Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Upcoming Corrie schedule changes

Coronation Street's got two special extra episodes coming up over the next two weeks, so here are their dates and times.

Sunday 24th April - 7:30pm
Todd heads up North with new rich boyfriend Jools, to pay his mum a visit, as Sean heads down south to meet up with some old faces.

Sunday 1st May - 7:30pm
Tracy, Steve and Amy head to Blackpool for a family day by the sea.

Schedule updates from Radio Times.


Glenda Young said...

Thanks very much for doin this Chewy!

Chewy said...

No problem, love that they're doing two (mostly) off set specials in the space of a week :D

Anonymous said...

I hope the entire episodes arent going to be based on just this. I dont want to watch just Todd/Sean.

Danny La Rue said...

Todd is just in it for one episode (sadly) so I can live with that. I really cant see how Violet would let her child just go and live with Sean, when Dylan doesnt even know him.

Chewy said...

Something happens in the London episode, that hints Violet's return

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