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Sunday, 10 April 2011

Corrie weekly awards: April 5 - 8

Daddy's little girl award: Baby Pink star: Aww lovely little scene with John and the baby.

Interfering Mother-in-Law award: Cash Star: Kylie kept the money and married David anyway. At least Gail paid for the honeymoon!

Coming over all previous award: I thought Mary was actually going to swoon over Jim!

Kitchen Sink award: Gold Star: Mary has a whole stationery shop in her very large handbag. I beg to wonder what else is in there.

Buy yourself some friends award: Gold Star: Underworld girls only going to the hen night to get out of work!

Theme tune for the wedding? Kirk played 'Toxic' on the juke for the stag do.

Reunited award: Mushy Star: Liz and Jim back together. For 5 minutes, at least. He's not going to be able to give her the pub. Methinks that's half the attraction!

Busted award: Norris caught Tina and Graeme snogging and now Rita knows too!

Fashion statement: Sally's fascinator. I just can't get into that particular fashion. I think they look ridiculous!
Kylie's wedding dress! Gail figured she looked like a prostitute from the Wild West. I think that was the intention!

Big Adjustment Award: Gold Star: Faye is trying a bit too hard, stealing to show her gratitude.

Lines of the week:

Jim to Steve "It wasn't that long ago that you showed me a bit of respect" (Did he ever?)
Jim to Owen "Do you not know when you're beat, Vernon?" Owen "Owen!" Jim "It amounts to the same thing" (nice little nod to Liz's last husband there!)
David to Gail "You drive everybody to the edge. It's no wonder some of 'em jump off"
Audrey "You just walked in on a bit of a bitch and a moan" David "I know, and you were the 'moan'"
Kylie "Be a bit pleased. He could do a lot worse" Gail "Not if he sticks to human beings, he couldn't" (and the tranference to Ivy Tilsley is complete)
David "I can't get married with no pants on!" Nick "it might be kind of romantic, seeing as Kylie won't be wearing any either!"
Kylie to Becky "So you don't wish me luck, then?" Becky "I wish you were dead!" (Whoa, that was a bit harsh!)
David "I'm marrying the lady of my dreams" Gary "I'd hate to have your dreams" David "You should be so she'd ever look at you!" (oh did I not tell you? she did!)
Kirk "It's not a hat, it's an 'amazer'" Sally "Fascinator!"
Kylie to Gail "Would you mind if I call you MUM?" (Brilliant!)


Frosty the Snowman said...

How about:

Bringing a character back to the fore that was pushed out award: Kirkie is obviously getting more scenes as the “comic” as Craig Gazey is leaving. Kirk was blatantly sidelined for Grahame’s character, even got his job at the Butchers.

Tiresome autumn romance of the decade award: All this blathering with Jim when we all know he can’t afford to buy the Rovers. I always liked Jim but his sudden reappearance doesn’t ring true somehow and he doesn’t fit in any more I am afraid. Even more of this nonsense to come next week.

You get the daughter in law you deserve award: How nasty was Gail to poor Natasha and now she has the daughter in law from hell. Karma and all that.

What happened to all the furniture award: I presume Ches and Katie’s flat would have been let funished, Janice didn’t take anything with her when she went off to travel the world with Trev, yet the flat was bare, what happened to it all?

Sinister kid award: Faye, I know she has had a hard time in the past but I just find her a bit creepy, all this stealing stuff, she is old enough to know right from wrong.

Hypocritical outrage award: Eddie, so upset that Faye had stolen from the neighbours; it wasn’t that long ago he had scammed and stolen from all of them!

Beth said...

What is it with the way Gail holds on to a mug of tea.....?
Holding on for dear life award!

Tvor said...

Jim, of course, was only brought back to facilitate Liz's departure. It just would have been nice to see them go off happy.

Faye would be old enough to know right from wrong but she has probably had a pretty rough life up to know and the boundaries do get blurred with kids who weren't taught it, or who have been taught that you can buy someone's love.

Yeah, though, Eddie is nothing if not a hypocrite but then that's nothing new! I'll miss him!

Anonymous said...

Don't mention the .... award: David's epilepsy and the unexplained absence of his grandfather, father and sister at his wedding.

Anonymous said...

Sally's ridiculous fascinator... it looks like a giant purple spider crawling up her head!

Tvor said...

The absence of the epilepsy really isn't specific to this week and unfortunately when characters are no longer in the show, they rarely return for weddings and funerals so we pretty much have to let that pass. Gail did mention whether he would invite Sarah as a chance to make up with her and he turned that down flat.

Anonymous said...

Of course ex-characters do not keep popping up for 10 minutes at weddings and funerals. But these are missed opportunities for conflict, good writing and use of character.

If I were David, I would be worried about having a seizure on the day. I would also tell Kylie I had epilepsy. She could initially have an ignorant, maybe humorous reaction, then come round and be sympathetic showing her to be a more rounded character. Something that Corrie used to excel at.

Couldn't control freak Gail fall out with David over his refusal to invite Sarah-Lou? Wouldn't Gail use Ted and Martin's inability to attend on the date David fixed as a way to try to postpone the wedding? It is rare but it would have been nice to see Martin. He and Nick could really have got some bitching going at each other.

There are other ways to create suspense around a wedding rather than the obligatory "will they won't they marry?" plot, of which the £1000 payment was an outstandingly lame example.

Anonymous said...

I love frosty the snowmann!!
...oh and what kylie dose to gail!!


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