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Tuesday 23 March 2010

Just Leave It: Mon Mar 22, 2010 Corrie Episode Review


Written by David Lane (7:30) and Peter Whalley (8:30), directed by Tessa Hoffe

Tensions are still abound at Chez Platt between David and Nick and David tries to schedule a visit for them to see Gail. Tina is still cooped up in their old flat, and Jason tries to get her out and about. She comes out, but only to have another spat with David in the street. David and Jason get into a scuffle, which means Nick gets involved and they all almost get hit by a car. Tina is still very devastated and tells Jason she needs to be alone. Looks like Tina will get her wish since it seems that the buyers of their flat have pulled out. She doesn’t want to rush about putting the flat back on the market since she doesn’t like living at Eileen’s – she wants to move back.March-22-2010-Gail-Angry

In the thug jug, it seems Gail has a new roomie, and it’s Lynn the same very “Becky-esque” woman who was playing games with her before she ran away the day earlier. Nick tells David that he can’t come see Gail since he’s working and David’s not happy about it. It’s visiting hours as Audrey and David sit in the common area awaiting Gail. Gail comes out to well-needed hugs and is disappointed not to see Nick. David and Audrey try to assure her that they’ll get her out at the bail appeal. When David’s out of ear-shot, Audrey tells Gail that if there’s something they don’t know about what happened – they can’t help her. Gail takes this as her mother thinking that there might be more to the story. She cries out when she realizes her mum thinks she’s guilty too. Gail requests that Audrey leave, and she does. Audrey tells Nick about what happened at the prison, and he tells her not to blame herself. Of course she won’t.

Audrey visits David and Nick, who are in the middle of their fish fry dinners, and wants to talk about Gail. David’s off his head about his mum being in jail and how she hasn’t had much support from her golden son and mother.

March-22-2010-Janice The factory girls wonder if Kelly really left town or not, Janice thinks she did since she’s not answering her phone. Carla is on Nick again for bringing in accounts. Is it just me, or is she flirting with him? Janice cuts down on the pastries since Trev mentioned something about her ‘always eating.’ What’s wrong with always eating? Janice makes some cheap shots towards Nick, and he tries to put her in line to no avail. Janice has bigger fish to fry, as she’s excited for her tea with Trev that night. Janice is sat home in her apron pretending she’s not waiting for Trev to make him tea. Trev’s enjoying his “low calorie” meal with Jan, as she tells him she’s on a diet.

Jesse’s back from holiday and wants to pick up his stuff from Eileen who figures she should have binned it all. Sean doesn’t March-22-2010-Eileen-Jesseknow what a binman would do with a plastic cactus but Eileen can think of something. Eileen’s worried about seeing Jesse again, so she arranges it for Sean to deliver his stuff to him. Jesse shows his ugly mug at the cabbie station to beg Eileen back. He has some nerve to come crawling back, the mummy’s boy. Julie sees Jesse packing his van and thinks it’s a shame that he and Eileen didn’t work out. Jesse begs Julie to speak to Eileen for him, and Julie says she will.

March-22-2010-John-Teaching Looks like John isn’t keeping up with his tasks at the cafe, as menial as they are. Fiz warns him not to screw up his day job. John is all dreamy about his night teaching job boring me to tears with the details. John’s got a hard audience on his first day of teaching night school. Is it really any better teaching kids though? No one seems to enjoy his sense of humour and I don’t blame them. I don’t care for his character, but he does make a good teacher. John’s also not used to students who don’t rush the bell as they quickly become engrossed in his lesson plan. Looks as though he’s won over this audience.

Tyrone’s obsessing over Molly’s pregnant state is driving her crazy. Pam comes into the shop and Molly tells her that she and Tyrone are giving it another go. When Tyrone leaves Pam asks Molly what happened, but Molly never wants to hear Kevin’s name again. At the garage, Kev’s getting sick of Tyrone’s baby talk. Bill comes by and Tyrone blurts it to him that he and Molly are having a baby, much to Bill’s surprise, then worry as he looks at Kev. When Tyrone leaves Bill asks Kev what he’s going to do about the baby, Kev says “just leave it” and Bill doesn’t think that’s the best plan.

Pam talks later with Bill about Molly and Tyrone getting back together and Bill tells her about the baby. Pam is shocked to find that Molly is four March-22-2010-Pam-Slap months pregnant. Pam confronts Molly about returning to Tyrone just now that she’s pregnant. Molly tries to tell her that she loves Tyrone, but Pam thinks Molly’s trying to convince herself that. She lays into Molly about what she’s done, and gets five across the eyes before she knows it. Pam tells her she’s kidding herself, and Tyrone. Pam returns to Bill and they talk of what happened and Bill figures they’ll just have to hope that Tyrone never finds out the baby might not be his. Well, one day when their child is a teenager and they come home dressed in a tarty cheerleading outfit that says “pop my cherry” on the back and wants breast implants, there’ll be no need for a DNA test.

