Friday, 20 August 2010

Where have you seen the new Corrie doctor before?

Where have you seen Coronation Street's new hunky doctor Matt Carter, before?

He's played by actor Oliver Mellor who's been in Hollyoaks, EastEnders and Dr Who. Read his IMDB profile here.

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David Cameroon said...

Another Dr Matt!

I thought it was great they way he put silly Gail in her overdue place whilst she prattled on about the biscuit rota. Her face was a picture, she is ultra lucky to still be in that job and what was she wearing? Was the top half supposed to resemble a uniform?

Anonymous said...

I liked the doctor for putting Gail in her place also, but didn't think Gail would be that careless, she's more professional than that, and discreet normally.
Nick was outrageous.
Barging into a closed examination room and coming over all silly like that? Not in character for either of them.
Wasn't Gail seen wearing an identical jacket before only in Navy with white trim?
Must have got them both at the sales...

Cobblestone said...

I fairness, I got the impression that Gail thought Nick knew Natasha was in the surgery and had come in to meet her. It was more of an unfortunate coincidence than a conscious indiscretion. It would be nice to have a doctor working in that health centre who occasionally drinks in the Rovers though, wouldn't it? GPs drinking habits are legendary! I liked that middle-aged lady doctor who treated Joe. Pity we couldn't have seen more of her.

Tvor said...

Yes Cobblestone, i think Gail assumed Nick knew Natasha was at the doctor already. It was Nick that was bang out of order.

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