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Thursday 26 August 2010

Poor Sap: Fri Aug 20, 2010 Corrie Episode Review

Aug 20 2010

Written by Simon Crowther (7:30) and Jonathan Harvey (8:30), directed by David Kester

Nick is already rubbing Natasha’s baby-less tummy and asking her if she’d prefer a boy or a girl when she’s avoiding these questions.  How awkward.  Nick would like a girl since he doesn’t really like football and he quite likes shopping.  Must be those metrosexual tendencies that Natasha mentioned earlier.  Natasha said she’d like a boy so Nick figuresAug 20 2010 Hunky Doctor they should hope for a hermaphrodite.  Natasha insists that Nick not tell anyone else about the baby yet – including Gail.  Nick isn’t happy that Nick has taken Natasha back so easily because she doesn’t know the real reason why. 

Natasha books an appointment with a hunky new doctor to talk about her, well, body.  She sees Fiz and John there booked in for their first scan and looks awkward telling everyone she’s got tennis elbow.  Natasha tells Doctor Carter that she had a termination and then asks how long it’ll take for her to get pregnant again.  She ends up spilling her whole story to the doctor and, well, the doctor thinks the same as all of us.  Nick goes into the medical centre and is told by Gail that Natasha is in the room and busts in.  Doctor Carter isn’t Aug 20 2010 Natasha happy with Gail for compromising his patient’s privacy and reprimands her.  A reprimand she doesn’t take well.  On top of it all, Nick tells Gail that Natasha is pregnant and they’re having a baby.  Gail now understands why Natasha and he are back together.  Gail thinks that Natasha is trying to trap Nick.  Nick tells Gail that she can be a part of he and Natasha’s family or not. 

Fiz goes into the pub and tells everyone that she’s pregnant, so Julie decides to announce it to the entire pub.  Audrey makes a toast and Nick gets too excited and takes it upon himself to make it a double celebration.  He tells everyone that Natasha is also pregnant – with his baby.  Fiz thinks this is brilliant news and that they’ll be able to swap notes.  Everyone thinks it’s wonderful except for Becky – who’s broody, Gail – who’s moody, and Leanne who sobs in the back yard.  Natasha notices Leanne’s face and goes outside to see her.Aug 20 2010 Peter John   She tells Leanne to stay away from her man assuming that Leanne is in love with Nick.  She couldn’t be more wrong, as Leanne points out.  Leanne tells her to go to hell. 

John and Fiz are back on as though NOTHING has happened within the last few months.  Strangely enough, I do not mind.  John is looking for a job and asks Roy for his old one back, but Roy’s given the shifts to Anna.  Peter overhears this and thinks he’s got a new employee in the bookies.  Fiz is in good spirits and figures if John wants to be a bookie, she’ll take it over what he USED to do – fraud.  She tells Roy that she’s pregnant and he gives her a congratulatory hug. 

John manages to completely geek out Peter with naming the courses at the bookies.  Can you say keener?  Leanne’s not happy that Peter’s fired Deirdre in favour of hiring a convicted kidnapper.  Peter says that he’s an alcoholic and she’s an ex call girl.  I suppose he’s right.  John leaves and Audrey stalks in to give Peter a piece of her mind about Aug 20 2010 Audrey Peter stealing two haircuts.  Peter gives her a load of attitude, and Audrey sets him straight.  Later, Peter goes over to see John and offer him the job after finally getting rid of Deirdre.  John is over the moon since he now has a job on which he can support his new child when it comes.  Peter says that a lot of people have given him a second chance and it’s time for him to pay it forward.  Oh, John has had plenty of second chances. 

There is further trouble between the Barlow’s marriage as Ken is quite unresolved over what happened between Deirdre and Lewis.  Deirdre is still holding a grudge against what happened with he and Martha on the barge.  Is there no love left at No.1 CoronationAug 20 2010 Sophie Street? 

Sian returns to the street again to visit Sophie and Sophie has to hide her again.  Sian has a genius idea and says that they can meet each other if they both sign up for the church choir.  Sophie’s not sure about using church as a cover, but no telling she will.  They see Natasha and Nick kissing across the street and think it’s unfair.  If they only knew…  Sophie tells Sal about joining the choir and looks guilty when Sally says she trusts her and is happy she’s joining the choir.  Meanwhile, Sophie and Sian are singing in pleasure together at Aug 20 2010 Upset Mary the church choir.  Lovers unite.  I am so bored by their relationship storyline. 

Waiting for the bus, Sally watches Steve have a drag of Lloyd’s cigarette and later blabs about what he did in the Rovers to Becky who’s not happy to hear that Steve has cheated on their “non smoking” plan for their panel interview.  Steve and Becky row about it later and Liz reminds them they need to pull together if they’re going to have success at the panel. 

Hayley’s worried about what Mary’s going to think about her wanting to have Becky be her maid of honour.  She knows she’ll not like the idea.  Hayley finally tells Mary that she cannot have her as the wedding planner anymore. 


- Lloyd: “If there’s one thing I hate it’s women throwing themselves at me.” 

- Roy and Ken talking about how they changed the bus routes.  Can you believe?  Ken has to get off at the undertakers and walk down to the library now.  How inconvenient.

- Roy’s congratulatory hug to Fiz on her pregnancy.

- Yes, I like the hunky new doctor.  I approve and I like that he gives Gail a spot of attitude.  He was in the right!  And, why don’t ALL doctors look like that? 

- Audrey coming into the bookies to give Peter a piece of her mind (golden), and Peter seeing her coming stating “Oh good lord, look at the face on her!”  Then, Audrey calling Ken a poor sap. 


- I cannot believe that Natasha is actually going to fake being pregnant.  Sheesh.  Faking a miscarriage is the only way she might get out of this one unscathed.  Although, NickAug 20 2010 Becky sniffing would surely leave then. 

- Becky seductively sniffing Lloyd’s nicotine off his body. 

- John nerding it up in the bookies.  I will just never get used to him, sorry. 

- I did feel a bit sad for Mary when she was demoted from being Hayley’s wedding planner. 

- Natasha was SO nasty to Leanne!!!

1 comment:

Tvor said...

Audrey was brilliant! And i thought Becky sniffing the nicotine was quite funny! Very well done! and Roy nearly had me in tears when he was so chuffed for Fiz.

I wonder, though, legally can someone with a criminal record work in a betting shop?


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