March-22-2010-Mol-Ty Later in the Rovers, Tyrone talks to Kev how this baby is going to bring them closer together again. Meanwhile, Molly is contemplating writing Tyrone a “Dear John” letter back at home. She’s a very conflicted woman. Molly calls Tyrone so they can talk – in person. Tyrone gets home ASAP and Molly tells him that she loves him and she knows she hasn’t been the best wife but that’s all in the past – she’s back now and they’re going to have a baby and she will make it up to him.

Sophie’s speaking to Sian on webcam and her father comes in and she asks if he’s going to take her to the traffic centre as she’d asked and he pushes her off. Maybe Tyrone can take her to the centre since her own father won’t. Sophie complains to Sian about her father, and her life in general. Sian promises that she’ll be back to see her soon. Kevin comes home in a rotten mood and once again takes it out on his daughters by not taking Sophie to the Trafford Centre and telling off Rosie when she was trying to defend her sister.

- When Gail gets a new cellmate, the prison guard points out that before Gail gets all high-and-mighty she should remember that she’s the murderer, compared to a common thief. Haha, oh poor Gail.
- Eileen’s whistling cell phone ring. Where can I get it???
- Norris giving Tina some wine gums, since he’s genuinely worried about her. That was nice…
- Pam’s rant on Molly about her affair and it’s consequences. Go Team Pam!
- David coming to Gail’s defence when Audrey more or less accused Gail of murdering Joe (at least that’s how Gail saw it). It must be nice to think someone will always be on your side, even if it is David Platt.
- Janice’s girlish crush on Trev, so cute!

- Another spat between Team Gail and Team Tina in the street again. Just agree to disagree and stay away from each other, it’s just plain annoying now.
- Watching Gail suffer in jail when she’s innocent. Poor fragile Gail.
- Audrey thinking that Gail is hiding something about her story – hence thinking she might have done something!
- Jesse begging Eileen back. He has some nerve!

Overall Episode Rating: 5/10
Drama: 5/10, Humour: 7/10, Classic Corrie: 5/10, Wow Factor: 4/10


John said...

I'm not normally a fan of Janice, but her catty comments in the Factory about nuNick were brilliant.

Anonymous said...

Go Team Pam,

Well about time Corrie. You bring in Pam and the viewing audience are gripped once again.

Fab character and great actress. Please please please more Pam. Funny and serious - they are all great. Can't wait for her to dig her claws into Kev again - he's petrified of her.

Come on Corrie - Pam Pam Pam please.

Tvor said...

That would be the Trafford Centre, a huge, beautiful shopping mall in the Manchester area.

Anonymous said...

Althoght the traffic centr may be more appropriate - have you ever been there on a bank holiday!!!

Swamp Duck said...

What was the point of Jessee's return? Boring character that should have been let lie.

Cobblestone said...

Anyone else notice that the best Jesse could muster was "We're good together!" I don;t think I've ever heard the guy say "I love you," and THAT is what Eileen has been missing all these years; THAT is what is turning her into a bitter old woman. Come on, writers, let the woman have some happiness. I say bring back Vernon and match them up. Shiftless, he may have been, but he was such a romantic at heart. Could have been just what Eileen needed.

Peter said...

Another barney between Gail and Audrey. They become commonplace now. However, i can see both sides on this one. Gail is feeling vulnerable and Audrey is desperately trying to find answers. David's reaction though was quite interesting.

Enjoyed the scenes between Pam and Molly. Pam spoke nothing but the truth and it looked like it had forced Molly into making the right decision of actually leaving Tyrone for good. I am kinda glad though she didn't though. She is good with Tyrone but it will all end in tears.

Nice to see Sian again. I enjoy her interaction with Sophie.

Eileen getting shot of Jesse finally was a relief. He clearly can't detach himself from his mums apron strings. Nobody can live with that. Sean shutting the door in Julie's face was a bit rude.

Yoork said...

Sorry everyone for the Traffic vs. Tafford Centre! I'm clearly not from the Manchester area!

I'm delighted to get more Pam also. She's so animated and it just freshens up the screen!

@ Swamp Duck & Cobblestone - Agreed with Jesse. Thought I'd seen the back of him. I'd rather see Molvin than him at this point. Leave Eileen alone!

@ Peter - We've come to expect tensions between Gail and Audrey, yes. I think Audrey feels helpless and just wants answers, Gail also.

I didn't mention it, but I actually enjoyed Rosie Webster in this episode. I like the side of her that stands up for her family, not the "flippy" side.

gadgee said...

Everybody was expecting nosy Norris to fish for info when he stopped Jason to give him the wine gums. His concern for Tina was really touching. I like it when Norris is genuinely kind and thoughtful occasionally.


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