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Wednesday 25 August 2010

Pregnant Pause: Wed Aug 18, 2010 Corrie Episode Review

Aug 18 2010

Written by Jayne Hollinson, directed by David Kester

Nick’s back home after running away to a mate’s place last night after hearing about Natasha’s pregnancy news.  Leanne’s back at home with Peter since they’ve somewhatAug 18 2010 Leanne made up.  Leanne goes to see Nick and says that she shouldn’t have made Natasha tell him the way she did.  Leanne’s shocked that Nick hasn’t seen Natasha.  Nick tells Leanne that he doesn’t love Natasha, but he loves her.  Leanne tells him that she’s moved on and she doesn’t care what he does, but that he can’t hurt Natasha like he hurt her.  He asks if she’d still be saying that if Natasha wasn’t Aug 18 2010 Natasha pregnant and she says she would.  Shot down!  Leanne breaks down in tears as she leaves Underworld – tears from all the pain she felt years before from Nick.  While Nick just sits in his office feeling sorry for himself, as per usual. 

Meanwhile, Natasha is at an abortion clinic while Nick is looking for her to get back together.  After the abortion, Natasha makes her way back home and finds Nick waiting for her.  She asks him what he’s doing there and is in shock and appal when he announces that he wants to be with her and the baby.  Natasha has gotten the shock of her life and looks completely devastated.  What will she do now?  She agrees to take him back, of course.

Gail is upset since Audrey is planning on going to Greece anyway, all alone.  Oh, she’s not really going to do that!  What on earth would she do there?  Meanwhile, the salon is Aug 18 2010 Rita going crazy with David in management.  Rita asks when Audrey is coming back and is informed by David that Audrey is still going to go to Greece.  Rita leaves to go see Audrey.  Meanwhile, Peter comes in and gets a dry trim for he and Simon.  David gives him one, but Peter doesn’t pay him since he says he can take it off his tab from what Lewis stole.  Rita visits Audrey and tries to convince her to stay.  She says that what she had with Lewis was a love affair that most women don’t even get and she should feel happy about it.  She also tells Audrey about the mess that the salon is in without her and this is enough for Audrey to get her boots on. 

Audrey comes back just in time to find that  David has dyed someone’s hair bright red and that Liam’s cries are ruling the roost.  She quickly whips the place back into order and it’s like Lewis Archer never existed. 

Aug 18 2010 Chesne Fiz has returned from holiday and wants a chat with Maria.  Turns out, on Fiz’s holiday she’s found out that she’s pregnant!  Maria is excited for her, and Fiz is quite happy also, even though she thought about leaving John.  John, meanwhile, tells Chesney that he’s going to leave her so she can live her life without him in peace but he needs to tell her a few things first.  John realizes that Fiz is back and when she tells him her news he’s elated and decides that her news was better that what he had to tell her.  John gets a recorded delivery of his resignation that he sent in, and he burned all of Colin’s documents.  That was convenient for two reasons. 

Fiz and John tell Chesney about their news and Chesney isn’t happy to hear that Fiz has taken him back just because she’s pregnant.  He says he gives up and that both of them are mad.  Chesney tries to tell Fiz that the two of them can raise her child and they don’t need John.  Fiz says that she wants her baby to have a proper family, just like they always wanted.  Fiz says she loves John and Chesney says she hasn’t met the right person. 


- Simon saying he hates it when Leanne and Peter fall out.

- John: “I made at honest woman out of her, but she couldn’t make an honest man out of me.  Until now.”  Chesney: “You’re losing it.  You know that.” 

- Leanne telling Nick off for his assuming that she loves him, when she’s moved on.  Great acting from Jane Danson!

- Audrey hiding and crouching on the floor from Rita!  She’ll never grow up, that woman. 


- How can being pregnant completely change the fact that John is a duplicitous idiot?!  It’s nice to have a storyline that doesn’t involve “Stapewick” with the Stapes, however.

- Nick trying to profess his love to Leanne with Natasha pregnant!  The cad!  Poor Leanne!  Then, him taking Natasha back after he’s already refused her and she’s had an abortion.

- Peter trying to steal haircuts?  Seriously? 

- Will Colin Fishwick’s death just be buried forever?!


Tvor said...

I like that Leanne can still feel that pain after all these years. Well, i don't *like* it, but i like that they are showing that it's never easy to get over hurts, it doesn't mean you still love the person. I sincerely hope she won't be stupid enough to blow what she has with Peter, at least.

Glenda Young said...

I think we should never forget that Leanne is Les Battersby's daughter and she's got the gormless gene!!

gadgee said...

I liked Rita being a good friend to Audrey. She played a blinder I thought.

Llifon said...

Have to agree gadgee. After Audrey slapped her and everything, she's been loyal to her.

Cobblestone said...

I agree with Tvor; current circumstances can rake up suppressed memories of all the hurt of her split from Nick all those years ago. It doesn't mean she's still in love with him. I hope!
(Keep away from that wine bar, girl!)


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