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Friday 13 August 2010

Last Chance Salon: Mon Aug 9, 2010 Corrie Episode Review


Written by David Lane (7:30), and Mark Burt (8:30) directed by Terry Dyddgen-Jones

Fiz is off to New York for a much-needed break from John.  I’d have preferred that she kicked him to the curb and got a divorce – so much more effective – but I won’t beggarsAug-9-2010-Fiz-runaway can’t be choosers.  John isn’t happy about this, since he’s convinced himself that Fiz is the most important thing to him – even though he hasn’t treated her as such, well, ever.  Fiz is loading the cab with her bags and everyone on the street is enquiring on where they’re going and John starts spitting at folk for minding their own business.  Fiz can’t get away from Stapid fast enough!  Gah, he’s so Aug-9-2010-Charlotte-John pathetic.  Guess where John goes after Fiz has left?  Three guesses and the first two don’t count.  That’s right – he’s gone straight to Charlotte’s.  Charlotte wants to make sure that John hasn’t told Fiz about Colin.  John tells Charlotte how “thanks to her” his wife has left him.  Oh, please, it’s hardly her fault.  Charlotte takes what she can get though and figures that Fiz leaving is a good thing and now her and John can be together.  John, of course, dismisses her and gets angry and leaves saying he never wants anything to do with her again.

Lewis prepares Audrey a Greek breakfast complete with coffee.  Audrey moans the fact that they don’t do a proper tea in Greece then wonders if that makes her sound terribly English.  She IS terribly English, and what’s wrong with that?  Lewis continues his “new life” campaign on Audrey and it’s quite effective.  Audrey asks Lewis who should run the salon, but he doesn’t really give a darn and even almost says so. 

Lewis is swarming around the bookies as usual, hoping it’s his “lucky” day.  We all know that Lewis is the kind of man who makes his own luck.  Lewis tells Deirdre that he’sAug-9-2010-Deirdre-Lewis-Snog going to miss her and brings in a bottle of wine to crack it open and celebrate the day with Deirdre.  He tries to convince Deirdre to leave the shop and go home to get a corkscrew.  Deirdre actually leaves him in the shop – since she’s an gullible fool – and he slides behind the counter as per usual.  He has to lock the door after Eddie Windass comes in and tries to cramp his style.  Deirdre gets angry at him for locking the door and asks him what he’s doing behind the counter.  He distracts her by telling her that he has feelings for her and snogs her – all under the watchful eye of the CCTV.  The two parties both quickly decide that a kiss is just a kiss and neither of them will take it any further.  Almost like it didn’t happen – and I wish it hadn’t!  Meanwhile, Audrey is in the Kabin insulting Rita and Leanne for living in a flat above a shop.  Spreading charm before she leaves, I see! 

Aug-9-2010-Lewis-Aaudrey-bacpking Lewis goes to see Audrey later and offers her a dinner a delightful little bistro, but Audrey just wants to go to the Rovers.  Lewis isn’t really that hot on going to the Rovers – again.  Audrey can’t tear herself away from her friends in the Rovers.  Will she really be able to leave her life for a new one in Greece?  Audrey’s all excited and invites Ken and Deirdre to the hotel in Greece they’ll have, ignoring the tension between Deirdre and Lewis.  Gail has a drink with Lewis and Audrey and gets a tear over missing those Rovers drinks. 

Back at home, Lewis seems somewhat horrified with Audrey packing up her life for him.  Is he guilty about something?  He asks her why she trusts him and she says it’s because she loves him.  He then wonders if “this is how it feels?”  He’s such a slimy con-man.  Lewis says that it’s suddenly dawning on him how she’s giving up everything in order to pursue someone else’s dreams.  I think he’s feeling VERY guilty about something.  Gee, I wonder what it could be?  He insists that she keep a safety net.  Audrey agrees to hold onto the salon for another twelve months but not a dayAug-9-2010-Natasha-Dev later. 

The senior stylists are still at each other’s necks when Dev comes in and tells Natasha that she’s in the “Last Chance Salon” since he needs an answer on whether or not she’s  renting the flat.  Maria takes a chance to stab at Natasha about Nick not being the kind of guy that does commitment.  Natasha wipes the smile off her face by telling her that she’s still angry because Nick dumped her.  How DOES Maria sleep at night with all that jealousy?  (sarcasm noted).  Natasha goes to find Nick later and ask him about the flat but gets rudely turned down and dismissed as usual.  Later, Gail comes into the salon and Natasha asks Gail if she can push Nick into moving in with her.  Aug-9-2010-Pregnancy-Test Gail does what she should and says she’s going to stay out of it and her son can make his own decisions.  Natasha is very pushy and tries to be be manipulative but isn’t very good since not even Gail is budging.  Nick arrives into an awkward situation, then Gail leaves.  Natasha asks Nick if he’ll help her with a business plan for the salon which he’s more than happy to help her with.  Natasha can’t help herself and pushes Nick further, so much she’ll push him away.  She even figures that Nick will pitch in on her salon investment and he figures she’s “calling her loan.”  That was mighty presumptuous of her.  She scares Nick away from the conversation alone as she begs him to stay.  It soon becomes clear as to why Natasha is so urgent to start her life with Nick as she takes a pregnancy test that reveals she is indeed pregnant.  What now? 

