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Saturday, 20 March 2010

Who’s the Daddy: Fri Mar 19, 2010 Corrie Episode Review


Written by Mark Burt (7:30) and Jan McVerry (8:30), directed by Stuart Davids

Gail is wasting away in prison refusing her meals. Meanwhile, David’s cosily eating his breakfast at home on the couch watching Loonie Toons. You decide March-19-2010-Davidwhether that’s ironic or not. Jason and Eileen privately (without Tina) talk about how they can’t believe Gail’s locked up, since they both know she didn’t do it. Eileen actually felt sorry for David! Tina finds them talking, and gets snarky, but Eileen doesn’t really care. Has she had enough of Tina-the-Diva too?

David tries to convince Tina that his mum’s not guilty. He asks her what she truly believes, and she tells David that she thinks Gail is guilty and hopes she rots. David looks truly devastated, and Jason rather horrified. Later, Jason finds Tina in their old flat. Tina likes it there because her father fitted the kitchen and she misses him so much.

Gail finally ventures out of her cell into the prison commons to find it’s not so bad after all, until the other prisoners start joking with her and she retreats back to her cell. Gail never did have a good sense of humour.

March-19-2010-Carla-Nick Kelly sees Nick and says “hiya” as he completely ignores her. At work later, Kelly tries to flirt with NuNick again and asks him if he’s avoiding her. Kelly is delusional and thinks that NuNick is “the one” and Julie can’t talk any sense into her. Meanwhile, Carla is impressed by Nick’s business acumen and the money he’ll be bringing into the company, but Carla is wondering how he knows so much about the factory. Carla wasn’t born yesterday and tells Nick she knows that there was an empty factory and a gullible machinist. Carla knows that Nick will make it up to her. Carla formally introduces NuNick as the new boss to the factory staff and no one seems particularly excited except for Kelly. Carla later tells Nick that he can make it up to her now by sacking “the mole” – Kelly.

David shows up to Underworld to tell Nick how Tina’s slagging Gail off to everyone, and Nick tells him to get a few pints and he’ll meet him when he’s done. Nick assures David that they’ll get Gail out, he just needs time to think. NuNick tries to convince Carla that Kelly is their best machine and to keep her one, but Carla wants Kelly gone. As Nick hands out the pay packets, he gives Kelly hers with her holiday pay. Kelly thinks it’s a joke, until she realizes it’s not. She’s been sacked for being a mole. Carla the girls that Kelly stole financial information. Kelly chases after Carla and reminds her that she’s her best machinist. Carla doesn’t care and tells her to clear out her locker.

Kelly waits outside for Nick to come out and tells him that he can’t handle Carla. She also says she’s worth more than he thinks and there is a thing called Karma. She says one day when he least expects it someone’ll stab him in the back as he’s done her. Nick simply laughs her off and walks away. Cuts like a knife. March-19-2010-Kelly-sobbing

In the Rovers, the factory girls talk about what happened. Janice tells them she warned them all about NuNick. Kelly walks in and her friends tell her that it wasn’t going to work with NuNick. Hayley says they’ll tread more carefully now, thanks to Kelly. Kelly says she’s finished with the job, and Weatherfield. Kelly says she’s sick of looking at Fiz’s pasty face pretending that she’s happy (I agree), and everyone moaning and whining at work. Janice tries to calm Kelly down as she calls everyone that they’re all losers. Kelly tells them they’re not mates, just people she works with. Janice runs after her to get her to come back. Janice hands her a money packet that everyone had collected for her and Kelly seems touched. Kelly tells Jan she’s finished and she wants more and figures Nick’s done her a favour. Kelly leaves shouting in the street, “I’m Kelly Crabtree, with the legs!”

March-19-2010-Ty-Mol Tyrone wakes to find Molly still at their place, much to his surprise. Molly thanks Tyrone for yesterday, since anyone else would have shown her the door. When she asks if he wants anything, he says “I want you.” To Tyrone’s shock, Molly tells him she’s pregnant. Of course, Tyrone is delighted after he does the math on his fingers to find that they were still together four months ago, and he’s to be a dad! At least someone’s excited about her baby now. Tyrone tells her he’ll be there for the baby, whether they’re together or not but Tyrone thinks Molly should move back in today. Tyrone wants to tell Kev the news, but Molly doesn’t want anyone knowing yet. Tyrone can’t help himself and tells Kev that he and Molly are back together and having a baby. Kev questions if she told him that he’s the father, much to his shock. Does Kev feel relief or more trouble from this news?

Kev goes to Dev’s shop to confront Molly about what he’s heard from Tyrone. Why doesn’t Kev just let it go? Isn’t this a blessing in disguise for him? Kev accuses Molly of there possibly being more men that could be her baby’s father. Molly tells Kev her baby’s got a brilliant dad now. Kev wants to know if the baby’s his or not. She probably has no idea. Kev tells her to stay away from him and his family. He’s the one going around her!

