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Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Flaming Nora’s Corrie Weekly Update, April 26 2011

Greetings and welcome to the Coronation Street Weekly Update. The weekly updates are a Royal Wedding-free zone. And so without any further ado, here we go with this week's Coronation Street update.

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Eddie Windass wants to start a new life in Germany, he feels he’s been pushed out of his house by little Faye and he’s got a point, you can see where he’s coming from. Railroaded into adoption by Anna and then having to share his home with a little stranger was just too much for Eddie especially when he asked Anna to choose between him and Faye and she went and chose the wrong one.  The tears shed by Anna, Eddie and Gary when Eddie took his leave and departed for Deutschland looked real enough, and that’s probably because they were.

Gail’s fed up and decides to go job hunting. “I think I’d be good at counseling,” she tells a not-too-convinced Audrey. “Everyone always tells me all their problems, I’ve got that sort of face.” Instead she takes her sort of face, puts some slap on it and goes for an interview as bar manager at Nick’s bistro. She won’t get the job of course. Nick needs someone who can stay up all hours with the energy to run a trendy bar into the small hours till party o’clock, not his mum who falls asleep on the sofa during the ten o’clock news.

Ridiculous story of the week has been John Stape going into meltdown and overdrive when he stops taking his tablets and does a runner.  He takes £500 from a cashpoint using Colin Fishwick’s card and tries stuffing the wad of cash through Charlotte’s parents’ letterbox. They arrive home to catch him in the act, realize he’s acting a bit weird but assume he’s having a breakdown and still coping with his grief over losing his Charlotte. Anyway Fiz is at home having a fit about John’s whereabouts and whatnots and finally gets a call from Charlotte’s parents telling her that Colin is in their house and asking if she wants to go and collect him. No, she wants to throttle him but she turns up, pretends John’s Colin and takes him home. John won’t talk, can’t explain his actions so Fiz thinks about ringing Charlotte’s parents to find out what he’s been up to and why he ended up in their house.
In the war of the Websters, Sally and Kevin go halves on Kev’s lottery win which is music to Rosie’s ears.  Will the Webster women spend, spend, spend? And what on, on, on?  Rosie wants to splash out on hair extensions and Sally wants a rattan patio set.  Kevin just wants his missus back.

Over at Underworld, Frank gets arrested on the charge of attempted rape of Maria but is later released on lack of evidence. There’s no doubt he’s a nasty piece and it’ll just be a matter of time until we all find that out but for now, he’s keeping the factory afloat and the girls in a job.
Meanwhile, Eileen gets a nice surprise when son Todd returns with new bloke Jools in tow.  There are many reasons to dislike Jools so let us count the ways. He wears his jumper tied by the sleeves and slung around his neck. He is too posh for words. And his first words on arriving on the Street are: “Toddly, relax.”  That’s right, Toddly.  So Jools and Toddly brighten up Eileen’s day then ruin it with their fancy London ways, there’s a class clash and chaos on the cobbles but it all ends well with a motherly hug, wrapped up with a warm glow for an Easter special episode.

Speaking of which, in that same episode as Toddly came up from London, Sean went south to that London to see son Dylan, whose mum you’ll remember is Violet the barmaid who is partner of Jamie, him who slept with his step-mum Frankie Baldwin. Anyway, Jamie and Violet are going through a bad patch but that doesn’t stop Sean taking Dylan out for the day with old-flame Marcus.  They stop for a coffee and ice-cream, conveniently in a café outside of the ITV Studio Building. What a coincidence. Use of on-location filming however didn’t extend to Victoria Coach Station because as Sean was leaving that London to head back up north to Weatherfield on the bus, Marcus arrived with a big bunch of flowers.  But it was too late, the coach was leaving the depot and Sean didn’t spot Marcus. As the credits rolled, we all sat there telling Marcus to run around the corner where the bus would drive past and he could shake his bouquet at Sean once again, but no, it didn’t happen. And so Sean travelled back alone, not knowing that Marcus really loves him after all.

And finally this week, in another dull storyline, Xin and Graeme grow close ad Tina grows jealous.  Norris foolishly tells Mary about Xin’s sham wedding for the visa and you just know she ain’t gonna stay quiet with a secret that big.

And that's just about that for this week. 

This week's writers were Mark Burt, Julie Jones, Jayne Hollinson, Peter Whalley, Ellen Taylor, Jonathan Harvey.
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Mark said...

And did you notice that Charlotte's father had changed into another actor since his last appearance?

Unknown said...

Thanks for confirming that Mark.
I wasn't going round the bend then, thinking there was something different about Charlotte's dad! :-)

Dilly Daydream said...

I knew it!! I said to Mr. Daydream that it was a different actor!

Anonymous said...

The Eddie Windass bit hit pretty close to home. I'm no layabout, worked my backside off here in Germany trying to please the wife (German) for years, then she chose a know-it-all boyfriend of her eldest daughter over the chap how worked day and night to pay the bills. The Windass story is real life, believe me. That's what makes Corrie so great. Been watching since 1981. Nepean Lad

Donice said...

Maybey Charlottes dad had a facelift... but honestly I can understand the actor might not want to play charlottes dad but couldn't they have found someone who looked more like him?


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