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Friday 13 August 2010

The Accumulator: Thu Aug 12, 2010 Corrie Episode Review


Written by Jan McVerry, directed by Terry Dyddgen-Jones

Underworld is going to be re-opened and is outfitted in a big red bow for it’s grand reveal.  Is it just me, or is that the speediest construction EVER done?  I’m pretty sure thatAug-12-2010-Underworld-opening they’ve been rebuilding my office building since 1968, but that could be an bit of an exaggeration.  Hayley does the honours and opens the door to Underworld, post-burned-bodies.  Yeah, people don’t forget!  Owen impresses the factory staff with the new dimmer switch, two which they all “ooh and ahh.”  Clearly an easily amused bunch.

The staff go for a congratulatory dinner toast at the Rovers.  Carla toasts to the staff since they wouldn’t be there without them.  The staff take this inch and ask for a mile.  Carla promises them that if they have this order finished by next Wednesday they can have the day off for Hayley’s Hen ‘do.  Hayley says she wasn’t really going to have a Hen ‘do, but everyone dismisses her.  There WILL be a Hen ‘do. 

Aug-12-2010-Lewis-shock-win Audrey is feeling nostalgic about her salon and Lewis wants to know that she’s not having second thoughts.  Lewis goes over to Deirdre’s to try and apologize for something.  Honestly, it was just a kiss, not the affair of the century, get over it!  The two say good bye, but not “au revoir.”  Au, lord.  Lewis goes into the bookies and hands in his slip that he placed on that accumulator.  Leanne looks at the sheet and seems shocked that he won.  Well, she looks horrified actually.  Lewis wants to know how much he’s won on the accumulator since “he’s never done one before.”  Looks like he’s won nearly four grand!  She says she doesn’t even think they have that in the safe, and that he could come back when Peter’s in tomorrow.  Lewis informs her that he’ll be leaving for Greece tomorrow – forever.  She offers to write him a cheque, but that takes three days.  Lewis wants his money, and now.  Leanne goes to call Peter to figure it out and comes back with four grand in cash asking him if he’s sure he wants to carry that much cash on him.  He says he’s absolutely sure looking like the cat that got the cream.  Aug-12-2010-Leanne-Nick

Later, Leanne tells Deirdre about Lewis’ win and how it’s cleaned them out and she’s barely got a float in the till.  Deirdre looks rather concerned about it all and I wonder why.  Especially when Leanne is quite suspicious of Lewis and how he’s been hanging around the bookies like a bad smell.  Leanne hasn’t even told Peter yet since she’s scared to and that it’ll ruin his holiday.  Leanne’s day gets worse when she realizes she’s locked her keys in the shop and Nick comes to the rescue by calling a locksmith.  Leanne is happy on happy terms with Nick now and says she owes him one.  She should be careful about saying that. 

Natasha’s on the phone with her bank asking about payment relief had she have to take a “few months off” in the future.  Looks like Aug-12-2010-Salon-Girls she’s got no relief for her future pregnancy.  Depressed, she tells Maria that the salon’s all hers since she can’t qualify and follow-through on the loan, and Maria looks happy as David looks concerned.  Maria is already making plans for the new design of “Audrey’s” and says she’s going to get a proper coffee machine and all and will send David for barista training.  Audrey bursts the barista bubble by telling the salon staff that her and Lewis have discussed it and she will be keeping the salon for another year.  Maria is distraught by still bickers with Natasha over who would be the better manager now.  Later, Eileen comes in and her and Maria complain about how hard it is to ‘bring up baby’ talking about Molly mostly, but Natasha looks sick to her stomach at the conversation.  David jokes that at least Eileen won’t have to worry about doing it again.  Meanwhile, Gail has a word with Nick about not leaving Natasha dangling and to either move in with her, or not.  Gail tells Nick that a needy person will always be needy and if Natasha is now, that won’t change.  Aug-12-2010-Shocked-Eileen

Molly’s back from the hospital and Eileen goes over to talk to them about the house.  She offers a fair price but is shocked to find that they’ve decided not to sell and gets disappointed.  Molly says it’s because the midwife has told her to avoid stress and says she’s sorry to have mucked her about.  Molly says that it’s the right decision for her, Ty and the baby.  Poor Eileen, dashed hopes again. 

In the Rovers, Audrey tells Gail about her decision on who to make manager.  Of course, Gail insists that she install David as the salon manager since that way they have family control over the place.  Audrey laughs at this, but Gail says she hopes she’ll give it a thought.  Aug-12-2010-Gail-Shock Gail is shocked to find that it was upon Lewis’ insistence that she keep the salon.  Gail tells her mum about how she’s throwing her a little soiree and wants to know if she will invite Claudia or not.  Audrey figures she could rub it in Claudia’s face that she’s swaning away with the man of Claudia’s dreams.  Later, Audrey has supper with Lewis and he presents her with a gift from her favourite shop.  Inside is a strand of grey pearls that melts Audrey’s heart as tries them on in the mirror.  Lewis requests they go upstairs, to which Audrey tells him that the pearls are staying on.  *shudder*Aug-12-2010-Builders-Rovers

Owen and Bill over who will pay for their “cordial” rounds at the Rovers, and Bill insists he at least pay his own way.  Owen insists he wants to talk shop with Bill, and that Underworld needs some repointing that Bill could do easily since he’s right on their doorstep.  Good thing Bill isn’t too proud to turn the offer down.  If you can’t beat him, join him, right Bill? 

Sophie and Sian are back from “Southport” aka the music festival and Sally’s asking all kinds of questions about it, to which they’re lying about it and not doing a good job.  What’s next for these two, when will they finally be “discovered?”   


- The factory staff being amazed by the dimmer switch capabilities.  I don’t know why I found this particularly entertaining, but I did. 

- Owen and his charm flirting the pants off Michelle at the pub.  Not that that’s too difficult a task!  *zing!*

- Anyone else loving this new Gail?  Telling it like it is to Lewis, and now her son Nick saying he’s embarrassing her by leaving Natasha hanging.  Also, her telling Nick that a needy person’s always going to be needy.  She would know! 


- Would Audrey just LEAVE for Greece already?  I’m sick of her swaning around like she’s too good for it all! 

- Nick still swarming around Leanne!  Why doesn’t he just stay away from her?  He’s bad news bears. 

- Is it just me or is the Sophie/Sian lesbian plot line dragging?  When will they be discovered and what was the point of them lying to go to a music festival when no one found out?


David Cameroon said...

What was the point of Leanne locking herself out yesterday, it all seemed rather random and is it me but does Nick seem to look older and older? In fact in the scene with him unshaved, Gail looked younger than he did! Poor Dierdre, I do feel sorry for her, middle aged woman that suddenly thinks an attractive man desires her again, only to find out she has been a total sap.

Sea Penguin said...

re. new sour-faced tell it like it is Gail - yes, I'm liking it, I think she's brill. I think the Lewis storyline is actually quite heart-breaking - what a total slime-bucket he is. I hope there's a humourous twist at the end, or something.

Tvor said...

I thought Gail was being very sneaky, supposedly sticking up for Natasha, i.e. pee or get off the pot, don't leave the poor girl dangling and then sticking in the knife and pointing out (ha!) that Natasha is very needy and it's not going to get any better. i.e. "get off the pot, Nick"

Unknown said...

I loved Julie sniffing around the factory...could it be eau de


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