Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Street Style: Leanne Battersby's Cardigan

Within the past week I've received many requests asking where fans can get the white cardigan with black butterflies that Leanne was wearing on Monday March 15 and Friday March 12, 2010 episodes.

The lovely folks at ITV have now published an article about the cardi and where it was from. Unfortunately it was a sale item, so for those hoping to get their hands on one it might be more of a struggle than you'd have liked!

To quote Coronation Street's head of costume, Lance Milligan, "It [the cardigan] was perfect to show the softer side of Leanne and move away from the harder look she had as a working girl."

I am enjoying the new softer Leanne, anyone else?

Click here to see the full article from ITV.


Tvor said...

I've always liked Leanne and as she's grown up and matured and managed to survive her hard knocks and bad decisions, i've liked her even more.

seapenguin said...

Leanne is always well turned out these days.

Josie-Mary said...

Can you help??? Where is Leanne's white boat cardigan from that she wore on Monday 28th May?
Thank you

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