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Thursday, 14 April 2011

Soaps storylines we'd like to see

Over at heatworld, there's an article about soaps storylines we'd like to see, with quotes from two bloggers from right here (see if you can spot us!).

Which storylines would our readers like to see though? Betty taking over the Rovers? The Corner Shop collapsing on Dev? The tram falling into the Bistro, killing Nasty Nick? Tell us in the comments section!


Blackie Bird said...

I would like to see Gail get a job

The faktry close down, its still set in the 70s anyway, and a supermarket be built there with the faktry girls working as assistants. Dev shop goes into receivership and he and Dopy Sunita move away to be with the aunteez.

Michelle Collins or that other woman from the Bill, Lisa somewhat DO NOT take over the Rovers.

Katherine Kelly actually leaves instead of just threatening it and we get a rest from the Beckyfest

Scenes in Weatherfield library with the older characters with funny dialogue actually being written like in the old days

A meaty storyline for Rhula Lenska instead of her just moaning all the time.

Llifon said...

I've been watching episodes from the 70s and 80s on DVD, and what we had back then was rich dialogue. Characters just talking about nowt! Bring that back!

The characters going on a trip somewhere? Old and young I might add!

More emphasis on the older characters: Rita, the Barlows, Emily, Eileen. If the actors are capable - give them a storyline. Audrey's had a lot of screen time lately which is good. It depends on the producer I think.

More emphasis on the soap's rich history.

Axe much of the deadwood. Neighbours has only about 20 regulars in it. Corrie was like that once.

Anonymous said...

That shot of Peter looks a lot like Graeme 10 years in the future. I thought it WAS him at first!

Anonymous said...

Let Tracy go to the police about Becky paying Kylie money for is she going to prove it? Max could simply be staying with Becky while Kylie was away.....Kylie won't be saying anything since she would be in some very hot water with the police and David (the salon will be on her mind). That way Tracy won't have anything over Steve/Becky and Amy can come back to live with them. I'd like to see a storyline where Steve and Dev reconcile and we have more funny banter between them and WHERE IS EILEEN THESE DAYS? Get rid of Cheryl and put Eileen back in Streetcars with Lloyd and Steve....funny trio.

Laura said...

Actually *anything* falling on and killing off Dev would be an amazing storyline. :P


Beth said...

The young Barlow family to move to No13 and establish themselves there. Eileen back in the cab office - that was good light hearted banter between the three of them, Eileen, Steve and Lloyd. Cheryl to kind of not do much at all really, very very little, (babysit baby Liam if needs must). Errr Maria, kinda getting stuck for her now too - it's a tricky one, if she leaves the factory, what's left for her? The old Butchers is still empty, any ideas of what that could be used for? There seems to be a lot of characters that have run out of steam or not used enough these days. Anybody possibly dig up some unfound concrete evidence on Tracy so that she can be brought to retrial or something, she's been back since December and it's now April she's had a pretty constant part and she's still doing nothing for me! Why did they think it was clever to bring her back :( It hasn't worked for me.

Anonymous said...

Tracy should be killed or at least sent back to prison. Sophie and Sian should get married. Maybe one of them gets raped and ends up pregnant and then they have to decide should they keep the baby because it could be their only change to have one of their own together or should they get an abortion because it would be too difficult to raise the child of her rapist. Eileen and Julie should be more involved in storylines, their both brilliant actresses and don't get enough screen time. Another half-sister of Beckys should show up, this time her dads secret child she didn't know about. But be a completely different character to her and Kylie, well ground and academically successful, could be a possible new love interest for Tyrone?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous....half-sister of Becky's, academically successful and Tyrone??....hmmm, lol. Though I would love Tyrone to find someone else and be happy for a while. Not looking forward to the aftermath of Stape's death where we will see even more hand-wringing from Fiz....I hope they aren't going to put her with the doctor.........oh God!

Anonymous said...

well it could happen, the bad genes could be from Kylie and Beckys mum :-) lol awh I used to love Fiz but I'm getting so sick of the whole John/Colin Fishwick storyline, can't wait until that's all over. When Rosie gets back from her 3 month break they should definitely give her more screen time, she's hilarious.

Tvor said...

I think the doctor would probably be a far better partner for Fiz than that lying narcissistic Stape who's done nothing but drag poor Fiz down. Mind you we don't know anything about the doc yet so that might not be so good!

Cheryl and Lloyd should move into number 13 (wasn't that mentioned? though don't know where they get the money and have to rebuild it, plus it might be tricky having real estate transactions with someone that the police want to question, though she could probably give her mother power of attorney)

Tyrone needs a nice woman but not too soon. He's still reeling over his loss of both Molly and the Baby. I can't see how he can continue to work with Kevin even if it's probably a much less pleasant work environment these days. Now Kevin has money, Tyrone should take a payout for his share and start a new business, maybe a rival garage or maybe he could finance the pub!

Anonymous said...

Its not nice to say, but in the next 10 years we are going to see the departure of some, if not all of Betty, Emily, Rita, Norris, Ken, Bill Webster and Audrey. We need 3 dimensional, easily recognisable and likeable characters, but with flaws, to replace them. The stories should be based around the characters.

Anonymous said...

I would like to see the following- more stories including the older characters, while we still have them!- Maybe Emily and Mary can organize an outing, like the street have done in the past,
I would like to see Pam Hobsworth reintroduced ( now that molly has gone) and maybe secure a Job or even take over the corner shop?!
Further appearances of Connie Rathbone and Archie Shuttleworth would be good too, I am sure the writers could come up with something!
Peter, Leanne and Simon moving into number 13 would be a good move, I hope Dennis Tanner will stay a while and references to Elsie and the Cheveski's would be good, maybe introducing Paul Cheveski would be a good story- visiting his Uncle Dennis.( I hope Elsie is still alive, I like the thought of that, maybe Dennis can relay messages from her to her old neighbours, like Ken, Deirdre, Emily, Gail, Rita and Betty.
One last thing, I hope we get the chance of a little light story involving Betty, it would be nice, maybe if her sister Maggie visited.


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