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Monday 16 August 2010

Always a Gigolo: Fri Aug 13, 2010 Corrie Episode Review


Written by Carmel Morgan (7:30) and Simon Crowther (8:30), directed by Terry Dyddgen-Jones

Audrey is excited for her new life in Greece, packing up all of her worldly possessions. Lewis has a guilty look about him all day when Audrey goes on about how much she’ll love her life in Greece. At Audrey’s send-off party, she’s got her best friends there, aka, Lewis’s other clients Claudia and Rita. Audrey gloats the most gloat that ever gloated to her “friends” as she waits for Lewis to show up. Audrey makes the announcement about who is going to manage the salon and to everyone’s shock David his hired! Of course, this is only for Gail’s benefit. Aug-13-2010-Natasha-devastated

Natasha confirms to rent Dev’s flat without telling Nick first. I suppose she’s taken the bull by the horns! At Audrey’s party, Nick is avoiding Natasha but not before she can tell him that she’s gotten the flat for them. Nick is not pleased. Natasha announces their move-in to all Nick’s family and he’s even less impressed. Nick escapes into the backyard and Natasha goes to see how he is. Nick asks her why she had to go behind his back with Dev’s flat. Nick tells her that he doesn’t think “this” is working. Nick tells Natasha that she deserves a bloke who will cherish her and he’s not him. Natasha can’t stop pushing and Nick just tells her it’s over and she’s devastated. Natasha leaves the party in tears and Nick tells everyone that her dad’s not well. He later tells only Gail that he’s dropped Natasha since she went behind his back with Dev – with renting the flat! Gail figures he did the right thing and it’s wrong to keep her dangling when his heart’s not in it.

Aug-13-2010-CCTV Simon and Peter return from their fishing trip and they didn’t bring any fish back since they threw them back in. Leanne breaks the news to Peter about Lewis’ accumulator and he’s understandably not happy about it. Peter brings Deirdre and Ken into the bookies and tells them about how Lewis won that accumulator and how he’s suspicious about it. Deirdre admits she’s popped out for a few seconds and left Lewis there. Peter decides to check the CCTV since he doesn’t trust what happened. Deirdre balks at the suggestion of the CCTV and for good reason. The CCTV is revealed and they all wonder why there’s a bottle of wine and why Deirdre came back with wineAug-13-2010-Barlows glasses. It all becomes clear when Lewis and Deirdre’s snog is revealed and Ken doesn’t look as shocked as one might expect but Peter and Leanne sure do! Oh, it’s also revealed that Lewis did indeed cheat! In more ways than one. Deirdre stammers that she just left for two minutes and when she came back – that happened. She said she didn’t know what to do and that she pushed him away as quickly as she could. Ken wants to know how long it’d been going on and Peter wonders if she was in on it. She denies both. The Barlows play the blame-game, but it’s clear they should go after Lewis. Peter tells Leanne if they don’t get the money back, she can forget a wedding. Oh, and Peter fires Deirdre.

The Barlows head over to Gail’s to find Lewis at Audrey’s leaving ‘do. Just when Audrey was wondering where Lewis was. She tells them that Lewis isn’t there. Peter reveals Lewis for the con-artist he is. When they don’t believe him, the DVD from the CCTV goes in Aug-13-2010-Audrey-Sadand all watch as Lewis cheated the bookies. Deirdre insists that they stop the film there, only, Peter can’t work the remote and Audrey wants to keep watching. Audrey’s devastated to find that Lewis has cheated the bookies and only further devastated to find that he’s cheated her with Deirdre. Of course, we know that Rita and Claudia are thinking “told ya so.” Poor Audrey as we can all almost hear her heart breaking. Gail is outraged with Deirdre so much that she throws a cake all over her! Someone had to do something I suppose. Deirdre tells Audrey that Lewis seduced both of them and they meant nothing to him. Audrey tells them to just get out. Dave tells Gran about her hundred thousand pounds and they quickly call the bank. Audrey tells them that she’s spoken to her bank and the transaction was cancelled, soAug-13-2010-Audrey-Sobs Lewis never stole it. I guess he’s got somewhat of a conscience.

Audrey later tells Gail that she didn’t really want to go to Greece and that she knows nothing about running a hotel. She asks Gail and David if they really saw her running a hotel and David answers “no, not really.” Audrey wonders why Gail hasn’t said “I told ya so.” She says she’d like to, but she won’t. She tells Audrey that some men just aren’t for settling down – look at Nick. Gail wants Audrey to stay with them, but she insists that she’s going home. They wonder if Lewis would have stolen anything from Audrey’s home but she insists that he won’t have taken anything. All of her things will still be there – disappointingly so. Audrey goes back to her place. Audrey Aug-13-2010-Deirdre-Ken returns home and rips off her pearls and sobs. Audrey finds a rose in a vase and a photo of her and Lewis is Greece and the words “I tried” written on the back. Meanwhile, somewhere Lewis is at an airport picking up his next meal ticket. In case there was ever any doubt.

