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Wednesday 14 November 2012

Looking back at 12 months of Corrie: April 2012

Here we go with April in our look back at this year month by monthIf you'd like a full synopsis of everything that happened this month in Corrie, you can read the Corrie weekly updates website and our blogger Tvor's State of the Street for each month

This blog post is purely my own highlights and lowlights for each month of the year so far.  These are my own personal likes and dislikes for Corrie so do chip in with your own and remind me of anything major I've missed that happened during each month too.

So here we go with April 2012


One of the saddest stories of the year... Betty Williams passes away and son Gordon Clegg returns to Coronation Street to break the news.

Terry Duckworth returns when news of Tommy's windfall from grandad Horton reaches him.

Ken helps out on the Streetcars switch when Fat Brenda goes on her bikini body bootcamp.

Audrey and David fight over the salon causing poor Audrey to have a heart attack.

Carla grits her teeth and bears it when Sally offers to buy half the factory. "In a lot of ways," says Sally, "I'm the answer to Carla's prayers."

Eileen's at her wits end when Paul's wife Eileen, who has early-onset Alzheimer's Disease, goes missing.

Little Simon comes out with the classic question to Carla: "What's a black widow?" when he's caught up in a custody battle between Leanne and Peter.
Julie finds out she's not pregnant after all and gets the vey sad news she's got a growth on her ovary.

Norris, Mary, Roy and Anna stage a sit-in at Terry Duckworth's lapdancing club Se7enth Hea7en and sing the wonderful Queen song Bohemian Rhapsody.

Rewriting of Coronation Street history by saying Betty Williams was bequeathed the Rovers Return in Annie Walker's will. Shame on you, Phil Collinson.
Stella throws Karl out when he nicks takings from Rovers Return to fund his gambling habit.

Stella takes Karl back.

Sean becomes the recipient of Betty's secret hotpot recipe. Sean? 

Weatherfield in Bloom story - it didn't flower for this fan. 

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Anonymous said...

I've never been able to understand why Sean, of all people, would have received the hot pot recipe. I realize it's "the competition" but you'd think Betty would have left it to Roy; at least she could have rested knowing someone who knew what he was doing would carry on the hot pot tradition. Whatever happened with the hot pots, anyway? I can't even recall.

Anonymous said...

'Cos Phil Collinson and the writers love Sean/Antony Cotton and squeeze him into every episode they can.

On a happier note, interesting to see in the picture of Gordon, there are are characters/actors stood in a row who started in the programme way, way back in the 1960s. What other programme could match that?

Bezza said...

The Bohemian Rhapsody scene was absolute classic Corrie

David said...

Tell me I'm not the only person who hated the Bohemian Rhapsody scene? I found it painfully unfunny, and I'm someone who thinks there isn't enough comedy in Corrie these days.

Anonymous said...

David..I didn't like it if Roy would sit there an sing like that..not in character at all. I also was miffed as to why Sean was left the hotpot recipe and not Roy but the writers just throw ideas into a hat and pull them out and run with them. The recipe was so treasured by the Rovers that they've got Mandy making it (she's been there 2 minutes) and Sean will throw in the secred ingredient at the end.

Anonymous said...

Bet, Hilda and Maggie Clegg should of at least been mentioned in Betty Williams funeral episodes :(

Beth said...

Betty's funeral was a travesty and a total disgrace to her character and her memory. (A personal favorite of mine).

Shame on Phil Collinson, the ruination of this show.

The hot pot legacy should never have been left to Phil C's pet Sean. How ridiculous. Anybody who knew Betty's character would know she would never ever leave it to ditzy Sean. I can see her scowling now at the thought of it! She would have left it to Roy or even Emily.

Then the insult of Stella sorting through her stuff. Stella of all people! And her fussing with the picture and the night night Betty business - it should never have been Stella - Grrrrr. Another of PC's pet's.

And the rewriting of history of the Annie bequeathing the Rovers to Betty in her will - aggghhhh....
At this point you could just about hear Annie Walker turning in her grave.

It was a most insulting memorial episode to a very, very much loved character.

Another reason why I can't wait for Phil Collinson to leave. He had no sense of history whilst on the street.


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