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Tuesday 31 August 2010

Coronation Street Weekly Update, August 30 2010

This week the update’s caught the bouquet and is finishing off the cake from the Corrie wedding of the year. And so, without any further ado, here we go with this week's Coronation Street update.

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The big story this week has been Roy and Hayley’s wedding. Mad Mary almost mucked it up when she tried to uncouple the couple on their happy day. But let’s retrace our steps a little and wiggle back to Hayley’s hen night in Roy’s Rolls. The hen party’s in full swing with the girls dressed up in sexy nurses outfits and Mary’s upset as she hasn’t been invited so she leaves the girls to their debauchery and heads home for a fish supper. The party moves on from the Rovers to the caf√© where there’s a latin lothario waiting to whisk Hayley around the caf√© floor with some sexy salsa moves. Even Roy donned a rakish moustache and had a smile on his face.

He was smiling even more on his wedding day when he got the chance to drive a steam train (Lancashire Fusilier No. 44871) to the wedding venue. As Roy and Chesney chuff it out up front in the engine room, the guests are enjoying themselves and having fun in the first class carriage. At the end of the train are Hayley and the bridesmaids, Becky and Fiz, unwaware that Mary’s uncoupled their carriage from the main train. And so, Hayley’s carriage sits on a train line in the middle of nowhere until they figure out what’s gone on and get out. At first they walk, then run, then find a pump wagon. Hayley hoiks her frock up as Becky and Fiz give it what-for and get the bride to the venue in time for her say “I do” to Roy and dance to the Manchester show choir. It was done beautifully, a proper Cropper do, and I have to admit I had a lump in my throat. And so, Roy and Hayley are now wed; legally, properly, lovely.

Elsewhere this week, Sophie and Sian’s gay secret is out when they go babysitting for Claire who has to rush off as her mum’s had an angina attack. When Claire returns, she spots the two girls snogging on her sofa but keeps quiet about it at first. But when little Aadi is rushed into hospital unconscious, Claire gets blamed for hitting the kid while he was in her care. What really happened was that little Simon Barlow threw Aadi off the sofa and Aadi bumped his head, but Simon’s keeping quiet on that bit so far. Anyway, Claire’s not best pleased, as you can imagine, to be accused of child abuse and blurts out to everyone that Sophie and Sian were kissing when they should have been looking after the kids. Sally’s in denial and won’t believe that Sophie’s a lesbian but Sophie reveals all to her dad later and tells him that Claire was speaking the truth. Cue Kevin’s furrowed brow and grunts of “what the ‘eck?”

After Becky and Steve were turned down by the adoption panel last week, Becky finds out where her sister’s living and goes to have a word. They two of them are beating each other up one minute and then next, sister Kylie’s moved into the Rovers and Robbie Williams is singing Angels on the jukebox when Becky puts on her sad face. Kylie’s got a little boy called Max who’s with foster parents as she’s deemed to be, by those who deem these things, an unfit mother. She causes grief in the pub by flirting with Ciaran which upsets Michelle. Michelle lashes out with her first but instead of hitting Kylie, she misses and belts Becky instead. Steve fires her but Liz re-hires her and Michelle and her cleaveage are soon back behind the bar.

Meanwhile, Eileen goes out on a date with Owen the builder and gets blind drunk. “Do you want to come in for a night cap?” she asks him at the end of the night. “And by night cap, I do mean sex!” He declines the coffee, even if it was offered with froth but helps her put in an offer on No. 9 as the landlord is threatening to throw her out and sell up, so Eileen decides to buy the place herself.

Over at Emily’s there’s mice in the hice and when Norris strips the skirting board to find out how the rodent’s got in, he finds an old letter that’s been there since 1961. It’s an unopened envelope addressed to Ken Barlow and Ken’s agog to find it’s from an old girlfriend, Susan Cunningham. He tracks down Susan’s sister who used to run a wool shop and discovers Susan’s got a son called Lawrence. What he doesn’t yet know is that Lawrence is Ken’s son too, it’ll all come out in the wash next week. And what does Deirdre think about this turn of events? It’s hard to tell as she’s doing her very best to ignore Ken after her Lewis lustfest t’other week. There was a wonderful scene when Ken came into the house looking for something to eat. With not a word being spoken between them, he sees Deirdre at the table, eating her meal and assumes that his dinner will be in the oven. It’s not. He opens the fridge to see if there’s anything in there for him. There isn’t. Neither is there anything in the cupboards for him to cook, no bread in the bread bin, no beans in the tins, no more love in that house. Silently, he stands and watches as Deirdre tips the remains of her meal straight into the bin – a cracking Corrie scene.

And finally this week, Fiz gets her baby scan and shares it with Natasha who nicks it and pretends that it’s hers and Nicks. Nick wants to start buying baby clothes and can’t understand why Natasha’s not keen. Meanwhile, she’s pinning him to the bed at every opportunity in the hope she’ll get pregnant and he’ll not notice that she’s not.

And that's just about that for this week.

Coronation Street writers this week were Damon Rochefort, Mark Burt, Peter Whalley, Julie Jones and Debbie Oates.

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Tvor said...

Natasha never was very bright and it's even more obvious now. Parrotting Fiz's symptoms to the letter, nicking Fiz's scan and trying to get pregnant when even if she does manage it, she'll be a full 3 months behind where she should be. That's quite an overdue kiddie! (oh, and, Eileen's is number 11)

Looney Ballooney said...

Scan's normally have the mother's name embossed across it so I am not quite sure how Natasha is going to get out of that one! Cant stand Kylie, hope she hands over her brat (which is obviously what this is leading up to) and leaves pronto.

Anonymous said...

The wedding episodes were very entertaining; loved the 'charrabanc' apspect, everyone joking, singing, laughing etc...
The train was a lovely touch, but, although we've been previously enlightened as to Mary's mechanical aptitude ( disabling her motorhome so Norris couldn't get away) how on earth did she manage loosening the coupling of the end car? Without being observed by Anyone?
Where did the girls find a 'pump wagon' on track, and why would Hayley allow a pregnant Fiz to exert herself?
Why didn't the girls think of using their cell phones?
Besides all that, they were great episodes, lots of fun.

Tvor said...

They tried using their phones, didn't get a signal. But yes, how did Mary do that uncoupling without being noticed!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I missed the signal bit...I just remember John saying that Fiz's phone was turned off.
The improbabilities were certainly overridden by the imaginative and comedic twist to the not disappointing episodes.

Cobblestone said...

Did anyone notice what I could only take to be a blatent in-joke, when Sean asked Sophie & Sian if they had dopplegangers, as he'd seen two girls who looked exactly like them at Manchester Pride? Both actresses were actually present, and since there was no hint that the characters of Sophie & Sian had attended the event, I assume this must have been a sly joke. It amused me, any road!

Anonymous said...

Further to Anonymous (31 Aug)'s comments:
1) If Mary uncoupled the last carriage, how did it manage to travel some distance down the track by itself?
2) If, as we assume, the pump wagon was on the track ahead of the train before the train set off with all on board, how come the front part of the train didn't smash the wagon to pieces well before Fiz, Becky and Harold reached the wagon?
3) It's "mobile", not "cell", "'phone".


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