Deirdre and Ken have a rather terrible conversation about their infidelities. Deirdre figures that Ken wishes he was on Martha’s barge when all of this went down. Deirdre even admits that she fell for Lewis and was jealous of Audrey. Deirdre still figures that what Ken did was much worse than what she did with Lewis. They both admit that their marriage is terribly suffering and they both would haveAug-13-2010-Natasha-upset escaped their cosy setup for a dreamy adventure with someone else. Ken reminds Deirdre that people have paid for her naivite.

Later in the day, Leanne finds Natasha sat with a sad face on at the bus stop. She asks if she’s okay, and Natasha tells her that her and Nick split up. Leanne tells her that Nick isn’t what she’s looking for. Natasha says she’s never playing it cool with men and is always diving in head over heels. She complains about how men don’t want wives anymore, they’re all just happy being metrosexuals. She also confesses to Leanne that she’s pregnant and that Nick doesn’t know. She figures what’s the point of telling Nick since he wouldn’t Aug-13-2010-Bill-bucket want to have anything to do with it if even a flat scared him off.

Jason figures that Bill should take whatever job that Owen gives him, since well, beggars can’t be choosers. Bill’s at work today and clumsily drops a bucket so that it falls down on Izzy. She gets splashed by some cement and Owen overreacts and blows up at Bill. The bucket did land on his “disabled daughter” who reminds them her name is Izzy. Of course, the two get into another barney when Jason has to break it up by shoving Bill off. Izzy tells her father that the only person who makes her feel disappointed is him. Owen flirts withAug-13-2010-Eileen-Liz Eileen at the bar, while Liz jealously overhears. Owen decides to buy Bill a drink and – no hard feelings. Owen wants to buy Bill’s builder’s yard, but Bill still thinks he’s top of his game. Owen convinces him that it’s time to hang up his spurs and throw in the trowel.

Aug-13-2010-Sian-Sophie Sunita and Claire can’t stand the way that Dev treats Claire when minding his children. He’s such a stick in the mud! Claire complains about him later to Ashley. This whole plot line is so uninteresting.

Sally gets a call from someone from the music festival saying that Sophie had left her purse there. “OMG” as Rosie says, since she’s realized that Sophie had gone to that music festival after all, completely disobeying her mother’s orders and lying about her whereabouts. Sally immediately thinks that Sian is a bad influence on Sophie. Sally asks the girls questions about Southport later and they lie further, only for Sally to tell them that she knows the truth. Sally tells Sophie that she’s grounded indefinitely and that Sian’s not to be seen in the house again. The teen lovers sadly part as their lies have only gotten them further apart.

- In the beginning of the episode when Audrey’s packing her mess up she tells Lewis “I can’t see the forest for the trees here.” If that couldn’t be more correct!
- I love the conversation between Sally and Rosie about John Stape and wondering what happened between he and Fiz. Oh, just wait until they find out this nugget, unless they won’t...
- The smug look on David’s face after he warned Nick about Natasha being crazy, then she came over and said she rented the flat for him behind their back.
- Peter “Is that a corkscrew?”
- Deirdre “The one time something happens and I wind up on the telly.”
- Gail shouting “who invited the Barlows?” That’s fantastic. I love new Gail. Then she splatters cake all over Deirdre’s face and Deirdre screams “Ken! Do something!”

- Natasha pushing Nick away, and then Nick completely dropping her! What a mess.
- Nick: “I got tired of all that neediness.” Gail: “Women like her can be a burden.” And Gail would know!
- Poor Audrey, how devastating was that watching her heart get broken?
- What’s with Liz’s old 80's perm? And when did she grow that hair? Wasn’t it rather short not too long ago?
- Natasha complaining that no one’s ever chasing her. Erm, I’m pretty sure that Graeme was, not too long ago! How soon she forgets.


craig247 said...

Liz's hair was really annoying me this week! I kept expecting to see Jim by her side with the retro look!

Anonymous said...

Ah but curls and waves are back in...notice Janice's a new curly 'do' tonight?

Adam said...

Loved these episodes, mainly because a lot of the action centred on the more established characters - Audrey, Gail, Deirdre, Ken etc - and because the fall out from the whole Lewis storyline brought so many characters into it.

Llifon said...

Did anybody notice that Englebert was singing 'There Goes My Everything' and Elvis singing 'I Walked In A Trap, I can't get out' in the background at the party? How apt! The scene where Gail put a Manchester tart into Deirdre's face was priceless - describing Deirdre in many ways than one. Good episodes overall and I agree with Adam as they involved established characters: Audrey, Gail, Deirdre, Ken and Rita. Mind you, Audrey mentioned she'll be missed, not many guests at the party. Where was Emily and Norris and Ashley and Claire?


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