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Tuesday 24 August 2010

Will Steve and Becky get a child after all?

In today's fab Inside Soap magazine there's an article on the new Coronation Street character played by Paula Lane. Paula plays Becky's half-sister Kylie who brings to Weatherfield her four year old son, Max.  It turns out that little Max has been put in foster care as Kylie was deemend unfit to look after him after she got in with a bad crowd. Becky's concerned and wants to help Kylie get her son back.

So, that's the official story spoiler and now here's what I think (*), having put two and two together in what might well be typical of Soap Plot No. 32.

Steve and Becky can't have a child of their own, they've been turned down by the adoption agency, in comes Becky's relative with a little baby she can't look after on her own.  Put baby and Becky together and Bob's your uncle, problem solved, everyone lives happily ever after.  What do you think? Could it work?

(*) Actually this wasn't my idea, it was our blogger Sunny Jim's!


Tvor said...


Simon said...

I'v read somewhere that this is indeed what happens :)

John McE said...

The poor, poor kid!

Anonymous said...

I don't think he's a "poor kid", or would be if Becky was him mum.
Becky has deep-seated issues with authority figures, but has been trying her best to overcome that.
She's great with Amy, a protector by nature, struggles with curtailing her feelings and opinions, but with Steve and Liz to provide love and support, I think she'd do very well.
As she's seen life from both sides now, she'd be very vigilant with a child with a similar background as herself.
However there will have to be the expected conflict with Kylie regarding the child, either now or later, and that's where the problem would be.

David Niven said...

If they have been turned down by the adoption panel, how come the social services would suddenly hand over the child to Becky? Becky is unstable and unpredictable, and threatens violence whenever she doesnt get her own way, giving her a child, one that is already probably damaged would be madness. Not looking forward to a long drawn out storyline on this one.

Tvor said...

As i understand it, They are turned down because they haven't been married long enough, been in a long time stable relationship, not because they are unfit to be parents. Obviously, Steve is a parent and Becky a step parent and they aren't removing Amy from the home. Kylie's child would be a blood relation to Becky and if it came to that, Kylie would be agreeing to Becky having the child. There might not be as much that the Social can do about it if the objections aren't that Becky would be an unfit parent.

Nicole said...

IF the UK DFCS system works any bit like the US, they prefer to place with family over strangers when children come into care and they do investigate everyone. Most parents, biological, foster or adoptive are not perfect, but the ultimate goal is to provide a safe environment for the child while Kylie gets her life in order to regain custody of her son. Reunification is the key word here, not adoption. Sorry this is a subject close to me as my husband and I are adoptive parents of our former foster son

Martin Rosen said...

It cannot possibly happen. After all who in 50 years of Coronation Street history has ever lived "happily ever after" !!

Nicole said...

This could also lead to another story line when Kylie regains custody of her child from Steve and Becky and the heartbreak that is experienced by foster parents on a weekly basis of
losing" a family member. All the kids we have had placed with us we have considered family. One went home 3 yrs ago and we still chat online. Another we know thru another family, moved back in with her foster family when she was legally an adult and wanted to move out of her mothers home.


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