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Wednesday 25 August 2010

Who does the best evil stare - Natasha or Gail?

Oooh - I wouldn't let her near me with those sharp hairdressing scissors, Nick!
I'm loving Coronation Street's Natasha Blakeman at the moment. Rachel Lescovac is such a good actress.
The thing I really like about her is that you don't really know which way she's going to turn. One minute she's flakey and girly, and the next her pupils expand and she's telling Leanne to keep her prostitute claws off Nick - and my goodness, she means it! I thought that Gail McIntyre would win any evil staring, wasp-chewing contest hands down, but here's Natasha giving her a run for her money, maybe not in the wasp-chewing stakes, but certainly matching her in the baleful glare department. I read online that Rachel previously played a serial killer nurse on Holby City - I didn't see that one, but I'm sure she would have been great. In her current Corrie storyline, she supposedly commits or attempts suicide - I really hope that doesn't happen. I'd hate to see Natasha going out that way.


Anonymous said...

I agree Rachel Leskovac is a very good actress.
Have enjoyed her very much in this, unfortunately last, story line.
Love also the way she can shift between 'soft' and 'hard' in an instant; a cuddly kitten with Tiger's claws.
She seems to have that "look" that mirrors her deepest feelings when she's upset, and I can see her playing a psychopath very well.
A shame Corrie is letting her go.

Llifon said...

Ye, on Holby she was a nurse who murdered patients. Was quite gripping. She stabs the ward's sister and is responsible for her brother's death. She also committed suicide. Tbh, I did think it was similar.

Anonymous said...

Rachel any day. I will never be able to take the gerbil seriously.

Pout and whisper, pout and whisper etc etc - bout time she had a new love interest who is anything but normal isn't it! So boring.

Why don't Corrie give the more talented actors a break and some time on the street. It's what the public want.

How about a Craig Gazey & Kate Anthony double act - it would be hillarious and I remember when comedy was a major part of what made the Coronation Street foundations.

Sea Penguin said...

I don't watch a lot of telly other than Corrie, so I don't often know what's happening elsewhere, but I agree wholeheartedly it seems very disappointing if they are mirroring plotlines.

Anonymous said...

I watch only two programmes on t.v. and Corrie is number one on my list.
There are a few actors that work well together for comedy, Norris with just about anyone, Steve/Lloyd/Eileen, Sean and 'girls', Auntie Pam has comedic flair, Graeme of course with anyone, and I appreciate how much comedy Corrie does inject into many of the episodes.
Not a constant diet of doom and gloom, a consistently great balance, so important.

gadgee said...

It's good that Rachel Lescovac is getting to show how good an actress she is now, after not being given a great deal to do for so long. I agree she was really menacing with Leanne the other day.

Anonymous said...

Yes, it's great that Rachel Leskovac is leaving Coronation Street with such a meaty story line of her own.
She is a good actress, and I'm glad for her that after two years she got a real chance to shine before she left.


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