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Thursday 7 June 2012

Celebrity Corrie Blogger - comedian Tommy Reckless

Our Celebrity Corrie Blogger today is comedy singer Tommy Reckless. Tommy used to play in punk bands back in the 70s and 80s, and has now resurrected his career and become a popular entertainer on the Scottish comedy circuit.  He won Fife Comedian Of The Year 2011.

Currently playing as The Sensational Alex Salmond Gastric Band in comedy clubs across Scotland, he was once a regular on the Tommy Sheridan show on Talk 107 and SW1 radio in London, as well as appearing in several Edinburgh Fringe shows, including Tartan Special, Best of Scottish Comedian Of The Year and Mark Watson’s ‘The Hotel’. Tommy will be appearing at this year's Edinburgh Festival.

He writes The Daily Reckless – the paper that sings the news – and contributes to the Caledonian Mercury.
Collaborations include his work with Armando Iannucci, Adam & Joe and Stewart Lee. He was also half of the short-lived phenomenon that was Whyte & Mackay. Tommy’s other guises include mash up tart, The Plagiarist, The Fall tribute band, The Foul, They Might Be Gannets and Throbbing Thistle. He has released many, many CDs, all available at the Daily Reckless shop.

Tommy's taken up our challenge for a celebrity to write about their love of Coronation Street. And in return we're donating £10 to Tommy's charity of choice which is Waverley CareIf you'd like to write a celebrity Corrie Blog post for us, all the details are here.

And now, it's over to Tommy...

I've watched Coronation Street since I was knee high to a barm cake. As a nipper in the 60s I well remember being in thrall to Elsie Tanner and thinking Albert Tatlock was well cool. Ena Sharples scared me. My initial heroes, though, were Stan and Hilda who I named my two goldfish after. I won the goldfish from a fair and, sadly, when Stan passed away, Hilda floated to the top of the bowl soon after. I sort of drifted away from it in the 70s, but it was always there in the background and I remember fancying Suzie Burchall.

I've always loved how they bring comedy actors into the Street and the great comic timing and mugging they add to it. Alec Gilroy's and Reg Holdsworth's lines and acting were always a joy. But it was Blanche Hunt who I'll always hold a candle for. Sheer bitching joy. I really miss her. The scenes where Blanche suspected Ken of being gay are the funniest I've ever seen on Corrie. I loved them so much I transposed the dialogue onto a Postman Pat video for my R.I.P. Blanche homage. I seem to have returned to Corrie for a lot of musical inspiration, including using the theme tune as a backdrop to Anthony Steen's pompous defence of his shady dealings in the MPs expenses scandal.

I was also a big fan of Eddie Windass and was sorely disappointed when he left the show. This moved me to write a song for him. Steve McDonald's brilliant gurns also prompted me to immortalise him in the video, Steve McDonald Had A Fart.

And the 50th anniversary of Corrie inspired me to bring out a whole EP of Corrie related ditties based on popular tunes, called 'Hot Pot.' These included 'See Emily Pray' based on Pink Floyd's 'See Emily Play', 'I Wanna Notepad, Norris' based on 'I Wanna Know What Love Is' and 'The Bar Is Low' based on 'The Bar is High'

So, yeah, Coronation Street has had a huge influence on my life and I was considering doing something Corrie related for my show at the Edinburgh Fringe this year, but instead I've plumped for a radical makeover of a Dickens classic, Oliver Pissed. Mind you, I do see a lot of Dickens in Coronation Street, he said, making a contrived link. Anyway, if you're around Edinburgh in August, do come along to the show. It's on at the Beehive Inn throughout the month and entry is free!

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