Rita has her first day with the charity and is already harping on them for being late – no professionalism. That’s rather snobby. Emily arrives, and the ladies in March-19-2010-Rita lavender leave for their charity shop day. Rita’s got a terribly rubbish attitude at the shop and it’s turning customers away, she also criticises the pricing structure. Rita causes more trouble as she tries to price her own items from the donations to take for herself. Emily tries to convince customers that they’re not taking the best items for themselves. Perhaps this isn’t the proper vocation for Rita. Later in the Rovers, Rita apologizes to Emily for her rudeness during the day.

Mary is on cloud nine as she and Norris have won the competition. They’ve won a holiday in Bronte-country next month. Oh, joy! Norris wants to know who’s going to watch the Kabin when they’re on holiday. Perhaps Rita can watch the place? It’s clear that Norris doesn’t want anything to do with this holiday. Mary tells Rita and Emily how Norris doesn’t want to go to Bronte-Country, and Rita white-lies for Norris to back him up. Clearly, she does not like Mary. She also offers to watch the shop so they can go on holiday, much for her own sake I’m sure.

- How kind and nice the prison guard, Officer Bertles, was to Gail in jail. She didn’t have to be, but she was.
- Carla jokes about the factory girls wondering if NuNick was the new male model for their men’s range and Fiz utters “a bit sexist.” Haha.
- Tina telling Jason she went to their flat since it’s doing her head in at his mum’s that she can’t even breathe and Jason saying “yeah, there’s a bug been going around.” Oh, Jason.
- Kelly being honest about what she thinks of all her friends at Underworld.

- Nick telling David, sat on the couch, that some people don’t have the luxury of falling apart. Oh, give the kid a break, his mum’s in jail, it’s only the first day. NuNick was chipper as ever.
- Rita being snobby about Emily’s church charity program. No one’s forcing her to do it.
- Mary lustily calling Norris “Heathcliffe.” *shudder*
- NuNick looking in Kelly’s direction as he tells Carla that “business is all about exploiting your opportunities.” Ouch, what a cad!
- What right does Kevin have to be criticizing the decisions that Molly makes? He wants nothing to do with her, yet wants to control her still somehow.
- Did NuNick really have to sack Kelly in front of everyone? He couldn’t have done it behind doors? Would it have made a difference?

Overall Episode Rating: 7/10
Drama: 8/10, Humour: 7/10, Classic Corrie: 8/10, Wow Factor: 6/10


gadgee said...

What an absolute slimy rotter Nick is. Kelly's right - he'll get his comeuppance.

I don't like Rita's 'tude since she got back. I suppose it's leading towards the fall out with Audrey over Lewis?

>Oh, give the kid a break

Well said! David watching Bugs Bunny - brilliant. Kelly's final scenes - brilliant.

Swamp Duck said...

Has Rita had some kind of personality transplant along with the face lift since she has been away?. From warm hearted funny Rita we suddenly have this unpleasant harpie like clone. Am I the only one that are finding Gail's prison scenes unintentionally comical?

Clare said...

Gail in gaol is sure making me laugh. Running away?! Bahahaha.

Rita isn't herself at all! I don't like it. I liked old Rita.

Llifon said...

Are they making Rita into the new Blanche I wonder?

Clare said...

I thought that maybe it was Blanche's lines she had? I doubt it though.

Littlevienna said...

Every time they use the crane camera to close an episode you know it's a good one and Kelly's exit was just sublime. I'll really miss her, she was sadly wasted as are the majority of great characters at the moment as we are forced to watch the Joe fallout (FOREVER) and the Body of Kevidence bizarre love triangle.

Peter said...

Bye Bye Kelly. You didn't do anything and you won't be missed. I know Corrie are often guilty of criminally under using characters in the past and then casting them off despite wanting to see more of them. Well with Kelly this is the first time i haven't wanted more. 6 years of nothing kinda kills off any enthusiasm for the character.

Decent enough exit though for her (despite Tupele's claims). She never did anything and got the final scene. Decent effort, with a good final line as well.

I loved how you could literally see (over the milli second it took) Carla work out Kelly was behind the info leak to NuNick. Classic Carla as well in making him sack her. She has wanted shot of Kelly for ages so she enjoyed the moment.

I enjoyed the sincerity from the prison guard towards Gail. Was a nice touch.

I still really feel for Molly. In an impossible situation now (even though it was her own fault) even though she is simply settling for having Tyrone back. Is she just doing it to try to wind-up Kevin?

The charity shop scenes were amuzing. Rita's ungracious side rears its head again. Haven't seen it for a while mind. Liked her getting Claire's back up!

Tvor said...

And as for Kelly being the "best" machinist, i highly doubt that. Hayley was always touted as the best and i can't see Kelly taking the crown from her.

Cobblestone said...

Yes, I'm puzzled at that. I could have sworn that a while back, when Tony enquired who the best machinists were, Julie was mentioned, with Kelly being only sew-sew - sorry, so-so, and Janice quoted as being the worst. (Haley at the time was in Africa)

Laura said...

I agree that Hayley has always been touted as the best machinist, but remember when Carla was using the machines at Underworld afterhours to run her own business, when Paul and Liam owned the place? If I remember correctly, Paul recommended she use Kelly as a machinist because she was the best machinist they had. Could be wrong on that one though.

I'll miss Kelly's character - I agree that she was underused and anyway, there needs to be a good contingent of factory workers to make those scenes work well.


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