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Friday, 15 April 2011

New Rovers Return managers: My take on it

Craig and I posted about the same thing just about the same time so here's my take on ITV's "Big Announcement". this morning introduces the couple that's going to be behind the bar of the Rovers. The couple's names are Stella and Karl and Steve hires Stella as the new manager. She and her husband, Karl, and their daughter move in. Seems they have a "fiery" relationship and Stella's got a "dark" secret that's going to "rock the cobbles".

Stella is played by former Eastenders star Michelle Collins and Karl is played by former Taggart star, John Michie. I have only a little exposure to Ms. Collins and none to Mr. Michie since I have only seen Eastenders sporadically and not seen Taggart at all. He looks a little bit Danny Baldwinish, don't you t hink?

I'm dubious. I don't really want to see Southerners behind the bar so I'm hoping they can both pull a Jessie Wallace and put on a credible Northern accent. There have been a lot of accusations from commenters here lately that Phil Collinson is making Corrie too much like Eastenders with grim storylines and this may backlash even further. Coronation Street is a soap that reflects Northern life and it's people and it shouldn't end up being a clone of Eastenders.

I'm willing to wait and see, and willing to give them a chance, but they've got pretty big shoes to fill and high expectations to meet.

Edited to add a few comments streaming from the ITV Twitter page with quotes from Collins and Michie:

>>John Michie: "...I am from even further north so it is the only soap for me.”
>>John Michie: “My mum is from Rochdale, my wife is from Grimethorpe they are both northerners and huge fans..."

>>Michelle Collins: “I am honoured to be joining.. it's been part of my life since I was a child.. it is extremely exciting.”


craig247 said...

Agreed with the Danny Baldwin-esque look Tvor, that was my first thought too!

Not had any experience of John Michie either, I'm wondering if Karl will be Scottish since John has been a prominent character in Taggart.

Meg said...

Oh I love Taggart, John Michie is fantastic. If he's anything like the rogue that Robbie Ross is, watch out ladies!

Llywela said...

I'm gonna give this news the benefit of the doubt until the characters are on screen and can be judged by their storylines and performances.

Dilly Daydream said...

Well, I don't watch EE - the only experience I've had of Michelle Collins is 2,000 Acres of Sky (or something like that) in which she was OK as far as I remember.

Have never heard of John as I don't watch Taggart either, so he'll be new meat to me :-)

I was hoping Maureen Lipman might be back, that would've been good. We need someone really snotty in there to counteract all the chavs that have been inflicted on us!

Sea Penguin said...

I'm in Scotland so have seen John Michie a lot as Robbie in Taggart - he's really good and a big hit with the ladeez of a certain age. Ooh I can feel a blog post coming on.
Not convinced about Michelle Collins - I really like her, but not at all keen on the idea of her in Corrie.

abbyk said...

Well, given that the last few major new characters were all young'uns, including a former street kid, an emancipated high schooler and an illegal immigrant, I'm pleased to see a new middle class middle aged established couple. Grown ups! New friends & new stories for Peter & Leanne, Sally &/or Kevin, Lloyd, Eileen,... , and, hopefully, no inane youthful escapades.

One stray tear for Lloyd, who would have been a great landlord.

Chewy said...

Love it! A new family in charge of the Rovers! No more Steve and Becky hanging around in the back room bitching about their latest misadventure!

Anonymous said...

i think it could backfire spectacularly.

Although luvvies like Phil Collinson perhaps view Collins as an viewerland, she'll ALWAYS be Cindy.

I will of course reserve my judgment, but on the face of it, it all sounds a bit desperate.

I would rather have seen the Street put one of its own 'self grown' icons like Carla take over, rather than just exporting one from another soap.

And for anyone who says it's 15 years since Michelle Collins played Cindy...pretty much every role she's played since then has been a variation on her. (Including her recent starring role in a Daz advert as a Cindy-a-like....alongside Kevin Kennedy!)

Anonymous said...