Another awkward morning at Lloyd’s when Cheryl asks if Lloyd hates her.  Why would he?  Lloyd is still trying it on with Cheryl and trying to get her out of a meal tonight.Aug-9-2010-Lloyd-Cheryl   Cheryl tries to figure her situation out with Leanne over a cuppa at Roy’s.  Cheryl just wants to be friends with Lloyd, and Leanne tells her to be straight with him about it.  Cheryl complains that things are never simple.  Was she born yesterday?  Of course things are never simple.  Cheryl turns down Lloyd’s dinner invite, and gives him rent money to which he doesn’t really want to take.  I’m sure he preferred another method of payment, so to say.  And I say that in the least seediest way possible!  Poor Lloyd!  Lloyd goes to pour his heart out to Eileen and Steve in the cabbie office about being demoted to “only the landlord.”  Steve suggests that he show her that he’s willing to be what she needs, only Lloyd’s not so sure.  Queue “poor me” moan session on the side bar at the Rovers, as per usual. 

Aug-9-2010-Molly-Tyrone-House-inpsection I guess Bill’s new hair colour isn’t bringing him the kind of change he’d hoped for since he’s now realized he’s lost his only employee, Jason Grimshaw, to that ‘wrong’un’ builder Owen.  Owen shows up at Eileen’s to flirtatiously organize her home inspection of Molly and Tyrone’s place.  Will Eileen have another chance at a new man?  Molly buys some flowers to brighten the place up for when Eileen comes over with someone later.  Tyrone thinks that flowers won’t sway Eileen one way or another.  They have no idea who Eileen is bringing with her.  Neither does Eileen, I have a feeling.  At the home viewing, Owen picks apart their home, as to be expected.  However,Aug-9-2010-Owen-Eileen Eileen is a little shocked at how curt he’s being.  Owen points out more issues that could be wrong with their home and Molly accuses him of picking.  Molly gets faint and has to sit down.  They all insist that she go to the hospital just to be on the safe side.  Tyrone doesn’t need telling twice and hurries Molly off to the hospital. 

Back at the cabbie office, Eileen gives Owen the talk down for talking down Molly and Ty’s house.  He insists that he was exaggerating, Aug-9-2010-Molly-Hospital but Eileen feels he’s being dishonest and it was a con job he was on about.  She softens when he calls her “love” and says he was just doing it all for her.  This man is like chocolate sauce on Eileen’s ice cream!

At the hospital, Molly is told her blood pressure is too high and she must be kept overnight.  The nurse tells her that as of now, she’s to be on little stress and that she’s not to do anything until the baby comes.  Jack even comes to the hospital to see what’s happened with them.  Molly is keen to move out of their home, but Jack and Tyrone convince her that her and the baby’s health is priority and they should stay put for a while until the baby is born.  Does Molly’s entire life come down to bad decisions mixed with bad timing? 


- Rita jokingly asking Maria if Audrey has changed the name of her salon to “Shirley Valentine’s.” 

- Owen asking Eileen if he wants Molly and Tyrone’s house because of the cladding, or despite, to which she answers “despite.”  That terrible cladding!  It will be the end of an era in a way to see it go though! 

- Roy telling Lewis about some rare sea mammal that is around Alonissos since the water is so clean there.  Lewis assures him that they won’t even paddle until they’re thoroughly showered first.  Haha, well, as someone as slimy as Lewis I should hope so! 

- John Stape telling Dev that he’s a self-important imbecile.  Couldn’t have said it better myself! 

- Deirdre: “Do I look like the kind of woman who’s always got a corkscrew in hand?” Yeah, and a lighter in the other just roaring to go! 

- Did anyone see Lewis wipe his mouth with a hankie after he kissed Deirdre before he saw Audrey?  Haha, classic! 

- Does anyone else think that Tyrone is look quite handsome these days? 


- Dev snootily laughing at getting his hair done at Audrey’s salon. He’s such a douchebag!  (and I use that term sparingly!)

- If I ever have to hear John say “all I wanted to do was teach” AGAIN, I’ll have a fit!  I could make a drinking game out of it at this point!  It’s up there with Gail saying “he was a good man.” 

- Molly’s perma-hands-on-hips pregnancy stance!  And that fake belly – again.  Every time I see her on screen she irritates me!  Thank goodness Tina isn’t on screen this episode also!

- How Molly thinks that the recent redecoration of her place is a selling point! 

- Hold my cookies down after watching Deirdre and Lewis snogging!  *shudder*


Tvor said...

Majorca, actually, not New York. Sounds similar with Fiz's accent :)

John, naturally, blames everyone but himself. There's a psychological syndrome or complex he's got, narcissistic i think it is.

Anybody get the feeling this pregnancy of Natasha's was not entirely accidental?

I imagine Lewis was wiping Deirdre's lippy off his mouth!

Sea Penguin said...

What gets me about this is if Lewis is such a practised cad/conman, why on EARTH did he not spot the CCTV camera right above the till? it's the first thing any thief would look out for.

Cobblestone said...

Well, Seapenguin, we don't actually know that he is an experienced conman. Just that he was an escort. It could be that the scamming is a new departure for him. Slimy git though, which ever way you look at it, and I really hope he gets his comeuppance. I don;t want him running off with Audrey's loot to be the last we see of him.

gadgee said...

Dev was great, as usual.
I feel sorry for Lloyd, selling himself short like that.

Anonymous said...

@ Tvor - I was thinking I could have gotten "New York" wrong. I was thinking "why on earth would she go THERE to think?" John has narcissistic personality disorder, no doubt spurned on by an over zealous mother. I think her pregnancy was accidental, actually. She doesn't seem thrilled about it at all. I thought he was wiping off the smell of her fags.

@seapenguin - I wondered the same thing when I read the spoilers, should have mentioned it!

- Yoork


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