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Monday, 25 April 2011

Common-law-son-in-law: Sun Apr 24, 2011 Corrie Episode Review


Written by Jonathan Harvey, directed by John Anderson

Eileen’s cleaning her place from top-to-bottom-bottom-to-top for son Todd’s arrival, not that Rosie noticed.  Eileen suggests they have breakfast in the cafe so as not to dirtyApril-24-2011-toddley-jools her tidy home, and Jason reminds her that it’s not as though “The Queen” is coming, the corrects himself on poor word choice.  Eileen wants to make a good impression on Todd’s new fella, Jools.   Todd arrives with his snobbish new squeeze, Jools who remarks at the tiny stature of the terrace houses on Coronation Street.  Toddley begs Jools not to judge him, but Jools says everything will be fine.  Todd sees Gail and tells Jools who she is.  This somehow sparks a row with Gail saying they’re talking about her behind her back and they should say it to her face.  Then, comes Eileen who puts her leg in the spat causing Gail to call Todd a “gay gold-digger” before April-24-011-Creme-and-Godley she retreats from being “outnumbered by weirdos.”  What?!  Rosie and Jason meet Jools as well for dinner, er, lunch.    

At dinner, Jason notices that Jools calls Todd “Toddley” and Todd explains that Jools’ surname is “Creme”, hence “Toddley and Creme” but Rosie didn’t get this.  Neither did I, I had to Google it.  Eileen’s insulted to hear that Toodley and Jools have checked into a boutique hotel.  She tries to insist they stay there, but Jools says he’s got this thing for nice little hotels.  Jools insists they to go the “little pub on the corner” but Todd tries to avoid it, saying there’s nicer pubs than the Rovers.  Eileen accuses him of being a snob, and Jools says he’s full.  At the Rovers, Eileen shows off Jools, her “common-law-son-in-law” to everyone who’ll listen.  She introduces JoolsApril-24-2011-sally-gail to Sally, as Rosie’s mum and Jools makes some tacky joke about Rosie being a character from some dirty film and Gail wonders if she’s going to put up with that.  Sally doesn’t seem to care in the least, semi-accusing Gail of being a homophobe.  Apparently, according to Gail, Sophie is only going through a “phase of funny” whereas, Toddley is full on funny.  Toddley is embarrassed by his mum having a few in the Rovers and is being a complete snob.  Even Jools thinks he’s being a snob.  Eileen drunkenly drops her glass and Todd has had April-24-2011-Eileen-toodley enough and gets up to leave. 

Back at home, Eileen finds Toddley in the kitchen and accuses him of being a snob and all he does is turn down his nose at her.  She says that he’s changed, or that he’s acting up for Jools.  She reminds him that she’s his mother and he’s treating her like something he’s trod in.  He says his life’s changed, but Eileen says hers hadn’t.  Todd says he wants Jools to like him and is afraid his mum is embarrassing him.  The next morning, Toddley wants to leave ASAP without saying goodbye, and Jason gives him an earful.  Jools isn’t happy to see this side of Toddley and insists that they’re staying until Todd works things out.  Todd returns inside and tells his mum he’s sorry.  He says that he loves Jools and was worried at what he’d think.  It seems that Jools really loves Eileen and Weatherfield, even though he’s rich and has chilli-infused olive oil.  Eileen thinks that she failed Todd and Jason, but Todd says he always felt loved.  He promises to call his mum at least once a week, since it was he who failed. 

Sean’s got what has to be the largest stuffed bear (who will be known simply by the title of “The Bear” for the rest of this review) en-route to London to visit his son, Dylan.April-24-2011-jamie-violet   He makes his way to Violet’s hoping she’s in.  He didn’t say he was coming?  Violet looks shocked to see Sean and The Bear.  Violet looks exactly the same, except for some new fringe, and she also looks just as worried as when we last saw her.  She tells Sean that he better come in.  When he does, he meets an equally rude Jamie Baldwin.  It appears that Jamie and Violet are breaking up since Violet allegedly cheated on her with some gardener, er, tree surgeon.  How random?  Somehow, their spat turns ugly on Sean for no good reason.  What did Sean every do to anyone?  Sean says he’ll take Dylan out for a bit while they settle their rift. 

