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Tuesday 31 August 2010

Not Fair: Mon Aug 23, 2010 Corrie Episode Review

Aug 23 2010
Written by Mark Wadlow (7:30) and Joe Turner (8:30), directed by Pip Short
It’s Becky and Steve’s big day in front of the adoption panel and she couldn’t be more nervous and has Steve put on his suit.  Becky is stressed out to the nines when waiting Aug 23 2010 Becky Ciggiefor their interview and decides to fall from grace in her attempt to quit smoking and takes a cigarette out of a poodle haired woman outside the building.  Steve and Becky  goes in for their interview, and much to Becky’s horror – the poodle hair woman she just got a ciggie off of outside – is one of the panellists.  How does this always seem to manage to happen to Becky?  In the interview, Becky lies Aug 23 2010 Becky Steve sad about them being a “non-smoking” couple, despite Jade’s (poodle hair woman) insistence on the fact.  In the end, the McDonalds are not suitable for adoption.  Not because of the smoking, they later find out, but because of a bad reference given by Becky’s unknown half-sister, Kylie.  Becky is outraged and upset, understandably.  No doubt she’ll let Kylie lie after this. 
Liz is upset for them when she hears the news that they couldn’t get a kid.  Steve tells his mum that he’s always pictured himself with lots of kids and that it’s not fair.  I really do feel for these two.  At least they have the one child though, which is more than most.  Becky has to tell Amy later that she won’t be getting a new brother or sister like she thought.  Amy says that’s fine and that she doesn’t want Becky to be sad.  How sweet.Aug 23 2010 Fiz Natasha  
Gail is upset that Nick is moving out and David can’t understand why he’s moving in with Natasha.  Nick says he wants to do right by Natasha, but David says he’s never done right by anyone.  Natasha is crumbling under the pressure of pretending to be pregnant already.  She has no clue what she’s in for.  Natasha is feeding off of Fiz’s pregnancy symptoms and mimicking them precisely.  This is almost as insane as John pretending NOT to be a teacher.  After a drink with Natasha and Nick and hearing that Natasha has taken over all of Fiz’s pregnancy symptoms.  Fiz found it strange that Natasha felt frisky, but John just says every man is different. 
Aug 23 2010 Ches Katie Chesney finally got his business cards in the mail.  Chesney Battersby-Brown, Pet Supplies.  John thinks it’d be much cooler if it said “Chesney Battersby-Brown, MBA.”  Then no one would know what he’d be selling.  Chesney cares not for his GSCE results.  Owen presents his card to Owen and asks Owen for his daughter Katie’s number.  Owen remembers him from his party and tells him that his daughter is well out of his league and to bug off. 
Owen asks Eileen out on a date and Jason is fairly disgusted by it all – unlike Eileen.  Meanwhile, his daughter Katie stops by to scam himAug 23 2010 Eileen Enthused out of twenty quid so that she and Chesney can get chips – unbeknownst to him.  Does anyone really care what their fathers think anymore?  Chesney tells Katie over chips that he’s got a dog, but he’s a great dane.  Katie only likes small dogs, so she’s not interested.  Chesney impulsively invites Katie as his date for Roy and Hayley’s wedding.  She says she’ll think about it and that’s good enough for Chesney. 
Sophie and Sian continue to argue over the fact that they can’t see each other because they lied to go to a concert. Sian wants them to Aug 23 2010 Aadi look at their GSCE marks together to decide their futures.  Sophie says she wants to, but her parents won’t let her. 
The Alahans are stepping out from their terrace house discussing plans for dinner at a Michelin five star restaurant when Aadi walks into the road after his ball and a car comes screeching around the corner.  Thankfully, Dev is quick (for once) and rescues the child saving him from harm. 

- Steve is so hen-pecked by his wife and mother.  I know this is nothing new, but I think it’s great!
- Audrey: “Tell ya what David, you get pregnant and you can have as much time off as you like.” 
- Eileen enthused and Jason perturbed at Owen’s inviting her out on a date.
- I like the new “Katie” character so far.  Does she remind anyone else of Sophie?  Only, a little less moody? 
- Amy and Becky.  Don’t children just make things better sometimes? 
- Betty wondering if Becky is pregnant, that’s why she doesn’t feel well.
- John studying up on working at the bookies.  NERD.
- So, Becky buys a nice top for the adoption panel and tells Steve to put on a suit.  She’s upset because she gets sauce on it, so decides to wear a corset-top to the interview?  Because THAT is on par with Steve wearing a suit?  Haha.
- Natasha is giving ME morning sickness with her “we’ve made a commitment to each other” statements to Nick.  barf.  
- Just a thought, but if the McDonalds were so unfit to adopt a child, did child services ever consider the welfare of the child that is CURRENTLY living with them?  Am I thinking too far into this?
- Since when do they sing Rihanna songs in church choir? 
- Becky’s whole “I’m good, me, really, I make mistakes is all…” routine.
- Poor little Aadi looked so sad when his daddy yelled at him! 

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Tvor said...

John just says every man is different. ... woman too ;)))

I did wonder about the Rhianna song but i suppose all that love and shelter could be religious oriented too if you wanted. I thought with all the talk of competitions it was more like Glee for the church crowd!


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