Sunday, 22 August 2010

Corrie fans vote for Barlows to stick it out

In the latest poll here on the Coronation Street blog we asked fans what they think about Ken and Deirdre's latest marital mishap.

We asked 'Should the Barlows stick together or should they split up?' 265 Corrie fans voted as follows, with the majority voting for Ken and Deirdre to tough it out and stick together.

Stick together, whatever - 61%
Call it a day and split up - 39%


seapenguin said...

If Ken & Deirdre split up (for good ;)) I honestly think I'd stop watching Corrie.

Scott said...

I'd be gutted if Ken and Deirdre split up. They are Corrie in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

ken and Deirdre should stay together. I just love watching them behaving like they do. I know plenty of couples doing the same, sticking it out, commical!!!!

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