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Thursday 26 August 2010

Patti Clare is loyal but not obsessed

There's a nice interview with Patti Clare in the Mirror. She talks about how much she really wanted to be in Corrie and pursued it with a persistence worthy of her future character, Mary Taylor! She sent letter after letter to the casting director, even suggesting scenarios! She proved that the squeaky wheel does get the grease, finally successful in her quest.

In the interview she does say that she is "doggedly loyal" but unlike Mary, not obsessed when it comes to relationships and she mentions that her mother, while thrilled Mary is on Corrie, is appalled at the clothes her daughter has to wear. Patti thinks her costumes are just right for Mary, however.

It looks like Mary is here to stay while, too, because Patti has a new six month contract though her dream would be to become a permanent fixture. Of course nothing on television is guaranteed (unless you're William Roache!) but here's hoping Patti will be around awhile and Mad Mary continues to throw her wonderful one-liners acrosst he cobbles!

We'll also see Mary in the upcoming A Knight's Tale dvd!


John McE said...

Has Patti Clare ever appeared on This Morning, or any other chat show? I'd love to see what the actress is like in real life (presumably NOT one of those who is exactly the same as her character!)

Anonymous said...

She's a wonderful actress! I LOVE the love-starved, over-the-top character she plays and am thrilled she's signed for another six months of more smothering ...another victim on the Cobbles. Who will the friend be this time? Norris was first, then Hayley... what about Lloyd??? eligible nice-guy perpetual bachelor...

Anonymous said...

Love Mary and hope she does stay for a very long time. I think Patti plays her wonderfully and enjoy every performance. Praise also to the writers who give her such great lines.

Clare said...

I love mad Mary.

Anonymous said...

Is it just me who has no patience for the character and her storylines?

I found her funny but I thought that kidnapping Norris or whatever she did was a dead-end for the just seems so ridiculous that they've kept going with her.

Though, I find coronation street is doing that a lot these an example, Stape kidnapped one of the street's characters, that should of been the end for that character yet he comes back and everyone accepts him...Norris doesn't even seem to mind what mary did to him!

they might as well have had Tony Gordon escape from prison and move back in with Maria with no one minding and everyone on the street covering up for him so that police don't find out! Why not?

Annie said...

A lot of characters get a "dead-end" storyline foisted upon them, but , being fiction, anything is possible.

Imagine if they had left Roy as a whiskey-drinking creepy loner in a block of flats.

Tvor said...

It does seem odd that Norris seems to have completely left what Mary did behind when he was so frightened of her. Mind you, he knew how she felt about him and it's his own fault for giving her mixed signals by agreeing to go away to a secluded cottage with her.

Not everyone has accepted Stape but yes, most of them have and it seems odd.

Anonymous said...

I think Scary Mary is without doubt one of the best characters they've introduced to the Corrie cobbles in the last few years.

The only problem is that recently she has nobody and nothing to tie her to Weatherfield. She just seems to be somebody who periodically pops up in the Rovers and the cafe and who occasionally does a bit of wedding planning.

Ideally, we really need to get her back behind the counter in the Kabin (this was when she was at her best!) so that she has a permanent place in the show. However, now that Rita has returned that's unlikely to happen.

Nevertheless, with Molly's impending demise there will soon be a vacancy arising in the Coroner Shop so let's hope the writer's allow Mary to fill it and then she'll have a reason to remain in Coronation Street..


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