Monday, 18 April 2011

Corrie weekly awards: April 11 - 15

Your Lips say yes but your eyes say No award: Liz promises to be waiting for Jim. Like that'll happen!

Black Widow award: Gold Star: Mrs. Cropper arrives!

Crap Assistant award: Can Maria really play fast and loose promising bonuses to the workers yet ignoring things her position should be doing?

Phone Tag award: Gold Star: Liz tried to call Jim and he wasn't picking up but he called her straight away from the bank, didn't give the phone a chance to turn on.

Phrase of Doom award: "We can't rely on him (Frank) for our future" Guess who's the new boss!

Gracious award: Gold Star: Becky was awfully nice to Liz in spite of how Liz has been treating her lately.

Reality Check award: Expensive Star: The kids are finding out about overdue bills. Fast. And you want a baby???

You're not the Boss of Me: Gold Star: Kevin treats Tyrone like a skivvy. He's a business partner and I'm glad Tyrone finally told Kevin.
Silver Star: Maria refusing to do any work her new boss needs. Ah but he *is* the boss of you. Suck it up or quit, honey.

Lines of the week:
David to Kylie "Coming, my angel!" Gail muttering "Hell's Angel! Angel of Death!"
Solicitor "Do we know when Mr. McDonald will be back?" Liz "There must have been a hold up somewhere" (um....)
Liz: “Tracey’s going to go mental.” Steve: “Tracey’s already mental.”
Norris being facetious "Jim McDonald with a nylon stocking on his head? Hardly qualifies as the Thomas Crown Affair"
Liz "I could have coped with the truth" Jim "Aye but I couldn't"
Becky "Yet another magical McDonald Family moment!"
Tommy to Tina "I thought you might be knackered. Every since I left you've been running through my mind" (oh *please*)
Maria "I quit!!"


Frosty the Snowman said...

The highest utility bill award: I know these have gone up a lot recently but £119 for a little flat that Ches and Katy have only been living in a month at the mostThe highest utility bill award: I know these have gone up a lot recently but £119 for a little flat that Ches and Katy have only been living in a month at the most? Was Janice fiddling the electric meter?

Biggest business dive award: Not so long ago junior entrepreneur Chesney was supposed to be raking it in on his market stall, wasn’t he making around £100 a day. Now all of a sudden there must be a big downturn in the demand for dog collars as it’s dwindled to £20. I thought Ches was supposed to be business savvy, wouldn’t he change the goods he was selling instead of mooning around. Sell that van you bought and cant drive and you wouldn’t lend to Gary Windass.

The 2nd rate Elsie tanner exit award: Liz with her “voices” and going off in a black cab to Portugal rather than Spain (near enough). This was such a disappointing exit to what could have been a real tear jerker and tribute to someone who has been on the Cobbles for over 20 years.

Another client buying into the business award: They did the exact same thing with Tony Gordon, how many clients actually become partners and buy into the business they are clients at? Just more regurgitated storylines.

Glad to see you back award: Tommy. I like Tommy and the way he winds Kevin up. Glad to see he is not so orange now.

Still gives me the creeps award: Faye, I know she is just a kid but there is just something not quite right about this strange and not likeable little girl

Aud. said...

Why does Maria keep harping on about Frank trying to rape her, all he did was try to kiss her due to the fact he read the wrong signal, Now she is going to report him to the Police. And also that boyfriend of hers need talk about Frank, being that he only beat his wife up. Talk about Pot calling Kettle Black. Besides it is only her word against his.

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