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Saturday 20 March 2010

Kelly Crabtree's exit - classic Corrie at its best

Last night's Coronation Street was remarkable because it reminded me so much of classic Corrie scenes from the past. The scenes with Kelly Crabtree, right at the end when she left the cobbles were fantastic. Tupele Dorgu, who played Kelly, is quoted today in The Sun saying: "I would have liked my last scene to be more dramatic." Dramatic you can keep, this was classic stuff with Kelly's last line worthy of the likes of Elsie Tanner herself.

After being betrayed and sacked by Nick, the one fella she thought she could finally trust, she stormed into the Rovers and gave her workmates what-for. "I'm finished with this job and I'm finished with Weatherfield," and with that she was gone, storming off down the cobbles with Janice in tow. Janice tried to hand over a placky bag of cash that the girls had raised as a whip round but both of them knew there wasn't much more than 56p inside. Kelly didn't have many friends, she'd never been a girl's girl, always on the prowl for other women's men.

And so, as Kelly departed Weatherfield and the constraints of the cobbles, Janice was in tears watching her old mate go. Kelly was in tears too but that didn't stop her striding down the Street in her trademark mini-skirt with one of the best lines in decades. "I'm Kelly Crabtree!" she yelled to the Salford sky. "The one with the legs!" and then she turned the corner and waited for the Weatherfield Wayfarer to whisk her away from it all.


Swamp Duck said...

I thought the story was very contrived just to give an exit for Tupele, why on earth would Carla take on Nick as a partner after knowing what he did? Would you really employ somebody you knew you couldnt trust? And why does Carla keep talking in that strange robot-like voice?

MIKE said...

It was a good exit and I enjoyed it.

It reminded me somewhat of Elsie Tanners swansong on the Street when she took one final walk down the cobbles to collect her thoughts before jumping into a taxi and driving out of Weatherfield for good.

And at least producer's gave Kelly the left handed compliment of allowing her to have a good dramatic exit at the finale of the episode rather than us seeing her depart mid way through and leaving Corrie with a wimper!

vince said...

Was this the first time we saw the tram in corrie? It passed over the street as Kelly left. I only recall seeing it in the credits. I thought it very unusual that they used it for Kellys exit?

Sea Penguin said...

Really good exit. "We all want more" - sniff. I agree Carla's sounding more and more like a dalek. Is it the fringe?

John said...

The reason we never see the tram is that it is CGI, and is therefore expensive to do. Nice to see that they were prepared to do this for Tupele's exit, especially given the way the out-going producer has ignored the character over the past couple of years.

Is it too much to hope that the new producer Phil Collinson might persuade her to return at some point? Tupele has made it quite clear that it was the lack of storylines that made her decide to quit, so if she felt she would be used more, maybe she would agree to a return. I certainly hope so, as I think Kelly was a brilliant character, albeit criminally underused.

Anonymous said...

Its not real people..get a grip.

MIKE said...

To be fair John, I can't really remember her having ANY stories under ANY producer.

I think she's only had the one story where Becky stole her then boyfriend, Lloyd Mullaney, the whole time she's been in it.

And to be honest, I'd hardly rate her departure as a major loss to the show. I've always found the character to be very one dimensional myself.

Tvor said...

They've always underused Kelly. While i know she was one dimensional, i always waited for what she'd say or wear next. Something always inappropriate :) She said they weren't her mates. They weren't either. Not really. She wasn't nice to any of them most of the time and only looked out for number 1. She was introduced as that type of "crabby" character and she never left that canvas for the most part.

gadgee said...

Excellent exit for an underused character. She'll be missed in scenes with all the factory girls' banter, and it's a shame that such a good actress wasn't given more to do during her time on Corrie. I agree that the scenes in the pub and with Janice outside were classic Corrie, and what a great memorable last line.

Peter said...

Like i said in the episode review i thought the exit was decent enough for her character. She never did anything so she did well to get that.

More memorable for the final line if nothing else.


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