Thursday, 28 April 2011

Corrie Roy-al Wedding remembered

There's a wedding tomorrow. I know quite a few are saying "Meh" but I'll be up early to watch some of it. (It's on very early here in Canada!) In the meantime, I thought you might like a look back at last year's "Roy-al" wedding on Coronation Street when Roy and Hayley finally had a legal wedding and celebrated in true Corrie style wherein it didn't run quite as smoothly as hoped.

There's a pictorial blog of the day over here.  You can also see coverage of this and other Corrie weddings on our blog here including this lovely photo of Roy and Hayley's cake!


Anonymous said...

Bad episode of Corrie yesterday with reference to the Royal wedding. It appears that the producers are happy enough to have Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall visit the set and gain the good publicity but then from a safe distance they treat the event in the way that they did. Not good.

Annie said...

Best wedding ever.

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