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Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Flaming Nora’s Corrie Weekly Update, April 19 2011

Greetings and welcome to the Coronation Street Weekly Update.   I’ve moved house, can you tell?  I’m now sitting on a different carpet in a different room in a different town. But fear not, it’s the same old drivel I’ll be sending out each week. And so without any further ado, here we go with this week's Coronation Street update.

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Chesney and Katy are young and broke but they’re in love, ladies and gentlemen and Katy’s even got a little Chesney bun in th’oven too.  It’ll come out with red hair and whinge.  They’re worried about how they’ll cope with a kid and no cash but they’re already managing to look after the giant dog Schmeichel with a bucket load of dog food twice a day so they’re clearly managing finances and feeding just right.  Having a baby’s going to be a breeze.  Best line of the week was Chesney to Betty when he tried to get a drink in the Rovers. “I knew you when you were in short trousers,” Betty told him to which he replied: “You knew Ken Barlow when he was in short trousers!”

Over at the factory, Maria walks out in a huff after slapping Carla across the chops when she finds out that Frank Foster’s bought into Underworld.  Maria told Connor and Foster where to stick their gusset stitches. She even rang the cops to report Frank for the attempted rape too.  Go Mar-ee-ah, go Mar-ee-ah.

Jim’s banged up in the Big House, so he is, with breeze block walls and memories of Elizabeth to keep him warm through the night.  Liz decides to leg it, there’s nowt to stay for not now with Jim gone and no half-decent fellas on the radar.  She tells Steve and Becky she’ll close up the bar and after they’ve gone to bed, she clears up the glasses one last time while a montage of voices play around the bar. It was done quite movingly. There was Alec Gilroy giving Liz her first job at the Rovers, there was Bet Lynch giving her fashion advice (neck line lower, hem line higher), there was Jim, and all the voices were a mix of soothing, caressing, arguing, flirting. And then she locked up and legged it in a cab, leaving a letter for Steve, a letter for Jim and a letter for little Amy. And with that Liz McDonald, her with roots as dark as your soul, left Corrie – for good?

Meanwhile, the war of the Websters  continues when Sally takes out an injunction against Kev preventing him access to his lottery winnings. There’s a court hearing where the injunction’s overturned – Kevin wins, Sally loses – but desperate to get his missus back Kevin gives Sally a cheque for the whole amount later, telling her he wants her back, loves her and always will.  Sally tells Kevin to stick his cheque and do one.

And finally this week, Roy’s mum Sylvia gets her feet under the table at Roy’s Rolls café.  She also gets her mighty frame behind the counter when she helps out a frantic Roy who’s having a busy day and needs a spare pair of hands.  “Hmm… you don’t look like the salad type,” she muses to Tyrone when he pops in for a pie and chips.  Hayley offers her mum-in-law a lift home to her nursing home where she lives and although Sylvia isn’t too keen on getting in the Woody, “It looks like summat you wind up!” Hayley drives her home.  However, the nursing home is rather down at heel and not the sort of place you’d want a relative living, if you had a say in such things and so Hayley alerts Roy when she gets back home.

And that's just about that for this week. 

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Lilly the Pink said...

Bit disappointed that Chesney's reaction to John was that he was "Radio Rental". There are many people suffering from mental disorders and I would have thought Corrie could look at this more sympathetically. John has had a nervous breakdown Of course if John were to come out as gay, I am sure the producer would show all the support he needed.

Pickledjo said...

I think I love Roy's mum already!

Welcome back! My turn to move house next!!!

Rachel said...

Love Sylvia already although she strikes me more of an Ena than a Blanche.

Annie said...

Sylvia's care home is the Carlton Club in Whalley Range - me and my amdram group used to rehearse there... it's about 5 mins up the road :))

Glenda Young said...

I don't like the way she's obviously "the new Blanche" with her cutting remarks but I'm prepared to let her settle in and see how her character develops.


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