Sunday, 28 March 2010

Corrie weekly awards, March 22 - 26

You had that coming award: Gold Star: Molly, not Pam. Pam told her the truth, all of it and Molly couldn't take it so she smacked Pam.

Shameful award: Gold star: Jesse. But we always knew he had an eye for Julie. (She might have given him mixed signals but he was only hours away from wanting Eileen back.)
Silver star: Nick wussing out on visiting his mother.
Bronze star: Kevin handing over Sophie 50 quid because it's easier than saying 2 sentences of apology over again.

Rosie Webster Media award: Gold Star: Norris learned how to use that fancy new camera pretty quickly. Is it going to get him in trouble? (and quite a zoom on that baby too!)

We're not really related award: Gold Star: Nick and David: "Half brothers."

Best image award: The tumbleweed rolling back along Victoria Street after Jesse was run out of town.

Lines of the Week:
Tyrone: "We could change the name of the garage... 'Webster, Dobbs and son'" (and it's appropriately ambiguous too!)

Molly to Kevin: "I'm staying round here to make a go of it with my family like you are trying to make a go of it with yours!" (Much as I hate to say it, she's got a good point.)

Norris about the reunited couple: "It's like marital hokey cokey" (Isn't that the one where you put ... well and then you shake it all about, so to speak?)

Janice about Nick: "If he were a stick of rock he'd have pillock written right through it" (Word!)

Kevin to Sophie: "You're mum's at your Auntie Phyllis's and I've got to cook tea." (1. Two teenage daughters can cook, can't they? 2. Who's Auntie Phyllis? Sally's sister is Gina and Kevin's is Debbie. Unless it's Sally's Auntie Phyllis maybe?)

Graeme: "These hands are deadly weapons. They should be kept in mittens by rights."

Eileen: "Always the statue, never the pigeon, me." Julie: "To sisterhood." (and not before time!)


Flaming Nora said...

Lovely stuff, as always.

seapenguin said...

Yes, I agree it's great to see Eileen and Julie doing a sister act at long last - also thought the tumbleweed was a nice touch!

gadgee said...

I agree it's nice to see Eileen and Julie getting on well.

Kevin is an arsehole.

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