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Monday, 25 April 2011

Happy Easter in Weatherfield?

Well, had the Easter bunny arrived in Weatherfield this weekend, he would have probably thrown himself under the nearest tram. Misery was alive and kicking on the cobbles as we settled back for a doom-laden couple of episodes.

Previous comments this weekend have mentioned Misery Maria and I have to agree, she seems to portrayed as one of the next generation of sour-pusses. Will she be the Gail of the next decade? Personally I can cope with Fiz at the moment as we are promised that she will be delivered from the millstone of a storyline that has hampered her progress for so long. With her demented hubby out of the way, here's hoping that Fiz emerges from the shadows in a positive way.

It was sad to see the excellent Steve Huison depart as hapless Eddie Windass. I'm with him on this one though - I'd run to Germany to escape that Devil Child! When Eddie first arrived in the Street I'd anticipated abother version of Les Battersby. However, Huison's portrayal fleshed Eddie out from being a stereotypical slob. Yes, there were definitely layers to Eddie and, sadly, we won't find out how many more. Here's wishing Mr H the very best in the future.

The rest of the evening seemed to focus on the unloveable Xin and her "when I'm cleaning windows" routine, Steve and his giant egg plus the return of the chavvy Platts. Welcome home . . .


Frosty the Snowman said...

Very very sorry to see Eddie go and found it all rather unbelieveable that Anna would put a newly fosted kid before her partner of 20 years, if the PTB decided for whatever screwball reason that Eddie should go, then Anna should have been written out too. Another misery, Gail for the future is our Miss Tina Macintyresome, afte buldozing Grahame into marrying her "best mate" she now had a cob on about it, no pleasing some people!

Llywela said...

Devil Child? Faye is hardly that. She is a troubled and very vulnerable child who desperately needs love and stability, both of which the Windasses promised to give her. Eddie cannot claim that he didn't know what he was getting himself into - he has raised a child, so knows what they are like (Gary has never been an angel) and he has gone through a year's worth of adoption processes, during which all the potential pitfalls would have been spelled out. Faye has only been with the family for a few weeks and during that time really hasn't been shown to be hard work at all. She has a few issues and has stepped out of line a few times, but she really hasn't been as bad as she could and maybe should be, given her background.

I've found this storyline very disappointing. And speaking as someone who has a much younger adopted sibling who is autistic and extremely challenging, I support Anna's commitment to Faye wholeheartedly.

Looney Baloon said...

How stupid was the Stape fiasco again yesterday dragging Charlotte's parents back into this foolishness again. And did anyone notice that her dad is a completely different actor. How would John have known the PIN no for the credit card and how many cash machines pay out £500? None, its getting very annoying now. Ad Nauseum.

abbyk said...

A pair of excellent episodes. As pointed out in another post by a different commenter, I was one of those who initially found the Windasses pointless farce, but who had been turned around by character quirks and excellent acting. The way Eddie left made little sense for a grown man; a troubled 9 year old vs the horror that had been Gary a few years back, Faye should have been a walk in the park for him. If they had built up a story about some impending financial ruin that Len's job offer would clear away, it would make sense, but they didn't. Running away from fatherhood, that's something a 20 year old shouldn't do; for a 40-something family man, completely unbelievable, and once again, we fans are left with a bad taste in our mouths. This story was only saved by excellent acting.

More excellent acting served up with a swiss cheese story chez Stape. Graeme Hawley was amazing, going from rambling nut job to manic nonsense to nearly catatonic, and remaining completely engaging all the way. Jenni M. must have been drinking from his cup, because Fiz was the grown up version of the girl we loved, spunky, strong, and in charge, well, until that spooky little shock at the end. This is one of several story lines I can't wait to end, but I will miss GH soooo much.

Dream returns: Neither of these characters did anything intentionally evil and deserve better than to shunted off with their tails between their legs. I'd like to see Stape come back as a published best selling author, either of a non-fiction journey through mental illness, or a literary fiction of same. Eddie should either return from abroad with pockets full of gold, and buy the cab firm or start a bakery, or, if not, via an insurance payment for a work related accident that sets Anna & Gary up for life (if Anna's going to be miserable, it shouldn't be about some fraulein).

Anonymous said...

Hoping Fiz is visited by the retro-personality Fairy.....back to her original feisty self, not this hand-wringing, whinging, eye-darting twit who is totally annoying. Good idea, about Eddie coming back with money and opening up a bakery....with Sylvie behind the counter....oh the laughs! I'm hoping for another street fight with Eileen and Gail and Eileen the victor....Gail is now such a bitter harpy....even Sally was surprised at her venom towards Todd and Eileen.....enough already!


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