Friday, 22 April 2011

Sad news for Jimmi Harkishin

There's sad news reported in today's Sun that says Jimmi Harkishin, who plays Dev Alahan, is taking a few days off work from Coronation Street as his dad has recently died. 

An insider told the paper: "It's a difficult time for Jimmi but everybody on the programme has been very supportive. He was meant to be filming yesterday but really needed to have some time off to cope with his loss."

Jimmi, 46, who was born Rajan Harkishindas, is the eldest son of his Indian father and Italian mum Sony. He made his acting debut in 1988 under the name James Harkishin. Jimmi's dad Deepak died earlier this week. The insider added: "It will be hard for Jimmi when he returns to work but everyone will understand and try to do what they can to help him."


Frosty the Snowman said...

Its always sad to lose a parent and my sympathies are with Jimmi but I could not care a hoot about the character of Dev, am enjoying his absence from the screen and would be happy never to see this ridiculous character back.

Anonymous said...

Dev is a selfish, greedy character but he was a good employer to Molly. I thought his better moments were when his teenager daughter was around giving him grief. Now that she's been gone, and Molly is deceased this character is meandering about. Plus, he has a grievance against Steve and Becky over the looting affair so neither he nor wife Sunita can spend that much time at the Rovers. I've lost track now of what is going on in the Alahan household ... and mostly stopped caring. Perhaps it is time to have someone else operate the neighborhood grocer.

Anonymous said...

It's reporting things like this that really lets the media down IMO, losing someone close is enough to cope with without it being plastered all over the papers.

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