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Thursday 19 August 2010

John Stape - what next?

"All he wanted to do was teach" - and look where he is now. Think on, anyone doing a Dip. Ed. or whatever they are nowadays.

I know some people can't stand Coronation Street's John Stape, but I'm a fan and I'm always hoping for more developments. I enjoyed the odd - very odd! - glimpses we had of him while Fiz was in Majorca, propping up the Rover's bar in a filthy debauched stupor.

And lately when he's "snapped" and lost his temper there have been flashes of a really sinister Stape, which is genuinely giving me the willies. If Fiz hadn't returned and announced her pregnancy - and didn't Stape's desperate grin look almost maniacal when he heard - he was heading for hell in a handcart. Now, he says that he'll be content to be a family man and clean toilets or whatever, but I can't see that lasting more than five seconds. Where is this going? Will he be able to cope with the knowledge that Fiz is blithely running up knickers on top of Fishwick's corpse? Is he capable of feeling guilt, or just self pity? And is Fiz going to put up with him, or pack her bags once and for all?

Until recently, the general opinion seemed to be that Stape would end up under "the tram". Due to his nefarious doings, there seemed to be no other way forward for him - if you can call being mashed under a tram a way forward. Others have suggested that he might redeem himself by rescuing someone from the wreckage. Personally, I've no idea how this will evolve, but I'm hoping they can spin it out for a bit longer and keep Stape in Corrie.


Tvor said...

Stape is one of those characters i like to hate. The actor is very good but i really really hate what he's made Fiz into. And i really find that he's got some serious psychological problems. Never takes responsibility, pathological liar, and a classic sociopath who thinks the law is for everyone else.

David Cameroon said...

I like the character of Stape, anyone that can shout at the idiot Dev and tell him a few home truths is alright with me. Unfortunately I think the tram crash damages the excavations of the faktry and the body is discovered, whether he can es-stape from this one I am not sure. I would ideally like him and Fiz to be happy and bring up their child on the street and for him to become a regular character.

John McE said...

Snape is basically a good man to which bad things happen (albeit usually his own fault), rather than an out and out villian. I think it'd be great if he was in it for another couple of years, and you could look back and see how one thing after another lead him towards a tragic end. It'd be a shame IMHO if his story ended too soon.

Or maybe, just maybe, he could redeem himself, and end up one the genuine good characters in the programme?

Sea Penguin said...

@ david cameroon - Oh dear - he'd need to be houdini to get out of that one, but I do hope he manages it. I see in the TV mag he's due to start working in the bookies - looking forward to seeing how he copes with that/gets along with Peter! re. Fiz - I think she's getting her Fizz back, and no reason why she can't kick him into touch - will be interesting to see how the pregnancy affects things.

gab said...

i also see him as a good man that bad things hapen to he doesnt mean them to it jsut happens i know burying someone is completely stupid as he didnt kill him but he gets himself in such a a state

i feel sorry for fiz sometimes but i love them together i still think theyre going to kill him off though

maggie muggins said...

Hiding a dead body is illegal, whether he killed him or not. I don't see how that can be redeemed. Stape is a passive/aggressive guy. He never asserts himself (except for the odd comment they allow, like with Dev), but goes and does things that verge on criminal without batting an eye. How could that ever be a a good role model for students, or his own children? I find him insufferably tedious and hope his Fishwick fiasco gets exposed. Even with the old Fiz sort of back, I cringe when I see them together. He looked down on her intelligence when they first met, and for me that set the tone.


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