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Tuesday 16 March 2010

Coronation Street Weekly Update, March 16 2010

Hello again, Glenda's busy this week so you're stuck with me for a change. It's been a long time since I did one of these so bear with me while we get going.

With Peter held at the police station overnight, George decides to spirit Simon away to Blackpool (does he ever go to school?) to get him away from his father. Before heading off though, he pops into town to take out a quick court order (is there such a thing?) granting him temporary legal custody over his grandson. Eve doesn't seem entirely convinced by all this but goes along with it all for the moment. Peter and the rest of the Barlow clan hit the roof when they're served with the papers and find out that Simon has been kept off school by George. In Blackpool, Eve raises her doubts but George is having none of it and thinks they should take the little one and go back to Berkshire. Simon overhears them and while they're still arguing and with the cries of 12 million viewers shouting 'Run Simon, run!', he sneaks off.

The police are called and eventually the Barlows too but after looking all night, there's still no sign of little Simon. Blackpool's a cold, wet, lonely, scarey place for a young boy but he's a smart kid so we know he'll probably be ok. In the morning everyone returns to Weatherfield frantic with worry to wait for any news from the police. Then miraculously Simon turns up on the doorstep and everyone's hugely relieved to see him. 'Where have you been?', 'Blackpool, I didn't like it'. Simon explains what a nightmare it was getting home, having to sleep in photo booth and take 2 trains and a bendy bus. He'd have been home sooner if 3 trains hadn't been cancelled. 'I had to run away,' he explains, 'they said they were going to take me to Berkshire.' We understand, Simon. Everything's happy families at the Barlow's again and when George turns up with his tail between his legs, he's told to sod off.

Joe's funeral looms on the horizon full of brooding menace. Things go ok between Gail and Tina at first as they plan the funeral together but pretty soon Tina is having her doubts about Gail's involvement in her father's death and she bans her from the proceedings. And then unbans her, far better that she's there so there's an evil, bitter atmosphere in the church. It all kicks off after Gail delivers a eulogy and there's a lot of shouting and a scuffle between Jason and David. Tina decides to voice her doubts to the coppers and casually slips in the news that Gail is planning to go to Milan (to see her daughter and granddaughter) after the funeral. Worried that she's going to do a bunk, the boys in blue arrest Gail in the Rovers, these things are best done in public, and take her in for further questioning. She's charged and then banged up and pretty soon she's going to be Tracy's bitch.

In less dramatic news, Nick convinces 'bird-brained, self-deluded, slapper', Kelly to get hold of the Underworld accounts for him. He offers Carla £123000 to buy out her murdering partner, Tony Gordon, and subject to Tony's agreement she says yes.

John Stape lies about the gap in his CV to secure a teaching job at the local adult education centre. Don't they do CRB checks for all teaching jobs nowadays?

I don't want to do this but there may well be some people still 'gripped' by this storyline so I'll get it over with as quickly as possible. Molly pregnant, tells Kevin, recommends abortion, Molly cries.

It's always best to end on a high note, so I bring you the great news that Rita has returned from her cruise. 'Hello street, it's great to be back' she says as she climbs out of the cab. The feeling is mutual.

And that's all for this week, see you next time.

Coronation Street writers this week were Martin Allen, Jayne Hollinson, Joe Turner, Jonathan Harvey and Mark Wadlow.


Llifon said...

Rita's entrance was grand: the sort of entrance that only her, Bet and Elsie could do.

Walzing Matilda said...

Rita looked fantastic, where ever she has been it has done her good!

Tvor said...

Doesn't Rita look wonderful! Seeing how good she looked, makes me realize how tired and worn Barbara Knox was looking before her leave of absence. It was a medical thing so she must have been worn down from whatever it was. She looks so well rested now.

Glenda Young said...

Smashing update chuck!

Coronation Street said...

Rita Really does look great! I was actually missing her!

Unknown said...

I love Rita! She was one of those characters definitely taken for granted!

Anonymous said...

After sitting through yonks-worth of Gail's constant tedious po-faced whisperings and Tina's gob-on-legs deliveries, Rita's return was such a breath of fresh air! Oh, I didn't realise until then how much we've missed her!
Dolly Tubb

Annie said...

The idea that Stape would get another job as a teacher is this day and age is ridiculous. Even IT techs have to be CRB checked!


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