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Monday 9 August 2010

Coronation Street Weekly Update, August 9 2010

Here I am, back after a short break. Thanks for bearing with me while I’ve been away. And so, without any further ado, here we go with this week's Coronation Street update.

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There’s a scary pair of eyes with Cheryl’s husband Chris behind them, stalking on the Street. He wants his wife and son back and isn’t happy that they’ve moved in with Lloyd. Meanwhile, Lloyd’s over the moon as he’s getting some red wine action with Cheryl but he isn’t too happy when she tells him she wants to be just mates.

More lusting’s going on down the Street when Eileen eyes up Ricky Gervais who’s doing an extra shift as Owen the builder. He’s got stubble, his own teeth and his own ladder and that makes him a go-er in Eileen’s book. Even without his own teeth she’d consider him, so that’s a bonus really. She takes Owen to look at Tyrone and Molly’s house that she’s thinking about buying but after Molly takes a funny turn and spends the night in hospital, she tells Tyrone that she’s happy to stay on the Street and Eileen’s plan to move will have to change.

Audrey’s all loved up after a dirty weekend in Greece with the charming Lewis. “Ooh, the light,” she witters on her return to anyone who’ll listen. “You could see for a thousand miles.” Clearly not, as Audrey can’t see past the end of her nose and it’ll come as a shock when she finds out that not only is Lewis snogging Deirdre but that he’s also got his fingers in her till and robbing the bookies. Wearing her rose-tinted sun specs, Audrey puts an offer in on a hotel and opens a bank account for her and Lewis to buy a little place in Greece. She’d be better off if she’d stayed with Bill, who calls into the salon asking for a Tawny Infusion. I thought that was a new Newton and Ridley bitter. Roy advises Lewis to look out for the Monarchus monarchus, the Greek seal. Audrey would be advised to watch out for sharks. No-one would be advised to watch Deirdre snogging Lewis but it’s going to be all over the place as their kiss was captured on CCTV.

Speaking of the salon, Natasha and Maria are at odds as both of them want to invest in the place when Audrey swans off to Greece. It’s been fun watching them fight over clients but Natasha’s got more on her plate when she finds she’s up the duff. Nick doesn’t want to commit to even taking a look at Dev’s flat for them to move in together so he’s going to run a mile when she tells him about the baby.

Fiz follows the bad smell under her nose and ends up at Charlotte’s house, demanding to know what’s going on between her and John and wondering where Colin Fishwick’s gone. He’s dead, under the floor at Underworld (if I’d’ve done an update last week, you’d have known all about this!) but Charlotte lies and says he’s gone back to Canada. John’s in a constant sweat and Fiz leaves him to go on holiday to Spain on her own.

And that's just about that for this week.

Coronation Street writers this week were Martin Allen, Julie Jones, Joe Turner, David Lane and Mark Burt. Find out more about the Corrie writing team here.

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abbyk said...

Baby Tilsley, but you knew that. Vacation brain? :)

Tvor said...

HA! But he does kind of look like Ricky Gervais now you mention it! Damn. I'm never going to find him sexy now!

Anonymous said...

Actually, abbyk, clever-dick, it's Baby Blakeman (if your parents aren't married, the default is that you take your mother's surname). No brain? :)D
Then again, as Natasha will top herself before the baby is due, it won't be Baby anything.

Sea Penguin said...

Eeeh! gruesome!
@Tvor - I'm going to take my contact lenses out and squint next time he's on. Maybe that way I can erase this *awful* Ricky Gervais thing.

abbyk said...

Seems we had a few things lost in cross culture. Once again, time to consult the British/American translation machine.

Not sure if I've just been insulted (hope not!), but stateside, the default is the baby daddy name. Crazy how we have the same language and the same roots in law, yet it all comes out so very different.

Then again, since David & Natasha are pals, it could be Baby Platt afterall. Yuck!


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