April-24-2011-sean-marcus-london Sean enters the kitchen looking for Dylan, and is shocked to find Dylan in there with Marcus.  Sean must be thinking this is all a strange dream at this point.  I’m certainly wondering if it is.  Marcus explains that he’s been mates with Jamie and Violet for ages – really?!  Sean invites him on a walk with Dylan and he accepts.  Sean, Dylan and Marcus tour around London to the tune of “London is Calling.”  Their tour of London involves seeing London’s tourist attractions, street performers, buying William & Kate flags, taking a series of awesome photos, and eating as much ice cream as possible in a day.  The day was lovely, albeit a bit overcast, but it has been every time I’ve ever visited London in the spring!    April-24-2011-sean-violet

The boys return home, but Sean sees Jamie rush off into a cab before they arrive.  They ask Violet what happened, and she says that Jamie is gone for good but is coming back to get his stuff and to say goodbye to Dylan.  Oh, another child on Corrie who has to say goodbye to a parent/kind of parent.  Violet says she’s been bottling in how unhappy she’s been for so long as Sean comforts her.  When Sean suggest that he could take Dylan up North for a few days to give her some breathing room, she accuses Sean of stealing her son and turns on him like a rabid dog.  Sean tries to remind her of how good friends they used to be, but April-24-2011-london-skyline-the-bear she says she’s changed.  And indeed, she has.  She accuses him of being so gay that she doesn’t want her son around it, and Sean is so insulted that he leaves.  But not before Violet tells Sean to take “The Bear” with him, since it’ll give Dylan nightmares.

Later, Marcus, Sean and The Bear sit on a park bench overlooking London’s city-line.  Sean thanks Marcus for trying to cheer him up.  Marcus admits that he lost his job and it’s been Sean cheering him up.  Sean gives The Bear to Marcus as a consolation prize.  Both Sean and Marcus tell each other how they’ve not had any romance in their lives for a very long time.  Sean says he just wishes somebodyApril-24-2011-Marcus-flowers would for once do a big romantic gesture.  Sean gets back to his hotel but not before Marcus challenges him to a run down the hill to the tube, leaving Mr. Bear behind on the bench to enjoy the rest of London’s night-time views. 

Sean boards his coach, but little does he know, Marcus was running after him with a bouquet of roses.  Marcus ran out of time, and the coach went off without even a glace from Sean as Marcus was left holding that big-romantic-gesture in his hands as Sean and the coach motored off.  Will this be the last we see of Marcus?  I hope not.  


- Marcus is back!  I loved him and he’s so cute, I hope we see more!

- I know Jamie will probably never be back, nor do I necessarily want him to be, but it was nice to see that face again.  ;-)April-24-2011-sean-dylan

- “The room’s lost weight and stuff.” – Rosie, after Eileen has tidied.

- “Todd’s coming from London, and Sean’s on his way to London.  Imagine they crossed each other’s paths on the motor coach, I mean how FREAKY is that?” – Rosie Webster.  Rosie is thicker than her makeup!!!

- Little Dylan was cute as a peach!

- Rosie somehow being the comedic upside (and positive note, besides little Dylan) to this entire episode!


- As if Violet was SO rude to Sean like that?  They were really good friends once, she seems to forget that.  Didn’t miss her much, I’ll tell ya that.  Also, what a rude welcomingApril-24-2011-Eileens-supper to Sean when he arrived at their place.  Jamie didn’t even say “hi.” 

- That Toddley is SO snobby and annoying!

- I didn’t particularly care for a lot of this episode.  I know it was a special, but it just didn’t seem very “Corrie” to me.  I don’t see the point in Gail and Eileen spatting back and forth anymore, it seems rather unprovoked.  Also, was it just me, or was everyone’s acting particularly rubbish in this episode?!

- Ew, I don’t blame Jools for scoffing at Eileen’s tuna-casserole.  It did NOT look very appetizing. 


Anonymous said...

How convenient that Marcus is hanging around in the kitchen with Dylan the day Sean arrives! The disdain which Jamie and Violet showed to Sean on his arrival was so horrible. Run off with your gardner or tree surgeon Violet and leave Dylan with Sean.

Chewy said...

Marcus said in the episode that he knew Sean was coming that day, so he turned up there to see him

Anonymous said...

I used to really like both Jamie, and especially Violet... it really irritates me when they perform character transplants! They both used to be quite kind people.. wonder why the writers felt the need to write them as such horrible people!
Rebecca in TO

gab said...

didnt see the point of the whole violet and jamie row unless it means shes coming back? i hope not she was vile and she still calls sean a sperm donor which is out of order

is marcus coming back then? i hope so hes sweeet and kind and sean needs someone like that

didnt really like the ep either

toddley or whatever he was called now has turned into a right snob so what if your boyfriend has a big flat and mixes with famous people you little twerp

maybe if it brings marcus back it will be worth it but other than that one of the worst episodes this year


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