leanne in the street, telling her to stop poisoning Stella against him or she’ll regret it. Meanwhile Owen leans on Stella for his next pay cheque.
EILEEN QUIETLY FRETS AS PAUL GETS HIS OLD JOB BACK. Reunited, Eileen and Paul start planning their wedding. But when Paul tells Eileen that he’s got his old job back, will Eileen remain content?
PETER GOES SOFTLY-SOFTLY WITH ROB. As Rob gloats over the fact takings are up considerably at the bookies, Peter refuses to rise to the bait. However when Peter draws up a rota and tells Rob he’s working the evening shift, scuppering his date with Tracy, Rob’s narked.
Elsewhere David and Kylie return from their scan and announce that they’re expecting a baby girl. Gail’s thrilled whilst Nick looks awkwardly at Kylie.

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Anonymous said...

Oops! Little blooper in the title. Should be Wednesday not Monday. I thought I had another 5 days to go at work!

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