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Sunday, 11 March 2012

Can you help solve these Coronation Street mysteries?

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There's a few things I'm not sure about at the moment on Coronation Street.  Can you can help solve these Corrie conundrums?

Number one: Who is the chef at Nick's Bistro and why have we never seen them?

Number two: What's happened to Dev's kebab shop? Who's working there now and why is it never mentioned?

Number three: Where have the Renshaw twins gone?

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Frosty the Snowman said...

What happened to Minnie the girl with the Mini, she was never written out just disappeared.

Why are Carla and Peter living above the bookies and not in the Quays when she paid Michelle's deposit to move back into the kebab shop flat.

What's happened to Auntie Pam and Bill and their wedding and Bill's heart problems, like they have been airbrushed out?

Glenda Young said...

Exactly! Too many mysteries!

Joseph said...

Stupid Question Of The Day: Who are the Renshaw twins? I don't remember them


I wondered why Carla moved into Peters instead of moving Peter and Simon into her plush flat. Nearer to the babysitters and work?

Rachel said...

And Wong's Chippie! And Ted Paige.

corrierules said...

Wing's chippie... didn't Yana and Cilla blow it up deep-frying a turkey?

I have a mystery that maybe someone can solve. Where is Maria living? Didn't she inherit Liam's house?

Anonymous said...

Ciaran was the chef at Nick's Bistro for a bit, but I guess we're supposed to believe he has replaced him. We've never needed to meet the chef because there have never been any stories involving the chef at the Bistro.

The kebab shop is still there, and still owned by Dev because Michelle recently rented the flat above it again from Dev. Just no one works there so we don't see it.

Renshaw twins, I suppose they are on a long cruise.

Wong's chippy is still there, but under a new name. Wong must've sold up and moved on.

Maria is living above the salon with Kirk and Liam. She sold the house to Sunita and Dev when Samia went on maternity.

Carla most likely moved in with Peter and Simon to try and not upset him anymore.

Minnie was axed, she was rejected by Jason I think and disappeared.

Ted just hasn't been mentioned since he last appeared and Joe McIntyre borrowed money from him.

Bill and Pam have fell of the face of the earth again.

Llifon said...

May I also ask what happened to the old Kabin on Rosamund Street? What's there now?

Llifon said...

May I also ask what happened to the old Kabin on Rosamund Street? What's there now?

Scott Willison said...

Carla moved in with Peter because being alone in the Quays flat upset her.

Wong's Chippy went bust when the kebab shop opened - Cilla was working there at the time. It's called For Your Fries Only now.

Tvor said...

I don't think the chippy did go bust. I occasionally see someone walk back in front of the clinic with chips from the direction of the chippy.

Gerald (SK14) said...

I don't remember the Renshaw twins either.

Dolly Tubb said...


Where's the ENORMOUS upstairs lounge and kitchen in the Rovers gone?

What happened to the girl on her hen night who took Kirk by the hand and disappeared into the night with him and a twinkle in her eye?

And how do the Rovers manage to still keep serving food in Betty's absence? Does everyone taken on at t'Rovers come with an automatic food hygiene certificate and access to the hotpot recipe?

BarrieT said...

so many questions.....
(1) why has no one asked "where's Betty, haven't seen her for months?"
(2) who lives in victoria court apart from nick?
(3) I too wondered where Bill and Aunty Pam were, they were last seen at Sophie and Sians wedding.
(4) who is fat brenda and why haven't we seen her at streetcars.
(5) yes its strange how Gails Dad Ted was almost living in her house at one stage and then never mentioned. Perhaps he's gone to live with Sarah.
(6) why doesn't Ryan conner ever come home for the holidays?"
(7) when did Owen become father of the year to Izzy and Katy? It wasn't that long ago that Izzy was not talking to him because he was such a bully and rubbish dad.

Glenda Young said...

Yes, I have deleted a comment from

No, I did not take content from that site. I NEVER look at that site, only to complain when it comes to my attention that they blantantly nick our stuff, which they do often - shame on them - they're a commercial site.

Tvor said...

BarrieT, Audrey asked at the bar a week or so ago if Betty was still off sick.

Come to think of it, have we seen Kirk since that girl took him away on her hen night? ;)))))

Newfy Pearl said...

The Renshaw twins were two customers of Audrey's. I think they only had scenes in the salon. I don't think they actually spoke.


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