Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Pictures: Corrie cast at Corrie! stage play

Coronation Street cast members were out in force last night to the press night of Corrie! the stage play in Salford. Even some ex-Corrie actors turned up for the event too.

There's loads of pictures here and another picture gallery here.

There's a review of the play right here.


Tvor said...

I loved Julie's red shoes!! and Barbara Knox looks so good! The review sounds pretty much as i expected/hoped and seems worth seeing. Hope that i can get to see it when it comes to Toronto next September

Scott said...

I saw Corrie! on Saturday night and absolutely loved it. It was funny, clever and most importantly, respectful of the show and its history.

The cast were all outstanding and considering the amount of lines and quick changes they had, there were virtually no errors or fluffed lines.

Katherine Dow Blyton was particularly good and hit the mark with Deirdre, Ena Sharples, Audrey and Hilda.

I disagree with the comments on the review, the poignant scenes weren't too rushed - Mike's death, Hilda mourning Stan and Ken/Deirdre/Mike's confrontation at the door of the Barlow's brought a lump to my throat. I also thought Charles Lawson was excellent as the narrator.

The Alan Bradley tram scene, the Hillman's plunge into the canal and Martha's barge set peices are ingenious and hilarious.

The final scenes are so heart-warming, with a group of much loved characters coming together to look over the street and two iconic characters having a touching heart-to-heart.

Honestly, if you can, go and see it! It's just amazing. (And William Roache was sitting two rows behind me which was quite exciting).

Natalie said...

Barbara lookink glam as ever, wish I could see this play!

seapenguin said...

Rita looks fantastic!

Anonymous said...

Nikki Sanderson aka Candice looks even better. See the pics.

Tvor said...

Ohh Scott thanks for the review!! and yes, Anon, Nikki did look great!

Anonymous said...

There's an account of my visit to see the gala performance on Monday on my blog http://markllewellin.blogspot.com - but I also wanted to clear up some confusion. It is my understanding that the stage show announced for Toronto in Sept is not this production. It's something different entirely, penned by John Stevenson. I could be wrong, but I don't think so.
I'm sure it'll be great - John's a superb writer - but I don't want people confused.

Flaming Nora said...

Hi Mark, you might be right, it does appear to be a different show. Do you know if Corrie! is going on tour in the UK?

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