Sunday, 29 August 2010

Coronation Street weekly awards for August 23 - 27

Hen Night of the yea:! Playing doctors and nurses and Samba night in the cafe and ROY -dear heavens! and oh my - can't Hayley dance!

Sabotage award: Gold Star: Becky and Steve didn't get picked for adoption due to her half sister's nasty negative reference. And Becky and Kylie get a family reunion award too. Bashing, throwing things, and finally making a bit of peace.

Are you new here? award: Gold Star: Nick saying to Natasha about moving in together "Are you sure I didn't push you into this?" (huh? who did all the chasing?)

Dumb Blonde award: Gold Star: Natasha shouldn't be using the exact same symptoms as Fiz. How can two of them both go off curry and Branston pickle?

Pants on Fire award: Gold Star: Kylie was telling porkies about her wonderful life.
Silver Star: Claire lied about leaving the kids with Sian and Sophie but Aadi could have got hurt no matter what.
Bronze Star: Sophie promised her mother no more lies. Umm...

Two can play at that game award: Gold Star: Deirdre giving Ken back some of his silent treatment and not making him anything to eat nor leaving him any supplies!

Who peed in your cornflakes? award: Gold Star: Mary really is in a snit over the wedding, isn't she?

Ooh, Liz has her old curly look back! She and Janice must have gone to the same stylist. Did Audrey get a deal on perm rods?
Hayley in a cardi and the August!
Roy's Samba look - brilliant!

Lines of the Week:
David: "Since when has Nick done the right thing by anyone?" (got it in one)
Owen to Jason: "You obviously didn't inherit your mother's dynamic personality and rapier-like wit"
Rosie: "There is a God." Sophie: "That's what I've been trying to tell you!"
Eileen: "I got absolutely ratted and I would have left me on the doorstep and all!"
Eileen to Norris about Graeme: "He's a butcher, Norris, not the flippin' Pied Piper."
Kylie to Michelle: "Your perfume... what's it called? Past it?" and about Ciaran: "Nice guns (biceps), shame about the eyesight."
Mary to the hens: "I shall bid you good evening and leave you to your debauchery." (Jealous, much?)


Rachel said...

Loved Javier, the Mancunian Cuban! Very funny. Perfect hen night for our Hayles.

John M said...

Excellent pair of episodes. Liz's hair just doesn't suit her though - it is very 80s.

Annie said...

Go Hayley go! Bloody brilliant!!!!

David Cameroon said...

How about the "Total About Turn Award"

Becky for treating her scuddy little siter "me sis" like total royality when it was she who scuppered her dream of having a child with her nastiness.

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