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Monday 9 August 2010

Multi-Tasking: Fri Aug 6, 2010 Corrie Episode Review


Written by Julie Jones (7:30) and Joe Turner (8:30), directed by Duncan Foster

John finally gets home from Charotte’s at quarter past four in the AM to find Fiz up and waiting for him.  Now, just wait for it folks – the old Fiz is back!  And she’s had enoughAug-6-2010-Fiz-upset with John!  The heavens have parted.  Chesney is also up and comes down to also ask John where he’s been to which Fiz says it’s between them.  John doesn’t want to talk to Fiz since he just wants to sleep.  I’d be SO furious if I were Fiz too right now.  Fiz wants to know where John has been and yells at him for being full of bull – which he is.  Fiz asks John how he got into Underworld and what he was doing there.  Fiz yells at John that she’s sick of him being at Charlotte’s beck and call.  Fiz is determined to get to the bottom of this and is getting no where with John. 

Aug-6-2010-John-Angry Fiz is upset at work and she tells Hayley that John never came home last night.  Is anyone going to be surprised to hear about this?  She tells Hayley she knows when John is lying since she can spot the signs.  Hayley says she can’t go on like this, and needs to go home to sort it out.  Fiz goes home, but she needs answers so she finds John’s cell and writes down some information.  Where could she be going?  John finds that Fiz has left work, yet he can’t find her so he panics.  Here comes trouble, Fiz shows up on Charlotte’s doorstop demanding answers.  Charlotte tries to get rid of Fiz claiming she’ll call Aug-6-2010-Charlotte-Scaredthe police but Fiz barges her way in.  The old Fiz is back and in best form.  She threatens Charlotte that it’s just the two of them now and wants answers.  Meanwhile, at home John panics and calls Charlotte.  Fiz hears Charlotte’s phone ring, and John calling, so picks it  up.  John is shocked that she’s answered it and Fiz is confirmed that the two of them are having an affair now. 

Aug-6-2010-Fiz-John Fiz angrily smashes things around Charlotte’s house and Charlotte thinks she’s insane.  Fiz smashes a vase into one of Charlotte’s mirror, guaranteeing her bad luck for seven years.  Charlotte tells Fiz that she’s not having an affair with John, that it’s Colin.  Fiz wants to call Colin, but Charlotte says she can’t since she’s gone to Canada.  Charlotte also reveals that John hasn’t resigned from teaching, like Fiz asked him to.  Fiz manhandles Charlotte and tells her to stay away from her man or she’ll smash her face in.  Fiz storms out to see John and confronts him at home about “knowing it all.”  John crumbles a bit until he realizes that Charlotte only told her about his not resigning from teaching.  He tries to talk her down but she doesn’t want to hear any of it.  Fiz has finally had enough and she says they need to be apart!  Hooray! 

Audrey tells the salon crew that she’s put in an offer on the place in Greece.  The two senior stylists are fighting over the salon, and David reckons that she should put him in as manager so she can make a profit still.  Audrey is certain that she is selling up, and that is that.  Audrey gets a bit miffed when her client, Eileen, says she doesn’t envy herAug-6-2010-Betting-Slips taking on a hotel at “her age.” Audrey says that they’ll have staff, so it won’t be an issue.  No problems in AudreyLewisLand! 

Lewis and Audrey have a drink in the Rovers with Gail and David.  David is scared that if Audrey sells the salon that he’ll be out of a job.  Gail suggests that David manage the salon when they’re gone – just in case things don’t work out.  Audrey tells them that she’ll think about it.  When Lewis gets up, Audrey thanks Gail for being good with Lewis and Gail says he’s growing on her.  David reckons that if his mum likes Lewis, he must be a nutter!  Speaking of nutter, Lewis is in the bookies later and finds that Peter will be leaving on a fishing Aug-6-2010-Roy-Mmaria-Natasha trip for a couple of days with Simon.  He likes the sound of this and gets Deirdre to go into the back and make a coffee while he slips behind the counter again and starts self-stamping betting slips.  When Leanne is in later, Lewis cashes in his accumulator. 

Natasha and Maria start fighting over clients, including Roy Cropper in the street and Audrey saves Roy and shoos the girls away.  Audrey tells the two girls later that both of them are doing a very good job at convincing her that neither of them are worthy of managing that salon. 

It’s the morning-after Chez Lloyd and it looks as though he and Cheryl had bunked together the prior evening.  Russ says he woke up and his mum wasn’t there, he clearlyAug-6-2010-Steve-Russ-Lloyd wonders what’s been going on.  Russ is getting a bit uncomfortable and restless with his new living situation, undoubtly.  Lloyd and Steve are stood outside the Rovers chewing the fat when Lloyd brags to Steve about sleeping with Cheryl in front of Russ.  Russ hears this and is unhappy, so runs off causing Lloyd panic as he tries to find him.  Lloyd can’t find him, so he tells Cheryl what happened and she freaks out.  Cheryl phones Chris looking for Russ, and he shows up with Russ in tow.  Cheryl grabs him and tells him that he better not run away again.  Cheryl says that Chris should have phoned the second Russ showed up.  Chris gets angry at her for carrying on with Aug-6-2010-Russ-Cheryl Lloyd in front of Russ, and no wonder he was upset.  Cheryl is horrified to find that Lloyd was bragging about his sex life to his mate in front of Lloyd.  Lloyd and Chris get into a squabble and Lloyd ends up hitting Chris, who doesn’t hit back but lays bloody nosed on the cobbles looking all the more the victim. 