I just don't see why we need new characters, Corrie already has a large cast with many people who could potentially take over the Rovers. I hope they introduce them gradually, because I hate it when they expect us to invest in new character's stories instantly. And why does she need to have a 'dark secret'? That part seems quite unoriginal.

I've never watched Eastenders (or Taggart), but I can imagine some viewers will always see them as their former characters, which I think is a risk. The way TPTB hyped this announcement, it feels like they're trying to be flashy with their big name signings, which is not what Corrie should be about. Obviously, I want to see how it all pans out on screen, but I'm not thrilled with this announcement.

John McE said...

Some people watch both EE and Corrie... however most don't, preferring one or the other. I think it is a dreadful mistake to take an icon from one show and put her in the other, as she's bound to bring even more of EE to Corrie than we've got now, and that, IMHO, is already way too much.

And worse still, having seen Ms. Collins in the Doctor Who episode that Phil Collinson also casted her in - she was even more wooden that the set. If she manages to produce a character that actually fits within the Manchester setting of the programme, rather that simply playing her old EE one, I will be amazed.

Anonymous said...

I'll reserve judgment until I see them both on screen but I do hope Collins will at least attempt an northern accent, like the actresses who play Carla and Audrey do.

Michie does looks like he could be a strong male lead that the street has been craving since the departure of Danny Baldwin, Liam Connor and Tony Gordon types. (No disrespect to Steve, Nick or Tyrone)

Tvor said...

Let's not forget that icon Jessie Wallace (Kat Slater) WAS Elsie Tanner in Road to Coronation Street. She was awesome! Maybe Michelle Collins will surprise us all!

Yoork said...

Honest - I'm just happy to see some new characters. I hope they'll be good ones however! With so many characters seeming like they're leaving, it's leaving holes in the street for me.

He DOES look like Danny Baldwin 2.0. And she looks like a blonde Carla.

Dolly Tubb said...


No no no.

No no no no no no no.

Why the big build up with drum roll and KABOOM for someone I really don't care about? What is so fantastic about these two people? I've absolutely nothing against them. But what's with the hype? Should've got Lloyd in as manager and Eddie Windass in as pot man. Now THAT would be worth a fanfare.

And if Michelle Collins is doing a northern accent she had better get it right - nothing worse than a Savverner doing a dodgy Oop Norf. What happened to 'only Salford or Manchester actors, Lancashire at a push'. Just hope Michelle Collins is as good as Jessie Wallace was.

I'm thinking of organising a National Turn Off Corrie Day. It will be starting tonight and continuing for the foreseeable future.

Frosty the Snowman said...

Well if Michelle attempts a northern accent I may give her the benefit of the doubt, I dont want to hear her rather common London accent on the cobbles. I had to turn her off once when she was presenting a programme and kept pronouncing "New" as "Noo". Did my head in.

Dilly Daydream said...

You might be on your own Dolly :-)

Dolly Tubb said...

Dilly - 'appen you're right, chuck. I've nothing against the two as actors, and happy to wait to see what happens to pass judgement. Never watch Taggert or EE so no preconceived notions.

It's just this big whispers-in-the-playground build up. Why? And if TPTB are bringing in someone from south of Watford Gap, why not let them keep their accent? (Like the Baldwins). And why ditch perfectly good cast members and bring in new ones

I hope it's a successful storyline, I really do. But it makes me feel a little sad about the way Corrie is heading.

Off for a lie down in a dark room with a cup of hot sweet tea and a mixed fancy.

Anonymous said...

Hmmmmm......I'll wait to pass judgement but I do remember Michelle Collins when she played Cindy on EE...she was very good so hope that transfers to Corrie.

Anonymous said...

I for one am excited about this. I agree there doesnt need to be a big fanfare but in terms of bringing fresh life to the street its great. Realistically everytime a new landlord/lady has come to the rovers they have been an existing character- in real life new people arrive. Stella is a northerner according to so lets hope she pulls it off.

BWiggins said...

i think its best to just give them ago, if they carn't act then they wouldn't have been cast, - new faces that what we need :) hope its great


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