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Tuesday 24 August 2010

The Invisible Woman: Mon Aug 16, 2010 Corrie Episode Review

Aug 16 2010
(Apologies fellow fans for the tardiness of these reviews, but I was enjoying my summer holidays!)
Written by John Kerr (7:30) and Jan McVerry (8:30), directed by David Kester
Gail has been trying to contact a distraught Audrey, who is alone amongst the boxes in her place – dreams crushed.  Gail gets chewed out by Peter who thinks that Audrey Aug 16 2010 Audrey alone should replace the money that her rent-boy stole.  Gail reminds him that Audrey is a victim and that he should look closer to home – Deirdre.  Gail goes by her mum’s house and brings by some items and gets her up out of her mood.  Audrey is still clinging to the hope that maybe Lewis still really cared for her, but Gail reminds her that if he had he wouldn’t have left.  Audrey is still adamant about moving to Greece, with or without Lewis.  She really is stubborn! 
Aug 16 2010 Peter Deirdre It isn’t heaven over at the Barlow’s, where Ken and Deirdre are at odds.  Deirdre’s day doesn’t get better since Peter tries to sack her from the bookies, but she won’t go that easily.  She insists she works hard in there for peanuts and that she gives his son his tea three nights a week.  Note to self: don’t hire family – or Deirdre.  Deirdre complains to Ken about Peter and her complaints fall on deaf ears.  Are the Barlows in trouble, AGAIN? 
Natasha is still in mourning over her relationship with Nick ended.  Leanne comes into the salon and asks Natasha how she is and insistsAug 16 2010 Peter and Nick she tell Nick about the pregnancy.  Nick goes to the salon later looking for his Gran but Natasha thinks he’s there to see her.  He tells her that what happened between them – nothing has changed. Deirdre tells Nick later that Peter Barlow had a go at Gail about Audrey and this riles Nick up.  Natasha tells him that she needs to talk to him, but he says whatever it is can wait.  Nick goes to the bookies looking for Peter and Nick wonders how Leanne can be engaged to him.  Leanne complains about it all, so Nick persuades her to go for a drink.  Peter finds them in the Rovers and is already uptight over his money lost and loses it when he seems Leanne and Nick looking intimate.  Nick decides to be a hero and stand up to Peter only to get a walloping.  Leanne isn’t happy Aug 16 2010 Natasha Nick Leanne with either man and marches angrily back into the pub after the scuffle.  
Later, Janice leaves her phone at the factory and Nick takes advantage calling Leanne over.  She comes thinking it was Janice who summoned her until she sees that it wasn’t.  Meanwhile, Natasha was upset since she received the keys to her and Nick’s flat but Maria says she should give it a go and convince Nick again.  Natasha heads over to the factory only to find Nick and Leanne in a conversation that she didn’t like.  Nick was trying to convince Leanne that Peter’s bad for her and that the two of them should be together.  Natasha finds Nick stroking Leanne’s hair telling her that she deserves better and Natasha says “don’t we all.”  Ouch!  Natasha calls Leanne a piece of work and Natasha spills to Nick that she’s pregnant.  Nick is angry that Natasha told Leanne about her pregnancy and not him.  Natasha cries tearfully as Nick drivesAug 16 2010 Sian and Sophie away from her in anger. 
The Sian-Ban is still on at Casa Webster and Sophie isn’t happy about it.  Sally reminds her she only has herself to blame.  Sophie now gets her phone taken away too and tells Sally that she should grow a Charlie Chaplin mustache since it’d suit her.  Er, I assume she’s referring to Hitler’s similar ‘stache.  Sian aka “The Invisible Woman” shows up at Dev’s shop and Sunita tries to help Sophie hide her when Kevin comes in. 
Aug 16 2010 Bill Builders Yard
Owen teases Bill about being too old for the business and coaxes him into selling.  Owen is interested in the yard since there’s a flat attached to it, and likes life around there.  I’m sure Izzy’ll be happy.  Bill doesn’t know what toAug 16 2010 Liz Eileen do since he’s got no work coming in, and Owen knows it.  Bill succumbs to Owen and sells.  Did Bill really want to sell?  Maybe he should move to Greece with Audrey. Jason is upset since he had dreams that he might own the builders yard one day.  Bill gives a sentimental Jason some of his old tools and Jason is touched.  Owen also knows how to play women off each other and does this with Eileen and Liz. 
Sean is happily showing all and sundry photos of he and his boy Dylan, after his visit to see Violet in London.  I’m glad all of this worked out for him, but does anyone really care?  This storyline seems to have sunk, in my humble opinion. 
HIGHLIGHTS- Simon wanting to play for Cameroon instead of England. 
- David afraid of the “blue rinse brigade” if he doesn’t get to work.  Ha. 
- Nick’s description of Peter, “dark haired, drink problem, likes picking on middle-aged women.” 
- David trying to make Natasha feel better by telling her she’s better off without Nick.  It was sincere. 
- Janice is back and there must have been a special on poodle perms since she’s got a matching one with Liz! 
LOWLIGHTS- Ken avoiding Deirdre when she wants to talk about their infidelities. 
- This Owen is trouble.  First he’s haranguing Bill about the builder’s yard and now he’s playing Eileen and Liz off each other. 
- Sophie calling her mum a fascist cow and giving her such attitude.  Doesn’t Sally still have cancer? 
- Peter thinking that Audrey owes him his money.  She’s the victim too! 
- I don’t like the way that Peter’s bossing Leanne around lately! 
- What is with that t-shirt that Sian was wearing?  Seriously?  A bit suggestive…


Tvor said...

Peter's being a real plonker and really, has the betting shop never had to pay out a good sized win before? Surely it's all part of the game and he'd make that 4 thousand back in a week or less. Mind you, Nick is a plonker too, always has been.

Glenda Young said...

Oh Katelyn, you're an absolute star for doing these reviews from when you've been on holiday. It's too good of you!

Anonymous said...

I thought Sally has fully recovered and is considered healthy. She staid with her sister during her recovery, and came home when the doctors said everything was fine, or at least that's how she told it at that birthday party-thingy. Did I miss something, or did something change since that?

David Niven said...

More whingy clinginess from Sian, why on earth should Sophie not celebrate her exam results with her family?

Felt sooo sorry for Leanne with her tears for her unborn child, the one that Nick forced her to abort during their short marraige and more nastiness from Natasha, another jealous limpet!

Dilly Daydream said...

I know Janice's hair has been commented on previously, but I thought it was just awful.

gadgee said...

I thought David being nice to Natasha in his inimitable way was really sweet.


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