Later, he tells Russ to do as his mum says, making himself look better and Lloyd look worse.  Cheryl wants to get away from Lloyd.  Cheryl complains about Lloyd to Leanne in the cafe and reveals that they spent the night together.  Cheryl says she needs to move out for her boy, since he’s number one.  Meanwhile, Lloyd is getting his hand iced by Becky at the Rovers and Steve says he should be worried about Chris filing assault charges on him. Cheryl tearfully tells Lloyd that she’s going to be leaving their place and staying with Leanne for a few days.  Lloyd insists that they stay and there’ll be no funny business.  He’ll stay in the guest room and she and Russ can stay in his room, end of. 

Claire has been doing some of the Alahan’s washing and Ashley thinks that’s going far beyond her child-minding duties.  I’d say so!  Dev comes home to find Claire multi-taskingAug-6-2010-Dev-Claire by ironing clothes and minding children at the same time.  He takes this opportunity to bring his laundry hamper downstairs for her to do.  She figures he must be joking since there’s no way she could get through all of those clothes.  He even suggests if she can’t get through it to take it home with her!  Ashley finds from Dev in the Rovers later how Claire’s been doing more laundry and isn’t happy about it.  Dev even has the nerve later to accuse Claire of feeding other kids HIS fish fingers!  Claire says she was doing a favour for a friend, just as she’s doing his laundry as favour.  Dev is a real piece of work! 

Aug-6-2010-Eileen-Owen Meanwhile, Owen flirts with Eileen, who is quite pleased with this.  Bill can’t let his attitude towards Owen to go the wayside.  He tells Owen in the pub that he might have everyone else fooled, but he’s got his card and he’s a wrong’un. Owen just seems stunned, and Liz suggests that he give Bill a wide berth.  Eileen comes into the Rovers and Owen asks how her lad is doing, and she says he’s only going down to the gym.  Owen offers Jason a job down on his team at Underworld and Eileen seems delighted.  Owen finds Jason and asks if he’s going to take him up on the job offer but Jason stays loyal to Bill.  Later, Eileen slaps him ‘round the ear for being in love with Bill Webster and thinks that Jason needs money to pay for bills and Owen can pay him.  With no independent thought of his own, Jason finds Owen later and accepts the job after all.  I wonder how this’ll go down with Billy-boy. 


- Eileen to Claire: “Bit early for you to be up and about, wet the bed?” 

- Bill coming into Audrey’s salon and asking for a colour on his hair to take a few years off, and being very embarrassed about it!  Is he trying to compete with the new youngerAug-6-2010-Bill-Salon builder?

- David reckoning that if his mum likes Lewis, then there must be something wrong with him!  No kidding!

- Charlotte to Fiz: “Please leave.”  Fiz: “Why, who’s going to stop me, JUAN?  It’s just you and me now.”  Ha-ha.  So glad Fiz Bomb is back! 

- Did anyone else notice the “sleazy porn video” ring that Charlotte had assigned to John’s number?  Ha. 

- Maria and Natasha fighting over Roy in the street.  Must be the first time this has happened to Roy and he didn’t even enjoy it! 

- Lewis referring to the ginger cookie, “SPICY!” 


- Why on earth did Claire even start washing the Alahan’s clothes?  If so, she should have been charging them a housekeeping fee.  Why is this even an issue? 

- It is pretty inappropriate for Lloyd to brag about bagging Russ’s mum in front of him.  I suppose he didn’t think that the kid knew what he was talking about or even was paying attention. 

- Was anyone else shocked to see Dev in the Kebab Shop uniform?  Does he really actually work there? I guess this is training. 

- The immature bickering between the two “senior stylists” Maria and Natasha!  How ridiculous. 

- I really can’t stand the odious Dev!  He actually thinks Claire should do all his laundry and if she can’t finish it to take it home with her?  The nerve! 


gadgee said...

Eileen and Jason are so totally believable as mother as son. I think it's the kind of acting you only really see in soaps, as the actors have been working together for so long it comes very naturally to them. It's the same with Kev and Sal.
As I predicted we got to see Craig Charles's ball skills!
Natasha and Maria fighting over Roy was really funny, as was David's line about Lewis: If me mum likes him, he must be a nut-job!

Anonymous said...

I love the hairdressing feud, my favourite thing at the moment, and David's funny comments.


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